How to Find the Free PDF in the Featured Tutorial

Hello dear readers! I’ve had the pleasure of receiving some delightful emails from some of you who are happily downloading a free PDF every day and loving it.

I’ve also been discouraged to receive some angry emails from people who can’t find it. A few people are calling me not very nice names. 🙁

Let me assure you that the link to download the free PDF is at the bottom of the featured tutorial because I personally put it there before I send the newsletter each day. If you can’t find the link, it’s probably because you are scrolling too fast, not because I am one of those not very nice things.

So here are some tips for finding the link to download your free PDF:

  • First make sure you are reading today’s email (meaning not the email from the day before). The date is at the top of the email. Each tutorial is only featured for one day and I remove the link for the free PDF at midnight MST.
  • Next, click on the link for the featured tutorial. Scroll down and look for the words ‘THIS IS TODAY’S FEATURED TUTORIAL!’ surrounded by a pink box, as seen below.
  • Please note that the link is not on the pink box. The link is on the bold words in all caps that are below it.
  • The link is at the bottom of the tutorial, which is not necessarily the bottom of the page. See the example above. If you are scrolling on a mobile device, the sidebar has moved from the side of the page to the bottom of the page. So if you are scrolling really fast, you will scroll right past the link to the free PDF and down into the sidebar content.
  • Some say refreshing the page made the featured content appear, although I haven’t had to do that.
  • If you leave me an angry comment, I might not have the time to respond until the next day and then the link will be gone anyway. Instead of leaving a comment, look just above the comments section. That’s where you’ll find the link.
  • The same is true about sending me an angry email. Chances are I won’t see your email until the next day and by then the link for that particular PDF will be gone.
  • Remember that the PDF versions of my tutorials are always completely optional. You can move your device to your sewing machine and read the tutorial there and never have to print. You can also use CTRL+P on your computer to print for free!

I hope these tips help and everyone can now find the free PDF for the featured tutorial. I don’t have a customer service department so I try to answer all emails myself.

If I keep getting complaints from people who can’t find the link to the free PDF I will have to stop offering it. How else will I ever have time to sew new things for you? 🙂


P.S. Don’t know which one is the featured tutorial each day? Only my newsletter subscribers know!

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  1. Lori J Smith says:

    It is so generous of you to offer the downloads, thank you. I’m sorry that some people are so rude.

  2. I’m so sorry folks are rude, I want you to know I really appreciate your articles. I do have to confess I am not good with down loading items, so I have not figured out the download que. Try and have a great x-mas

  3. Deborah W says:

    Well, you know, some people are NEVER happy. My goodness, Free, and still complaining. So sad. WE appreciate you each and every email, free download or not!! Merry Christmas, Caroline!!

  4. Sue DePalma says:

    Dear Caroline, Thank you so much for your free tutorials. Just don’t let a few disgruntled people ruin for the rest of us. You are an excellent teacher and I’ve learned so much from you.

  5. Jackie Smith says:

    Thank you so much

  6. So sorry people are sending you bad messages. I have tried clicking on the pink box as well and I am unable to access your pdf. Maybe it is a browser issue? I just move on….thank you for all you do for this community.

    1. I have been unable to place the download link on the pink box.

      The download link is on the title of the document that is in bold and all caps. The pink box is there to catch your eye and help you find the link that is just a few lines below it.

      Hope that helps!

  7. Kathy Kelley says:

    So sorry for the unkind sad sorry people out there. They are b=never happy about anything! We appreciate all that you do and Thank you.

  8. Rude comments or messages are never called for.. I do like like downloading PDF tutorials and patterns.. But I will also say in a kind voice and tone… Most sites dont charge to download a PDF version of a free pattern. They have a bottom that says “PDF” and you click and download. But each site owner has different ways of doing.. I dont agree with charging $2 to download a PDF version of a free But that is only my kind hearted opinion.
    Have a Blessed Day

  9. Tara Lynn says:

    Thank you for all your shares. I am sorry there are such rude people out there these days. You are so generous with your patterns, there just is no need for this. We sensible people love you!!

  10. Love receiving & reading your emails.
    You’re very talented & I love all your tutorials.

  11. Thank you so much for your patterns. Yes people can be rude. I don’t blame you. It takes a lot of work to create a pattern that works. Have a blessed day.

  12. I am sorry people had to be so rude to you. I tried to click on The bold print Download The fabric storage box but I wouldn’t let me click on it. Have a wonderful evening.

    1. Hi Mary, That is not today’s featured tutorial, so there is not a free PDF download. If you like, you can hit CTRL+P on your computer to print.

  13. Grace Mastrangelo says:

    Hi I am trying to print the pdf for the bag insert, not for what is today is that possible?

    1. Hi Grace! I think you are looking for the Handy Purse Organizer. Please type those words into the search bar on the front page of xoxo

  14. Susan August says:

    I love this–and I’m so sorry that people are being difficult

  15. I love your sewing projects, and even if I were unable to download the project, I would never complain or call you names! Gee, what is wrong with people!!! Thank you very much for your awesome patterns! 🙂

    [email protected]

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