How to Quilt with Rulers on a Real Quilt – easy ideas for 2 rulers! (video too)


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Learn easy techniques for free motion quilting with rulers on a real quilt! So many of you have me for asked for more information about quilting with rulers, so when I sat down to quilt my Jumping Jax Rainbow quilt, I set up my camera to show you how I did it.

The video tutorial that I made should start playing on this page automatically. If it doesn’t, you can see it on my YouTube channel too.


Let me tell you, using rulers in my free motion quilting has made all the difference! I used to put off finishing my quilt tops because I felt like my crummy quilting would ruin all the hard work that I put in to sewing them.

But now that I’ve gotten the hang of using rulers, I’m looking for the time to finish all those quilt tops I set aside!


Here are the steps for basic rulerwork quilting:

  • Plan the quilting that you want on your top before you get started. I used the same rulers that I quilted with and a fabric marker to draw sample motifs on a few blocks until I decided exactly what to quilt.

  • Sandwich and baste your quilt top together with the batting and backing. There are many tutorials out there. I prefer to use quilt basting spray, and then I iron the quilt after basting it together – nothing moves!

  • After getting warmed up on a smaller ‘practice quilt sandwich,’ start your rulerwork quilting near the center of your quilt, and work outward.

  • Experts suggest filling in your quilt with free motion designs in between the ruler motifs. I don’t do that (yet) – but it would look beautiful!

In the photo above I’m using the Westalee 12’’ Arc Template that came in my Starter Kit to help me echo quilt around a flower motif.

I used the same ruler to help me make square spirals in the middle of all the stars on this quilt.


Above you see me using the Circles on Quilts Spinning Wheels #36 template to make the flower motif that I later echoed around. It was so easy! (I got it in this template kit)


These were the only two rulers that I used and the only two motifs on my quilt. It wasn’t hard, but starting to quilt with rulers can take some getting used to.

This quilt top is called Jumping Jax – read more about it here.

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