Sew a Narrow Scrappy Dog Leash – and matching Cage Comforter! {easy sewing tutorial}

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Here’s how I made a narrow (but still scrappy!) dog leash for our new puppy… It’s so much fun to make your own pet accessories!

We got a new puppy a few months ago. I haven’t blogged about it because, well, getting a puppy is it’s own kind of crazy! Just an hour after bringing her home, I was wondering what had come over me. This new baby is tons of work!

But how can you regret a little creature that makes your own little creature this happy? We named her Bailey.

So anyway, the bigger dog leash that I sewed for our older dog Indy was too thick and heavy for our new little girl Bailey.


This new leash is a slim 5/8” wide. I used a smaller clip, but still made it nice and long so Bailey can explore a bit on our walks. The fabric I used is from a beautiful collection called Penelope from QT Fabrics. Ask for it at your local quilt shop – it ships soon!


I had some fabric leftover so I also made matching cage comforter with high loft batting to go in her crate. The cage comforter instructions are here.

I’m going to share my instructions for making the narrow dog leash below, but if you’d like to see more step by step photos, you can refer to my first Scrappy Dog Leash Tutorial. The only difference is the dimensions.

How to Sew a Narrow Scrappy Dog Leash

Approximate dimensions: 5/8” wide by 7′ long.

Fabric and notions:

  • 2 1/2’’ strips of fabric that total 8’ when sewn together.

  • 1/2 yard medium weight fusible interfacing (Pellon Deco-Fuse 520 or Shape Flex SF-101 will work)

  • Swivel snap clip (Dritz Swivel Hook 512 is what I used)

  • coordinating thread for sewing and topstitching

  • Sewing machine walking foot (recommended)


  1. Cut enough 2 1/2’’ wide strips of fabric that will total 7’ long when sewn together with a 1/4’’ seam allowance.

  2. Cut enough 2 1/2’’ strips of fusible interfacing to measure 8’ when laid end to end.

1/4’’ seam allowance allowed, except where noted.

  1. Sew the 2 1/2’’ pieces of fabric together to make a strip 8’ or longer. Press the seams open to reduce bulk.

  2. Fuse the interfacing to the wrong side of the long strip, except for 1/2’’ at each end of the long strip. Place the ends of the interfacing together to ensure that the entire strip is stabilized evenly (except for 1/2’’ at each end of the long strip).

  3. Fold the strip in half lengthwise and press. Open and fold the long edges to the center, press. Fold in half lengthwise and press again.

  4. Unfold one end of the strip and re-fold with right sides together. Stitch across the end with a 1/2’’ seam allowance. Refold the strip as pressed, enclosing the raw ends inside the strip.
    Repeat on the other end of the strip.

  5. Using a walking foot (if available), topstitch 1/8’’ from the edge all the way around the leash.



  1. Fold one end of the strap over about 7’’ and pin or clip in place. Sew a small square to secure the end of the strap, making a handle. You can sew an ‘X’ in the middle if the square if you like.

  2. Push the remaining end of the strap through the swivel clip by about 1 1/2’’. Clip or pin the strap against itself. Sew a small square at the end to secure the clip.

Thanks so much for reading my Narrow Scrappy Dog Leash tutorial… if you make one, be sure to tag me #sewcanshe on Instagram so I can see!

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