Last Minute Favorite Sewing Tools I Bought at Quilt Festival!

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So… I decided to take a last minute sewing class when I was at Houston International Quilt Festival last month! I had to buy some supplies and ended up with one of my favorite sewing tools.

My friend was already in a class that I couldn’t join because it was full, I was wandering around, and then I decided to enroll last minute in a class that had openings. But then I had a problem. There were sewing tools that each student was supposed to bring and I was empty handed.

At that moment I was so glad that there was a pop up quilt shop right outside the classrooms. I was able to get everything I needed for class and then unexpectedly came home with some new tools that I love!

Want to know what I bought?

A Seam Fix tool! By far this one is my favorite, just because it surprised me so much. I thought I was just buying a combo seam ripper and stiletto. But it also has these amazing rubber ends that remove unwanted pieces of thread like magic!

This tool is now right next to my sewing machine. I still usually grab my surgical seam ripper first for ripping out mistakes, but I use my Seam Fix right after that to get rid of the annoying threads.

I made a quick video to show you just how much I love the Seam Fix tool. It will play automatically in the video player on this page or you can watch it on my YouTube channel.

Then… some beautiful 7 1/2” Karen Kay Buckley serrated scissors. I already have one pair (that’s on my list of my favorite scissors) so I knew that I would love them and I didn’t want to take a chance wasting my money on crappy scissors. After all, a quilter can never have too many pairs of high quality scissors!

Next, another spool of Glide 40wt thread. In the past year I have started using Glide thread for ALL of my quilting. It runs beautifully through my sewing machines and is easy on the budget. I did not feel bad at all picking up another spool… especially in a color that I will definitely use.

A black Sharpie. Yes, another thing that I can never have too many of. I was just using one yesterday to cut out another gnome beard. I think my kids are stealing mine anyway because they are always disappearing from my sewing room.

If you’re short on cash you still might find some of your favorite sewing tools at the thrift store! Check this post out…

Happy Sewing!

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