Switching to the Sew Steady Versa Table! (video demo too)


I have to be honest here. While I LOVE my Tula Pink Bernina 770QE, I really dislike the extension table that came with it. For the price of this sewing machine, I feel like it should come with an excellent sewing surface.

Almost immediately after my new machine arrived (see the unboxing video), I started looking for an alternative extension table.

The white slide on table that came with it is difficult to install just because it’s easy to think that it is on properly when it is not. You have to really shove it over to the right to make it lock in, and it doesn’t make a locking sound so I would often think it was on all the way when it wasn’t. Why is that important? Well, the guidelines in front of the needle would then be off about 1/8’’ – 1/16’’. That’s a big deal when you are trying to sew accurate and straight seams.

It’s wobbly. Heavy projects like quilts and big bags push down on the front and back.

And It’s just not very big. Which also makes quilting big (or small) quilts more difficult than it needs to be.


So that’s why I was so excited when my friends at Sew Steady offered to send me their newest acrylic sewing machine extension table – the Versa Table.

I have acrylic tables for all of my sewing machines (and my serger) and I love them. They are so easy to use – and easy to remove if you need to use the free arm.

Keep in mind that each acrylic table from Sew Steady is custom cut for a particular sewing machine. If you try to borrow a friend’s it most likely won’t fit your machine.


The unique thing about this newest table (the Versa) is that if you are sewing in a smaller space or for some reason you don’t want to use the full 27’’ long table – you can break it down and make it half size (13 1/2’’ long).

I was also surprised and happy that my Versa table came with the Sew Steady Grid Glider. The Grid Glider is a thin vinyl mat that sticks to the surface of your sewing machine and table, making an ultra smooth surface for quilting and sewing.

And the guide lines are excellent! They are so much better than the guidelines that were on my Bernina extension table – even when I had it properly installed.

Just a side comparison – I also have the Supreme Slider. The Grid Glider works just as well at making my fabric ‘glide’ for free motion quilting. Unlike the Supreme Slider, I decided to leave it on all the time because I love using the guidelines. I also did a quick cost comparison and the 12’’x20’’ Grid Glider is currently $25, while the comparably sized Supreme Slider runs about $45.

I made a quick 5 minute video showing you how I took the Versa Table apart and put it back together and how I put on the Grid Glider. If it doesn’t start automatically on this blog page, you can see it on my YouTube channel.

Are you happy with the set up of your sewing machine extension table? Did you buy anything extra to improve it? Tell us in the comments!


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  1. I own a B 710 and love the throat space, the sewing is simply devine and I would never consider buying another brand. But I’m 100% with you, the extension table is crap. The problem is, I don’t live in the US and have no idea where I can get this awesome acrylic extension. Do you happen to know whether they ship to Europe?

  2. Judy Chastain says:

    I bought a used Arrow Gidget II table for 1/2 the price of a new one. I set my big Janome machine in it and made a fiber board insert. It was good, but I finally bought a Sew Steady custom insert for my Janome machine. I absolutely love it; it was cut to perfection for my machine in the Arrow table. I also have a Bernina with that (ugh) slide on table.

  3. I have one of the smaller ones and I love it!

  4. Linda Maglione says:

    Thank you for the information on the grid glider! I have a Sew Steady table for two of my machines, but had not seen this product before. I love the grid and will likely leave it on my machine all the time. I have several projects for which I use painters tape as a guide on my machine and this would be a much neater option.

  5. Sassy Walter says:

    I have a large Sew Steady for my Janome and love it! Really makes sewing anything easier and I wouldn’t be able to quilt on my DSM without it.

  6. Interesting.
    My Sew Steady table fits all the way to the right, but leaves a bump where it meets up with the sewing bed. It was pricey and there are no returns. It sits under my table with dust in it.

    1. Hi Ellen,
      Have you tried changing the height of the table by adjusting the legs? The bottom part of the legs can screw either way to make them higher or lower. That’s how I got my table to the exact height that I needed it. Good luck!

  7. Susan Jung says:

    Caroline, thank you so much for sharing the versa table video with us. That is an awesome addition to our sewing rooms. I agree, Bernina dropped the ball on their extension table. The could have added some supports that would lock into the corners for stability. Another note about Bernina, why do they not include the straight stitch throat plate with the quilting machines? I just bought a 570 QE and had to buy the separate throat plate.

  8. My husband bought me the Sew Steady table for a gift a year ago. We have worked and worked on getting the grid applied to the table, and have not been able to do it. That is very frustrating.

  9. I have a 24"X24" Sew Steady, one piece table for my Babylock sewing machine and I love, love, love it! I do not, however, have the Grid Glider because, until seeing your video today, I did not know they even existed. So now I have to get one because I think it will allow me to sew straighter lines. And like your Bernina, the lines etched around my needle do not accurately measure from the stitch line to the etched lines. Many Thanks! Susan

  10. I just love your blog! So many great projects and sewing or quilting tips, and even product reviews. You are honest and this makes it easy to see the value of your opinions. I like to see new products from the sewing and quilting companies who are eager to make our hobbies better and more productive. Thank you.

  11. Jo-Anne Schindler says:

    I have a sewing table added to my machine. I think it may be a Sew Steady — it looks like yours. I bought it from “Nancy’s”. I love it.

  12. Thanks for info on the Versa table. I have a
    JukI 2010 Q and have had to tape the extension table to hold it in place. This sounds like a great replacement but pretty pricey. I’m learning free motion quilting so may have to gift myself.

  13. Melissa Gill says:

    Sew Steady Versa Table looks like the perfect sewing companion. Thank you for sharing, I enjoy your videos. I retired in 2019 from 20 years of working outside my home and am finding my sewing legs again.
    The internet has brought a whole new perspective to the craft. I had no access to this community of sewers 25 years ago. Of all the videos I have watched I enjoy watching yours most.

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