The Best $5 I have ever Spent to Organize My Sewing Room!


Hello again!

Do you want to know my most favorite $5 purchase EVER?

I’m sure I’ll go back and spend five dollars at least 10 more times before I’m done buying these…

Watch my latest Studio Chat video above to see what my favorite $5 sewing studio item is. You an also watch this video on YouTube.


At the time of this post, Amazon dropped the price on the very same 12’’x12’’ scrapbooking bins and they cost only $27 for 6 bins. Click here to check the current price.

I can’t guarantee that the price will stay that low, but I CAN guarantee that you will love them!

What’s your favorite sewing room item you can get for cheap? Tell me in the comments!


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  1. I agree that these are the best thing ever! I have several that I use to keep quilt projects together with so I have all the supplies for a project in one place and they are nice and neatly stacked up on a couple shelves.

  2. I have been using those scrapbook boxes for a few years now . They hold 12” blocks perfectly. When building a fabric/ color palette for a quilt l also use those plastic zip bags that come on sheet set sans blankets to store my fabrics in.Every thing is in one place when I go looking for more fabric.

  3. Suzan Oxenreider says:

    I have been using these scrapbook boxes for several years and it totally changed my life! Best organization system for me by far. Seeing my projects that are unfinished is very motivating. Additionally, they fit in my bookcase easily!

  4. I love them too. I’m always struggling to organize my sewing room and these definitely help!

  5. Donna Hopkins says:

    These would be great for Christmas gift sewing also! I usually make a bunch of 2 or 3 little items. This way they would all be together when I felt the urge to work on them – and I wouldn’t be in a rush to finish in December! LOL

  6. charlotte cook says:

    I love the bins, I have watched for the sale paper, but never looked on Amazon. I’m old and slow to online shopping! LOL
    As a fabric collector for many, many years, I do want to point out a couple of things you mentioned that I have learned not to use the had way… and lost some great fabrics and vintage clothing. You said that you had pinned paper to your fabrics, pins are basically made of brass, and will rust if near moisture (like S. GA and Fla.) I found that blue painter’s masking tape will stick to fabric, no residue even after a couple of years (new discovery) and I can label it with a sharpie. Also, in heat, rubber bands will break down and stick to/stain your fabric. I use the cheap pony tail elastics that come in multiple sizes. They are at dollar stores, drug stores and big box stores. Often they are in the "cheap" bin if the card they are on has gotten torn or wrinkled. They work for me with no residue even after 20 years on vintage doll clothes.
    Have you skipped a few days, or have you gotten accidentally marked "Spam" in my email? I haven’t gotten a post in several days. I’m panicked! I need my daily blog.

  7. Just ordered them from Amazon and they are on their way! Thanks for the tip.

  8. Gayla Nuss says:

    There is also the rolling cart with 6 boxes for $30.26 on Amazon – can’t beat that for organization either! Thanks for the post – these are on my shopping list for this week.

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