Tour 20 Enchanting Barn Quilts Across the United States

Drive across the United States, and you might be lucky enough to see a barn quilt. This uniquely American art form is found out-of-doors, nestled between mountains and hills, cornfields and cotton fields, and on the sides of small-town homes and buildings. Quilt murals have been painted on barns and other structures in our country for over 300 years.

These magnificent designs are for decoration, traveling landmarks, and attracting tourists. In recent years, barn quilts are usually painted on plywood or manufactured wood and installed on the side of a barn, shed, home, or garage. I even found one on the side of a museum!

Striking Amish Quilt Design on a Red Barn

Be transported to Amish Country by this traditional quilt block design on a beautiful red barn!

Red and Yellow Star Design on a Green Pole Barn

Photo credit: Jen Wolf /

This darling pole barn can be found on a cotton farm in rural Georgia. Can you see the cotton fields in the background?

Pinwheel Barn Quilt with a Piano Key Border

Photo credit: Kimberly Boyles/

You don’t see barn quilts very often that include a whole quilt. Most are a single quilt block enlarged quite a bit! This beautiful barn quilt has 36 pinwheel blocks, a bright blue inner border, and a colorful piano key outer border. I wonder if it was patterned after an actual quilt.

Barn Quilts on the Side of a Small Town Museum

Editorial credit: Ian Dewar Photography /

Take a look at these two barn quilts on the side of a building! This is the Kittitas County Museum in Ellensburg, Washington State.

Gorgeous Patriotic Barn Quilt in Washington State

Photo credit: Danita Delimont /

In that same county, you will find this perfectly patriotic quilt with a red, white, and blue flag hanging on a charming three-level barn. I love the snow-covered willow trees!

Red, White, and Blue Sawtooth Star Quilt on a Vintage Barn

Photo credit: ESB Professional/

This showstopping barn quilt is found in Owens County, Kentucky. This quilt block, like most others contains symbolic meaning. The design was named the sawtooth star because the points on the star resemble teeth on a saw. A saw was a very important tool to homesteaders and pioneers.

Beautiful Blue and White Tree of Life Quilt Design

Photo credit: JNix /

The Tree of Life design is a beloved favorite for quilters everywhere, and it was spotted on a beautiful red barn in the Appalachia mountains.

Vibrant Yellow, Red and Green Quilt Hung on a House

Photo credit: Gary Powell Photo/

Travel down an old country road in Ohio and you might see this fabulous barn (house) quilt!

Barn Quilt Competes With Fall Foliage!

Photo credit: Mary Terriberry /

You’ll have to drive across North Carolina in the fall to find this stunning sight.

Beautiful Blue, Green, and Purple Barn Quilt

Photo credit: Tuskaloosa/

You can this smaller treasure of a barn quilt on the Walthall County Barn Quilt Trail in Caledonia, Mississippi.

Newly Painted Barn Quilt Decoration on an Old Metal Barn

Photo credit: Tuskaloosa/

This newly painted barn quilt contrasts beautifully with the metal barn that it is hanging on. You’ll find this one on the Buttahatchee Barn Quilt Trail in Caledonia, Mississippi.

Fabulous Modern Quilt On an Old Barn Surrounded by Flowers

Photo credit: Susan Sea/

Here’s another stunning example of old and new: A modern quilt design affixed on a beautiful old barn. I love how the owner surrounds the barn with hundreds of flowers!

Nostalgic Pioneer Quilt Block Design on Working Farm Barn

Photo credit: Jen Powers/

This gorgeous photo depicts farm life in such a way that I almost want to live on a farm!

Winter Wonderland Barn Quilt and Christmas Wreath

Photo credit: PeggyReillyPhotos /

This Illinois farm knows how to stay beautiful in the winter!

Gorgeous Blue and White Barn Quilt on a Red Barn

Photo credit: Laura J Smith/

Does this eight-pointed star block design inspire you to become a quilter? If not, it should!

Jacobs Ladder Quilt Block Design on a Weather-worn Barn

Photo credit: Jen Powers/

This vintage quilt block design called Jacob’s Ladder has a biblical reference. This particular barn quilt can be found in Owens County, Kentucky.

Small Barn Quilt Treasure Find

Photo credit: Gingo Scott/

Look for this beautiful small barn on an old road in North Carolina. I sincerely hope someone is taking good care of this little barn!

Old Amish Barn with a Striking Red, White, and Blue Quilt Design

Photo credit: Christine Pedretti/

There’s no need to paint your barn if you have such a striking barn quilt design on it!

Multi-Faceted Star Design on a Freshly Painted Red Barn

Photo credit: Dave George/

Someone must have repainted this barn and the barn quilt just in time for spring!

This gorgeous barn quilt star design is so complex that it would be difficult to recreate in an actual quilt block, especially one sewn on a sewing machine instead of hand-pieced. But that’s a fun thing about barn quilts: you can create complex designs more easily with paint than with fabric!

Modern Quilt Design on Gorgeous Wooden Structure

Photo credit: Gingo Scott/

This is another example of a quilt block design that would be extremely difficult to sew on a quilt. I’ll stick to admiring the interlinking circle pattern fixed to a barn with beautiful diagonal wood panels.

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