Cage Comforters: Sewing for Furry Friends

Did you know that animal shelters often use small quilts or blankets (called cage comforters) in the animals’ cages to provide a soft bed and a sense of security?

Evidently, these mini-quilts and blankets provide comfort and security for the animals and go with them when they are adopted to make for an easier transition in a new home.

Construction:  Feel free to try your own method, but “pillowcase-style” often works best:

1. Cut two pieces of material to use as top and bottom of the outside of the comforter. 2. Place the two pieces of fabric one on top of the other.

3. Make sure the “wrong” side of both pieces of fabric are facing out. 4. Sew 3 sides together.

5. Turn inside out so that the “right” side of fabric is facing out. 6. Insert a bit of cotton batting or fluffy material.

1. Fold over and sew the fourth seam. 2. Secure the poly fill by sewing an inner seam (like quilting) around all 4 sides and/or sewing a middle seam with the machine (this is so that the filling doesn’t bunch up when washed).