DIY False Bottom for Any Tote Bag {easy tutorial}

Last week when I sewed up my Japanese Knock Off Tote Bag, I decided it really needed a false bottom.

A false bottom is that stiff thing you often find in duffel bags and purses that help them keep a nice shape at the bottom. 

And it’s really easy to sew a false bottom for a tote bag that you made yourself – or one that you bought at the store!

All you need is a little bit of fabric and some extra firm fusible interfacing (Peltex).

First measure the bottom of the bag that you want to sew it for. The bottom of this bag was 6” x 14”.

Cut two pieces of fusible Peltex the same dimensions as the bottom of your bag and lay them on a piece of fabric fusible side up (if they are double sided fusible, that’s fine too).

Trim the fabric, leaving 1 inch all the way around the pieces of Peltex.

Using a hot iron, press the edges of the fabric tightly around the Peltex and fuse.

Continue until all of the edges are fused. Don’t worry about the corners.

Fold the piece in half, placing the fusible sides of the Peltex pieces together. Press long and firmly until the pieces fuse together.

Topstitch around the piece about 1/8” from the edge to secure both sides together. Tuck the corner fabric pieces in as you go.

Slip it inside a tote bag and be happy – you can do anything!

Then come back on Wednesday when I post the Japanese Knock-Off Tote tutorial. 🙂


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  1. Christine Sherman says:

    Thank you! I obviously was way over thinking this. I won’t even tell you what I tried to use for a bottom! 🙂

  2. Delonia Quinones says:

    Great tutorial! Thanks!! I was wondering, do you attach the false bottom to the bag so that it doesn’t move?

    1. You can sew it to the bottom of the bag if you want (or insert it before closing up the lining), but one of the benefits of a separate false bottom is that you can take it out and wash the bag.



      1. Delonia Quinones says:

        Good point! I love that idea and I love the fact that you use two pieces of Peltex to make the bottom stronger. Great job!

        Thanks so much,


  3. I make a false bottom with plastic canvas. Just make a pouch the same size as the bag bottom and cut the canvas to fit inside it. That makes the bag bottom nice and sturdy, while still being able to wash it.

  4. Ann MacDonald says:

    I just came across you site and love it.Great ideas for lots of projects even though this was made 3 years ago it is still very relevant. Thanks for all the tips.

  5. Pam Cagle says:

    Another great tutorial, love your site and enjoy learning from you..

  6. Leticia Jurado says:

    Wow! I love all your patterns / tutorials. I look forward to my daily emails. Thank you very much.

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