Sew Chair Pockets for a Classroom! (the fast & easy way)

Sewing chair pockets (or seat sacks) for an elementary school classroom turned out to be really fun and a lot easier than I expected!

So if your kid’s teacher ever asks you about making chair pockets for the class, say yes – I’ll show you how.

It only took me 12 hours to make 20! After I finished all the cutting and presswork, I was making 5-6 each hour. Woo hoo!

Make sure you measure your little chairs before you get started. The backs of my chairs were approximately 11” tall and the width at the base of the chair back was 15 1/2”. 

For each chair pocket, cut: – Exterior rectangle 17” x 25” – Lining rectangle 17” x 25” – Batting rectangle 17” x 25” – Large pocket rectangle 17” x 21” – Small pocket square 17” x 17”


Fold the edges of the binding strip to the center and press.  I used my Clover 1” bias tape maker tool to make quick work of it. Then fold the strip in half lengthwise and press.

Binding Prepwork:

– Use ugly fabric (we all have it!) for the lining, it won’t show at all. – Do all of your cutting and pressing first so you can sew assembly line style later. – If you are really in a hurry you can use wide double fold bias tape for the pocket binding. 

If you are planning to sew a lot, here are my tips: