How to Sew the Car Diddy Bag – Free Sewing Tutorial

Keep everything you need handy – and organized – in the car with this sweet little bag! Mine holds my phone (and the cords, lol), a couple pens, and anything else I want to toss in there quick while I’m driving. But there’s more…

The back has a welt zipper pocket where you can stash a few dollars or an emergency credit card in case you forget your purse. This was a reader suggestion!  🙂

Another reader left the brilliant suggestion of using velcro to stick the bag to the floor to keep it from sliding around. It works great!

Finished size: Approximately 8’’ tall, 7 1/2’’ wide, and 2’’ deep. Strap customized to your needs.


Fabric and notions: – Fabric for the bag – Fabric for the pockets & strap – By Annie’s flexible foam, fusible fleece, or other stabilizer – Zipper, at least 6” long (for hidden cash pocket) – Hook tape (1/2 of a Velcro set)


From the fabric for the bag, cut: – 4 squares 10’’ x 10’’ From the pocket & strap fabric, cut: – 1 rectangle 11’’ x 10’’ (exterior pocket) – 1 rectangle 12’’ x 8’’ (hidden cash pocket) – 1 strip 4’’ x desired length for strap + 1’’ From the interfacing, cut: – 2 squares 10’’ x 10’’ – 1 strip 1’’ x desired length for strap + 1’’

Note: this little bag will be 8’’ tall. We (all of you & I) decided that it would be best for the car if the bag rested on the floor, so you will need to figure out the length of your own strap.