Sew a Cute Tie Scrunchie – DIY Sewing Tutorial

Hair scrunchies are one of the first things I ever sewed! And they’re back. As if I ever stopped wearing them, lol. But since my teenage daughter and all her friends are wearing scrunchies now too, I guess it’s safe to wear them out of the house again.

Scrunchies are a fun and easy sewing project that is perfect for using up scraps of all kinds. It’s also a great way to introduce girls to sewing – within just a few minutes they’ll have something fun to wear and a few new skills, too!

Last month I saw some ADORABLE hair scrunchies that my friend Sarah had made. Luckily, I was able to convince her to share a DIY tutorial with us. Here it is…

You will need: - Light or midweight apparel fabric, or quilting cotton (a Fat 1/8th will work too!) - Elastic - Small gauge universal or stretch needle depending on the fabric you choose - Bodkin or safety pin - Tube turning tool (optional) - Pinking shears (optional) - Fabric Glue as needed

Cutting Once you’ve chosen your fabric, iron out all the wrinkles and cut: 1 strip 18’’ x 4’’ 1 strip 9’’ x 4’’ 6 1/2’’ piece of 1/4’’ elastic

Variation: To make a plain headband with no bow, cut one rectangle of fabric 3 1/2’’ x 19’’. Sew using Steps 2-5 and 8.


Now go make a ton more because all the girls in your life will want one. And get creative! You can play around with the length of the ties and make longer ones, or cut narrower strips like 2’’ or 3’’ instead of 4’’ for a completely different look.