13 Things to Sew for People Who Love to Read



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Are you spending lots of time reading? Is there a book lover in your life? I have gathered 13 sewing projects for readers in one place. Storing and taking your reading material with you wherever you go will be easy with these 13 ideas. Each has a free pattern and easy to follow instructions. So lets READ all about it!




Tote with many pockets.jpeg


Let’s start the Roundup for Readers with a perfect tote if your reading material varies. The Tote with Many Pockets will hold small books, wider magazines, and everything in between. Your interfacing choice can cut down substantially on sewing time.




big storage basket.jpg


Storing magazines or flat picture books is perfect for my Big Storage Baskets. They stand alone or fit in a cubby-style storage shelf.




canvas book tote.jpeg


When a reader is on the go, give them a Free Canvas Book Tote so they don’t have to leave their favorite reading material at home.




Car Diddy.jpeg


Speaking of on the go, my Car Diddy Bag is perfect for small books to pass the time while you travel. Or while you wait for the kids to finish soccer practice.




backpack tote.jpg


If the kids are avid readers too, maybe they need a Convertible Backpack Tote? My kids are always reading more than one book at a time.




hanging organizer.jpeg


Another great idea for readers on the go is the Hanging Organizer with Pockets. Great for home or car reading, and customizable based on your needs. A pocket for each passenger maybe?




hanging storage basket.jpg


Smaller reading materials can be corralled nicely in my Amazing Hanging Storage Baskets. As a kid I loved reading “Choose Your Own Adventure” books. I think I owned 70 of them. I wonder how many baskets I would need if I had kept the collection?




journaling bookmark.jpeg


As long as I’m strolling down memory lane, I should record some memories in my journal with the Journaling Bookmark and Pencil Holder. Room for a highlighter and pen or pencil makes it perfect for studying from a textbook.




bedside pockets.jpeg


Reading in bed is dreamy for many of us. Organize all your bedside materials with my Bedside Pockets Organizer, and you’ll never have to wonder where your reading glasses went.




pretty pictures.jpg


Some of my favorite stories are immortalized in panel fabrics, and the Pretty Pictures Quilt is a great way to remember those favorites and stay warm while you read them.




pillow quilt.jpeg


Thicker than the low-volume quilt above, my Pillow Quilt could be for warmth while you read on a cold day, or fold it up to use as a pillow while you read. Anything goes!




fq baskets.jpeg


My medium size Fold Up Baskets are another great way to store your smaller reading materials. Or Fat Quarters. Or notions. What other uses can you think of?




rectangle basket.jpg


Last but not least is a recent addition to my DIY storage baskets. I call it the Perfect Rectangle Basket. They will fit patterns perfectly as well as books. The drawer pull-type handles help you easily access all your stored items.

So what will you be sewing for the avid readers in your life? Or what will you stitch just for you? Please tag me @sewcanshe on Instagram so I can see what you create.


Happy Sewing (and reading!)




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