I cleaned my sewing room and found 8 WIP’s!

I’ve been feeling so bogged down and harried lately with a million things to do at once and nothing getting finished until the last minute that I decided it was time to take a breath and change something. The thing that needed to be changed was the gigantic pile of fabric, paper, patterns, books, notions, tools, and lots and lots of scraps that was stifling any creativity I might have felt.

And people kept coming over like my mother in law and visiting teachers and the UPS man (although he is very welcome any time) and the first thing anyone sees in my house is my sewing studio. That means I get to chat about how awesome my hobby/job is or I get to make excuses for the disaster they see as they come in the door. Well, no more disaster excuses ladies, check it out:


Having a neat place to work really does make me want to be there. ๐Ÿ™‚

And while I was cleaning up and organizing I found 8 works in progress (that sounds so much better than unfinished projects)! I hope that by naming them I’ll get my act together and finish a few soon. So in no particular order, my works in progress are:

  • an Emmeline bag
  • a throw quilt top that needs to be sandwiched and finished
  • a felted bench pillow
  • the next applique in our “Far Away Forest” series
  • an oilcloth ‘Honeymooner Suitcase’ (from Big City Bags)
  • a Viking ship pictorial quilt
  • a new winter coat for Chloe
  • 30 potholders for my boy’s school craft fair

At least I have stuff to blog about, right?

Now if I can just pick one and finish it today…

What are your works in progress?



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