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I love books. I love to curl up on the couch and enter another world. I love to browse, learn, and be inspired. This little book looked good from the cover, but I was absolutely delighted to find that each project in Flip Dolls and Other Toys by Laura Wilson held a surprise! Lark Books is letting me give away a copy… so read to the end.


See the bunny? It bounces. See the whale? He eats stuff. The pegasus? The wings come off to make a horse. The robot? He’s an I-spy toy.


And these are all flip toys. Turn one over or inside out to find something else! I’ve already made two projects from this book and I think I’ll be up late Christmas eve making a few more. These clever projects are things you would never find in a store… maybe that’s why I love them so much.

And before you use up lots of paper getting your printer/scanner to enlarge the patterns in the book for you (like I did) … Lark is offering full size versions {here}.

Do you want to see my projects?


First I made Gulp the Whale. He ate my cell phone!


Then he ate some washi tape. Isn’t he cute?


I think his tail is cute too.  Laura calls the difficulty level of this project ‘Moderate,’ but I found it quite a bit easier and faster than most stuffie patterns I’ve made. He is for my 10 year old Carl. Carl took the book off my sewing counter and picked this project out, begging me to make it for him. I can’t wait for him to see it on Christmas morning.


This Mr. Owl…


Turn him kind of like a sock…


and you get Miss Pussycat. They are so adorable! Another project that Laura calls ‘Moderate,’ but it was fairly easy compared to other dolls that I’ve made. There’s no stuffing in this doll, just quilt batting in each ‘character.’ Cadie’s going to love it so much!

And I’m totally recommending this book both because the projects are so cute and because each one has a clever surprise.

If you’re wondering about the author, Laura Wilson is the blogger and designer behind She has an adorable line of patterns and printables in her etsy shop and some cute free tutorials on her blog.  She also tells you more about Flip Dolls and Other Toys {here}.

Now for the giveaway… Lark books is letting me give a copy of this book to one of my sweet readers… so leave a comment below to enter. Tell me how many dolls or plushies you’ve ever made. Be sure that you either provide your email address in the process or leave it in a comment so I can contact you. Giveaway ends Friday December 20th at 10 pm. (Same as my Fabric Fairy giveaway!)

Happy sewing!


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  1. I made 13 softies so far: an owl; other birds, a monster, an elephant, a whale, a chicken … You can find them here: (select the label ‘knuffels’).

  2. Wow, that looks like a great book. I love to make stuffies and dolls. I give them away to children at a local hospital. I’ve made several hundred stuffed animals and dolls in the last 10 years or so.

  3. Oh, I would love this! I have been hunting for patterns to dive into some toy making for my 2 little ones, but haven’t found the right ones yet. This would be perfect!

  4. Cindy Dahlgren says:

    I haven’t made very many plushies, but I would love to make more! I just need a good pattern book. This looks like it!

  5. I have only made a handful of softies. I would love this book! So many cute projects that my little ones would love! 🙂 I saw the tut for the peekaboo turtle, which I will try to get made for my youngest before Christmas.

  6. patricia T says:

    Thesw projects are adorable! I’ve made plushies for my little cousins, nieces and nephews but nothing THIS cute! I would love to win this book!

  7. T. McInerney says:

    I would love this book! I want to make toys for my Grandkids & this looks like it has toys they would love!

  8. I love making stuffies for my little one I have made some monsters and an owl and kitty so far.

  9. Tatiana Di Maio says:

    I never made any stuffed toy, but I would love to make some!

  10. amy mayen says:

    Thanks to you both for the giveaway! I have never made a plushie, but the whale is so cute I’d love to try:) my email is

  11. Cheryl Maynard says:

    I haven’t made any stuffed toys for about 30 years (when my kids were little). But now I have grandchildren living with us part-time, and I think they would love these!

  12. Jennifer Fullerton says:

    What cool projects! I’ve never made a stuffy but I’d love to be able to make toys for my niece and for my (future) children.


  13. As a child I started sewing with plushies, now I make them for my children. How many have I made in 30 years, I have no idea 🙂

  14. Grandma G says:

    Wow! What a bookful of fun-looking projects! I’ve recently made 2 stuffed dolls, plus several plushies awhile back. So fun!

  15. I’ve only made one doll (a bunny); it was a gift for a friend. I really wanted to try a flip doll, but it seemed intimidating to figure it out on my own, so it would be amazing to win this book!

  16. I can’t count the number of dolls and stuffies I have made….I started making them for my children and now my grandchildren are asking for them too! They have lots of requests and this book would help so much! Thanks for a chance to win!!

  17. I’ve only made two or three softies. I would love to make more!

  18. I don’t know how many stuffies I’ve made, but my four daughters are starting to make them, too!

  19. Debra Neiman says:

    I made about 7 blossom dolls when my daughter was young. Merry Christmas from Oklahoma, USA. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  20. Debra Neiman says:

    I made about 7 blossom dolls when my daughter was young. Merry Christmas from Oklahoma, USA. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  21. Nicole Sender says:

    I can not count in my mind how many dolls or softies I’ve made. I started sewing 60 years ago and my first project was a stuffed white horse. Your book has great ideas!

  22. I have just started sewing plushies I would like to try that owl, it is so cute.. Thanks for the chance to win! That owl would be my 6th plushie. Wooohoo

  23. Aimee Diehl says:

    These patterns are just adorable–I hadn’t heard of this title but I’m so glad you’ve made it known! I would love to win this book and make a menagerie of adorable creatures.

  24. I have always wanted to make a flip doll! Seriously. I’ve been trying to figure it out on my own, but this book would tell me how it’s done.

  25. I’ve crocheted several and knit one, but I’ve never sewn a plushie. Thanks for the chance to win

  26. Nancy the gypsy says:

    I’ve made too many to count! First for my own kids. Then nieces and nephews. Now my grand daughter! The projects in this book look adorable! I think I would like the whale for myself 🙂


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