The Every Day Camp Shirt on my Every Day Boy



This is my boy Connor. I don’t sew as much for him as I do for my girls. I know that’s not fair, but it’s not entirely my fault. He goes to a uniformed public school, which kind of discourages me to sew for him because I know he won’t get to wear the things I make very much.


On the bright side, he does get really excited when I make him something cool… like my version of Fishsticks Designs’ Every Day Camp Shirt. That super fun Japanese fabric is by Kokka and comes from Modes4u, my newest crush of a store. (click here to visit) It makes me want to move to Hong Kong or Japan. I can’t decide which.


Check out this cute yoke! I absolutely love to make the sleeves match a contrasting yoke. I do it for my girls too. Eeek!


And Bonnie’s clear instructions even told me just how to place the fabric so the collar print would be right-side-up, Perfect on the first try. 

Right now you have a chance to win 3 pdf or paper patterns from Fishsticks Designs for yourself (plus $25 in fabric from The Fabric Fairy). Hurry and enter.. this giveaway ends soon!


I have another boy too. You’ve probably never seen pictures of him either. I guess I better find another cute little man project. Happy sewing y’all!


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  1. I have two grandsons and I’m constantly looking for cute sewing ideas for boys. Your shirt is so cute. I love the contrasting sleeves and yol. Great job!

  2. I love it! Oh my, the personality in these photos! He is such a cutie. Isn’t it fun to sew boy stuff, at least every once in awhile?

  3. What a doll! Okay, the shirt looks really good, too. I have 4 boys but they’re all grown up- not sure if they’d appreciate their mom sewing them shirts anymore… Now if only they’d get married and start working on giving me some grandkids; I’d happily sew for them!

  4. Fabulous collection for kids indeed..!! Actually your shirts are so cute and I am going to buy such type of comfortable and stylish shirt for my younger brother indeed. Hey impression helped me lot. Thanks…

  5. Thank you, for a great shirt for Boys! Such a handsome model, too.
    Always looking for patterns for my grandsons! Love your choice of two fabrics, that showcase the patterns details.

  6. I have never made clothing! This is one that I would tackle though for the grandson! They have such great fabrics for boys! Thanks for showing us this!

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