Stitched Blooms!


Oops! I reviewed Carina’s beautiful book yesterday and totally forgot to offer my fans a giveaway like Lark Books said I could!

So here’s the Stitched Blooms book giveaway, just a day late!

In order to enter, please read my book review {click here} and then leave a comment below telling me why you’d like a copy. It’s that easy! On Friday January 24th at 10pm I’ll close the comments and pick a winner so be sure you leave your email address.

And thanks everyone for reading my book reviews. I am so addicted to sewing and craft books (I can hardly leave the house without something to read – just in case) and I feel lucky to be asked to review new ones coming out!


UPDATE: Congrats to Joan (comment #69) who won the book! Thanks everyone for sharing a comment. We have more book reviews scheduled next month, so come back again soon!

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  1. Catherine Silling says:

    I would love a copy of Stitched Blooms! I love to embroider and actually make things with wool and wool felt, trying to stay with the 100% wool as it is so pleasing to work with. I don’t know very many stitches and I don’t know the name of more than 2 or 3 stitches. That looks like a really cool book! AND I have a friend in Denmark named Birthe who has a daughter named CARINA! I know, pure coincidence……the little pincushions you made a very pretty, too!

    1. Carina Envoldsen-Harris says:

      Wow, that’s a crazy coincidence – my mother’s name is Birthe! What are the odds! 🙂

  2. Debra Kay Neiman says:

    I would love a copy to help me with my stitching…I have been trying to add hand stitching to my quilts and small projects. I love the pincushion ideas and stuffies too. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  3. I would love to win this book. I just started stitching last year & now have dragged several friends along for the ride.

  4. Shelley Michel says:

    I would love a copy because it so reminds me of pillowcases my mamere made when I was a little girl.

  5. Stephanie Baxter Halland says:

    I too learned to embroider as a child, my grandma taught me. I haven’t thought about doing it again in years! This book might be the impetus I need to try this art form again!

  6. Beverly Stanton says:

    I love to embroider and this book is cute. Such simple designs that make anything pop with color. I would love to own a copy to share my talent through many gift giving ideas.

  7. Jackie Stall says:

    I learned embroidery from my Grandma years ago and have just recently picked it up again! I would absolutely love to win a copy to help refresh my memory and learn more! Such a relaxing and lovely craft! Thank you for the chance!

  8. I’m just getting back into hand embroidery. I love the patterns and to win her book would be great! thanks, neena

  9. oh my , pick me pick me please!! hah seriously the book is amazing

  10. Cathy Keeney says:

    I just love the pincushion idea with the little white crocks, I just picked some up at our local thrift store and I will make them for Mother’s Day gifts, so adorable. Love the colors in the book.

  11. This book has such beautiful projects in it. I’m a huge fan of pincushions too. Would love to add this book to my stitching library!

  12. We do a lot of stitchery here in Denmark, This book looks so fresh.
    (maybe I know Birthe 🙂 )

  13. Lara Trottier says:

    I’d love to get back into embroidery, and start teaching my 8 yr old.

  14. Janet Guidry says:

    I love to do hand embroidery when I am traveling and this book has lots of inspiration.
    Pick me!

  15. BeautifullySewn says:

    Oh I absolutely love floral embroidery, the designs are so fresh and fun!

  16. Recently I have been embroidering lately and doing mostly red work. I love the many different ideas that you have shown so far and the many stitches I did’t even know existed? I have been searching different sites to find something like this book and this is the first I have seen that actually interest me! Thanks so much for doing this review. If I don’t win it I’ll just have to buy it!

  17. Jessica Monte says:

    Oh wow would love to win this book thanks for the give away…

  18. It looks like a beautiful book. I’d love to win this one!!

  19. We are redoing my lovely daughter’s room this spring – these flowers will be the perfect touch to make it truly her own!

  20. More embroidery is on my 2014 to-do list. Looks like this book has great designs, patterns, and instructions. Awesomeness! Thanks for the review & giveaway.

  21. More embroidery is on my 2014 to-do list. Looks like this book has great designs, patterns, and instructions. Awesomeness! Thanks for the review & giveaway.

  22. aburdsall says:

    Love it! I just did a bit of embroidery on a Christmas gift for my daughter and wished that I knew more about what I was doing! Love that this has stitch help, adorable projects and a CD!!

  23. Love this book! Thanks for the review, I would love it for making more gifts for my friends!

  24. Oh, this is a beautiful book! My mother also taught me to embroider – I still remember the joy all the colours of floss in her embroidery box used to bring. Your little pincushions are adorable. I’ve forgotten how much fun it is. (I too, need to work on my french knots!) I can see these little motifs brightening up so many things! Thanks for a reminder of the simple beauty that some coloured thread can bring!

  25. Marilyn Tucker says:

    I want to start doing more embroidery, including on my cards. So far I have just done words on cards, but these flowers would be awesome to do!

  26. Kelli Miller says:

    I’d actually love to win this book for my mom! She is great at embroidery…me not so much 😉 Plus her birthday is coming up and I think it would be an amazing surprise for an amazing woman! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  27. This is the type if embroidery I grew up learning. After being away from it for many years I recently started again and this book would be a wonderful inspiration to continue

  28. Barbara Colvin says:

    My first stitches were made with the help of my great-grandmother. We started with cross stitches on checked gingham aprons. The CD alone makes this book worth having.

  29. I love the fact there are printable templates, that is so helpful! The patterns are beautiful and there are many ideas for things to make!

  30. I’m a new embroiderer and I could really use the instructions for all of the stitches. I struggle with French knots and can only make a neat back stitch. I also like the fact that a cd is included. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of the book.

  31. When I was a kid I used to embroider all the time. But now, I need a refresher! This book looks amazing!

  32. What a nice book! And an excellent review, makes me want it more! I have been wanting to get back into this craft since I have retired, so I hope I win!

  33. This looks like a beautiful and amazing book! I would love to try something new like embroidery.

  34. Debs DiGiorgio says:

    Thanks for reviewing the book. I have been doing needlework for the past year, it is too charming to resist. Mostly, I have been making hoop art, but I’d like to expand to needlework on homemade bags. I would like the book because I am currently winging it, & it would be really nice to learn how to do things properly. This book would expand my skills to use more than 2 stitches & it has a wide variety of projects to inspire me to try new things.

  35. Looks like a fun book. I’ve just recently picked up embroidery after swearing i wouldn’t. But I love it. Always looking for new projects!

  36. Elizabeth Waligora says:

    I’d love a copy because I am nearly finished with my previous embroidery project (a pillowcase) and could use another one. I just moved for a temporary stay, and embroidery projects take up less space than sewing ones do! Also, embroidery books tempt the imagination and promote creativity unlike pre-printed projects!

  37. I love hand embroidery, and this beautiful book looks so new and fresh! Rcoyle at olemiss dot edu

  38. Chelle Chapman says:

    I adore the look of hand embroidery! It just screams, "I took my time making this special for you" on a gift or just to add an extra something to a "selfish" project. My Gran embroidered on everything she made for giveaway & her gifts were SO cherished by the recipients!! I would LOVE this book just so MY recipients would feel the same!! Thanks to you & Carina for this AWESOME giveaway!!

  39. I’ve just started embroidery and would love to be more familiar with the different stitches. Plus – those patterns are darling! Thanks for the chance to win! katybug_3 at yahoo dot com

  40. Liz Barrow says:

    Love all kinds of crafts and always looking to learn something new. This book would be a great way to start a new project I have never done before. Love it!!

  41. Hello, I’d love to win this book! I’m a seasoned embroidery-person,but this looks so fresh and neat! Thanks for sharing!

  42. Mirza Marin says:

    I would love a copy of this book because embroidery is such a nice, relaxing thing to do now and this book will make me look forward to spring as I work the projects in the book. The color photos of the stitches will be very helpful to learn new stitches.

  43. I think the directions look really great, clear and in color. It would be very helpful. I am always looking for some new projects and those look really cute.

  44. Andrea Teal says:

    I would love to learn to embroider. I am already working on teaching myself to sew, this is the next logical step. Thank you for the review.

  45. I’ve just started to scratch the surface of embroidery and this book looks like the perfect place to start and learn a more modern take on embroidery.

  46. Your pin cushions are so cute! I would love to learn to embroider like that!

  47. I love her flowers! I found her book and website very inspiring.

  48. Lucy Ferguson says:

    I love decorative embroidery, this looks very colorful, love it! myfunnybuddy @ gmail (dot) com

  49. I have just started to delve into embroidery, and this book would be a lovely addition to start my new hobby. 🙂

  50. Sandra Conklin says:

    Hand stitching is one of my most favorite things to do,with this book I can start my Christmas gifts early.Thanks

  51. kim leavens says:

    I love embroidery, I like to add embroidery to gifts to personalize them!! This book looks like a lot of fun,,Thank you for the give away <3

  52. Pramudita Andaristi Bybee says:

    I have been wanting to learn how to embroider! This seems like a perfect book for a beginner.
    pramuditahandaristi at gmail dot com

  53. I would love to win this book as my little girl who is 6 and I are learning how to embroider together. This would be a wonderful book to have to share! Thank you for holding this giveaway! irishrose_26 at hotmail dot com.

  54. What a fun book…many years ago I did lots of embroidery and this makes me want to get back to it! Thanks for the sweet giveaway 🙂

  55. Judith Martinez says:

    This book is so beautiful! I love the little horse and the luminaries! I would love to have this book just so I can make those items!

  56. Karen Tippett says:

    I always thought of embroidery as purely decorative, love that I can make functional things too!

  57. I would love a copy for all the amazing patterns, especially the pincushion!

  58. I would love to have this book for two reasons.
    First, the embroidery patterns are wonderful with cute fun projects to make. I love the Dala horse.
    The luminarias could even be made into cute thread catchers. I love to make practical things with my sewing.
    Second, I love to FMQ. I could add Carina’s designs for florals and flourishes to my quilty bag of tricks.

  59. I love having a portable project like embroidery (I have grown to impatient for knitting)! And I really like how there is a CD to print designs from. Some embroidery supplies, my printer and some of that great disappearing sulky stuff you can run thought your printer = project heaven!

  60. The embroidery patterns are so pretty and a great way to introduce stitchers to embroidery. We have a group of girls at our church who are trying different crafts. I would love to use this with them.

  61. Natalie Coridan says:

    I’m a novice at embroidery, but I can see these being great on some bags or journal covers.

  62. Rebecca Thackaberry says:

    What a wonderful book. Your review definitely makes me want it more. I’ve been teaching my soon to be 7 year old autistic daughter to embroider and the projects are definitely things that we could do together… And the motifs are things that are not just appealing to an adult, but she says she wants to make the ramekin pin cushions with the flowers on them!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  63. Carrie Reed says:

    I just started embroidery and seeing this on your site got me so excited. I find it’s something great to do with the family while watching TV and as a special touch to sewing projects for those of us that don’t have special machines. Having something on hand with photos would make it a breeze.

  64. Gretchen Brautigan says:

    I love small handstiching projects! I find it relaxing. I usually have a small baggie of sewing projects with me when I go to pick up my kids at school. This would be a great new book of projects for me.

  65. I’d like a copy because I love the designs your review pictures show! I am a beginner embroidery enthusiast.

  66. I’ve always wanted to learn hand embroidery. so this would be great timing! Plus, those pin cushions are great!
    Hope this is open worldwide 🙂

  67. Sobana Sundar says:

    Oh those pin cushions are so pretty. nothing like a touch of embroidery to make a project totally yours. Would love to win.

  68. Because I always wanted to try embroidery and this looks like a fabulous book!

    1. olavelner at

  69. Delightful little creations, look forward to making little goodies like these for my 10 month old twin grand-daughters

  70. ShirleyMae says:

    I love embroidery and this book would be a wonderful addition to my collection

  71. Raina DelRio says:

    I would love to win this because I am new to embroidery, but would love to make some awesome projects. It looks like this book is just what I need based on your review!

  72. Glenna Walker says:

    I would like to win a copy of this book because I love, love, love embroidery. This would make a lovely addtition to my collection.

  73. Stephanie F says:

    I would love to win this book because I’ve always wanted to learn how to embroider and this book looks it would help me get started (and with beautiful patterns!!!)

  74. This would go down with the ladies at our sewing group, most are learning how to hand stitch and some have never had the time, knowledge or materials to try sewing crafts, this book would inspire them all.

  75. Marguerite Namdar says:

    The Dala horse is darling. The photo’s of the stitching look easy to follow. I’m an emboriderer and have put it aside for a while. These patterns look so fresh and new. It’s sparked a little rekindling of my love for embroidery. I think I’ll do something other than redwork. Love it. Marguerite

  76. I am just teaching myself and my 8 year old daughter how to embroider. This book would be awesome for us!!

  77. I love to add embroidery to the bags I make and this book looks like it has some great patterns in it.
    Would love to win one to try them out.

  78. I love to embroider and am always looking for new patterns. This book looks great

  79. Christenna Carr says:

    I actually love to use embroider designs for coloring instead of stitching with fabric markers. It’s great fun easy and fast. I would use these designs on so many things.

  80. I want this book because I am just starting to embroider and I already crossstitch.I LOVE the designs in this book,they are so cute.I’m a flower fanatic.Thanks for the giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. Donna Ross O'Shaughnessy says:

    A BEAUTIFUL book! I would like a copy in order to fine tune my skills and have a collection of GORGEOUS options to choose from. Enjoy the day :).

  82. Rosemary B says:

    I would love to win this book.
    The designs are adorable. It would really inspire my mom. She is recovering from a stroke.
    Before her stroke in March, she was the needlework queen!
    I think we could make some adorable projects together.
    This is a lovely book! Thank you so much for offering this give away!
    ~~ Rosemary

    rosemary bolton @ icloud . com

  83. It’s been years since I’ve done any embroidery. This book would certainly inspire me to pick it up again … such beautiful designs!

  84. Cindy Dahlgren says:

    I always loved doing embroidery, but the designs were so old fashioned. These are awesome, and you can make more than just dish towels! Bonus!!

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