How I Performed Brain Surgery on my Juki TL-2010Q!

Have you ever tried to fix your own sewing machine? I got to see exactly how my Juki TL-2010Q looked on the inside when I took it apart – under supervision, of course!

She wasn’t broken really. The circuit (or whatever it is) that makes the needle disengage and stop moving when I am filling bobbins stopped working. I could still sew fine. And fill bobbins too – if I didn’t mind the needle going up and down a million miles a minute while I did it.

Since this sewing machine is still under warranty, I called the help line, chatted with a technician a bit, and he explained how to remove the top cover from the head (it’s actually called that). I then emailed him this photo that I took with my iPhone.

After he saw the photo, he sent me a UPS label so I could send the top part in for repair. Thank goodness he can fix it without me sending in the whole machine… it’s heavy!

I’m feeling down without my Juki but expecting the return of her top cover (scalp?) on Monday and can’t wait. You can read more about this sewing machine in blog posts {here} and {here}.

I love this sewing machine so much I put it on my list of the best sewing machines you can buy on Amazon.

Happy Sewing!

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  1. Shelly Bee says:

    I had the very same problem with my Juki TL-98E. It was a year before it was fixed. I sent mine to Alabama where I bought it from on EBAY and they sent it back without fixing it. It went to Illinois and it came back without it being fixed. I spent so much on shipping. Sigh… husband finally called the plant in Florida and talked to someone very high up on the chain, and we sent it there. They fixed it. It was the celenoid to the thread cutter. My needle would go up and down, up and down too. I was so glad to get it back! I hope yours is fixed soon!! When you get it back, make sure the little ‘finger’ that is on the lid goes in front of the bobbin winding mechanism or the lid won’t go back right and the hand wheel won’t turn!

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