Book Review: 318 Patchwork Patterns


There are so many great book reviews going on right now!  I was very excited to be invited to join in the fun for Sumiko Fujita’s 318 Patchwork Patterns. This book is not new. It was originally published in Japanese in 2005. After being out of print and hard to find for years, World Book Media has finally released an English version.

Even though the title is ‘318 Patchwork Patterns,’ the book contains an amazing collection of applique designs too. If you are looking for strict patchwork, check out the other bloggers in the blog hop below. They will knock your socks off.

I am an applique girl at heart, and a collector (hoarder) of Japanese fabrics, so stitching up this little design was a real treat for me.

I think it was part of the inspiration for my Square Dance Daisy Mini Quilt (free pattern).


I’m not a classic needle-turn applique girl either, though. I love modern straight stitch, raw edge applique. So I enlarged and printed the pattern onto some HeatnBond EZ Print sheets, cut out the pieces, and fused them to some of the new Lecien fabrics that I bought at Quilt Market. I only left a seam allowance on the sides of the petals…

so I could piece the flower together before fusing it to my tote pieces. I left the paper backings on for this part too. I think it helped me piece more precisely.

The handles were an experiment. I played around with some kraft-tex from C&T. This stuff is kind of like fabric, they say it’s like leather, and although it looks a bit like paper it’s totally washable. I soaked the strips in boiling water to soften and distress them a bit before I sewed them on with buttons. I’m having lots of fun with the kraft-tex so I’m sure you’ll see it again from me soon.


I’m discovering that the trick to making cute Japanese-looking projects is to use Japanese fabrics. Duh. I think I need to take a trip over there to get a closer look 🙂

See more of my sewing book and product reviews here and see some of my free classic quilt block patterns below.

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  1. Laura Parsons says:

    I love seeing these designs on useful projects. Great.

  2. Gil Crews says:

    I use both applique and patchwork. I think I like applique the best.

  3. Debbie Doerrlamm says:

    The most adorable thing I ever saw! Thanks for sharing and thanks for the opportunity!

  4. darlene macdonald says:

    O sure ask a tough question, LOL I’m new to both of these techniques but I’m getting better at the applique. Learning patchwork but a little slower at it. Love the "blue berry" patch in the middle. Absolutely charming. 🙂

  5. Marilyn Snow says:

    I like piecing and applique. You said you need to go to Japan to get a closer look, I would love to go with you and do some exploring, too. I speak a little Japanese

  6. Jan C. In La. says:

    I like them both but I seem to do more appliqués. I mostly sew little girl clothes, so applique just lends itself more to that. Love your blog. You are so creative and inspiring.

  7. Jodi - Guerrero says:

    Love your darling bag! I love appliqué and hand piecing. Working with my hands is so relaxing. So excited to have a chance to win this book. Like millions of others, it’s been on my wish list.

    Thank you for a super giveaway and a chance to win. My fingers are crossed, hehe.


  8. Piroska B says:

    I absolutely love applique, though I haven’t done too much of it.

  9. Gill Watson says:

    I prefer patchwork but I’d like to get better at applique!!

  10. Gill Watson says:

    I prefer patchwork but I’d like to get better at applique!!

  11. oooh – I love the patterns and the fabrics! Thanks for the giveaway

  12. Kathleen Fuller says:

    Oh this looks like great fun. I’m curious to see more with kraft-tex.

  13. karen Falzon says:

    I love appliqué, usually finish with blanket stitch or needleturning but always by hand!

  14. Mary Snyder says:

    I like applique as well. In fact, I’m thinking about making towels for the grandchildren with an applique on them ( the towels, that is) for Christmas. Thanks for the lovely tote.

  15. I am just learning to do love it, but am sure slooow!!! LOL Patchwork is lil’ faster for me….

  16. Anne GritandGiggles says:

    This looks very interesting. Applique is a bit harder work I find but I love the look of it.

  17. Nesta Sangermano says:

    I love machine stitched appliquè with a free hand drawing effect. I wish I had more time to do hand stitched appliquè too!

  18. Heather Burgess says:

    I love both, just depends on the project I am working on

  19. Kristal Shepherd says:

    Love your flower! I don’t like to applique (which is weird, because I love EPP), but it sure is beautiful!

    And I think we ALL should go to Japan for inspiration! (And fabric!)

  20. Judith Durant says:

    I really like both, patchwork and applique. It’s hard to choose.

  21. Elizabeth Tillstrom says:

    I love both, but since I grew up watching my mom do a lot of machine applique, I really enjoy its resurgence!

  22. Abi Buening says:

    that is a hard decision. I love both thanks. Would really love this book. lots. Thanks

    ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

  23. Tabitha Keener says:

    I’m fairly new, so patchwork is my favorite at the moment. I’m working on some applique and trying to learn and hopefully this will be my favorite soon! Thanks for the giveaway!

  24. Debra Moxley says:

    I love them both but probably do more patchwork than applique.

  25. Kimberly McConville says:

    I do more patchwork than applique, but have patterns for both. What a fun looking bag applique pattern.

  26. Cindy Dahlgren says:

    Wow, that’s a tough one. I have been doing more patchwork than applique, but now that more people are accepting the appropriateness of using Heat ‘n’ bond lite, I’m liking it a lot more. I am not a needle turn girl, and probably never will. This is a great book, and I love your bag. cdahlgren at live dot com

  27. Susan Cartwright Shaw says:

    I like the look of each patchwork and applique. I enjoy patchwork more because I am more proficient at it. Having tendencies to try to be perfect, I get frustrated with applique. Don’t even talk about free motion quilting – I am too tense for that!

  28. Jacklynn Grimm says:

    I am more a patchwork girl, but I just got a cute pillow pattern with appliqued snowmen….hoping it turns out! Thanks for the give away! jacklynnsteven at netzero dot com

  29. Debbie Trail says:

    Definitely patchwork. So pleased this has been released in English.

  30. Pauline Ann Perry says:

    So hard to chose one or the other – but I think if I was only allowed to do one or the other it would be patchwork.

    perry94022 at hotmail dot com

  31. Candace Long says:

    I am just learning to do applique, so I would have to say that currently patchwork is my preferred quilting technique. However, I think that once I get over my fear of applique, it could easily become my favorite.

  32. Sarah Clemons says:

    I love Patchwork but I have a soft spot for applique dresden plates.

  33. Hello, will I be able too order book, in a few months hope so love the designs an the artist you create in you, thanx

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