I’m on the Modern Sewciety Podcast!

Wanna hear me go blah blah blah? Just kidding. Well, kind of. 

Last month at Quilt Market I had lots of fun meeting Stephanie Kendron, the star (emcee? host?) of the Modern Sewciety Podcast.

If you haven’t heard it, or if you don’t listen to podcasts (yet) or you have been waiting for a reason to start… you have to hear Stephanie. She’s a mom, she’s a quilter, she’s a wife, and she makes you feel like she’s sitting right there in the car with you chatting about sewing stuff. Why in the car?

Well, there’s a funny story about this call that I didn’t tell Stephanie. So we had it all planned that she would call Sarah and me for a conference call on a certain day at a certain time about 1/2 hour after I dropped my kids at school. I had planned to go straight home so I could have some notes to look at on my laptop and sound cool and composed, etc., etc., etc.

But that day I had a brain fart I think. As I was driving home from the school I saw the public library and remembered that I owed 80 cents in fines (which keeps me from reserving books online). And then I realized that I actually had a dollar in my wallet. So I did a quick U-turn and went to the library. I paid my fines, and wandered over to the ‘new books’ shelf. They had new quilting books! I picked up a couple, wandered over to a comfy chair by the window, and halfway through the first one, guess what? My phone rang. Yup, it was Stephanie.

Aaah! My notes! My computer! They were 20 minutes away at home! So I ran out to my car and that’s where this call took place. And my blah, blah, blah? Well, that’s real. No notes. No cool composure. Hope you like it. 🙂

You can listen to my turn on Modern Sewciety (Episode 049) here. I suggest you sew while you listen. I often listen while quilting a quilt. 🙂

Happy day!

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