Book Review: 50 Ribbon Rosettes and Bows to Make


I love ribbons! According to Deanna McCool of, ‘Once ribbons were reserved for nobility and given as special gifts. Now – long available to everyone – ribbons are looped, folded, braided, glued, and manuplated into beautiful accessories.’

If I lived in those times I think my ribbon stash would make me a Queen!


After Deanna gifted me her beautiful book 50 Ribbon Rosettes and Bows to Make, I pulled out my ribbon stash and played for a few hours.


I’ve never made boutique style bows before, but after following her easy and detailed instructions, I feel like I could make a living making these bows (have you seen how much they cost in shops?).

The drawings in this book are so awesome that after my first couple bows, could pretty much stop reading and just follow the pictures.


In the morning I showed the bows to my girls. Cadie quickly grabbed this pink and white one for her own. It’s clearly her favorite.


Chloe loved these two smaller aqua and silver spiky bows. I hope next time she’ll be making them with me.

Happy crafting!

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