Book Review & Giveaway: 50 Ribbon Rosettes and Bows to Make


I love ribbons! According to Deanna McCool of, ‘Once ribbons were reserved for nobility and given as special gifts. Now – long available to everyone – ribbons are looped, folded, braided, glued, and manuplated into beautiful accessories.’ 

If I lived in those times I think my ribbon stash would make me a Queen!


After Deanna gifted me her beautiful book 50 Ribbon Rosettes and Bows to Make, I pulled out my ribbon stash and played for a few hours.


I’ve never made boutique style bows before, but after following her easy and detailed instructions, I feel like I could make a living making these bows (have you seen how much they cost in shops?).

The drawings in this book are so awesome that after my first couple bows, could pretty much stop reading and just follow the pictures.


In the morning I showed the bows to my girls. Cadie quickly grabbed this pink and white one for her own. It’s clearly her favorite.


Chloe loved these two smaller aqua and silver spiky bows. I think next time she’ll be making them with me.

You can see it here on Amazon, but would you like to win a copy of this beautiful book? Use the widget below to enter.

Happy crafting!

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  1. Jan Crawford says:

    My grand daughters would like this.

  2. Cheryl Korman says:

    My granddaughters

  3. Gloria Pietruszka says:

    My granddaughters would love the bows..

  4. Elisabetta B. says:

    I would like the ribbon bows for my daughter

  5. Jennifer Koch says:

    I’ve been so excited to put bows in my baby girl’s hair after having a boy first. 🙂 I’d love to make some of my own and save a little money!

  6. Liza Ahern says:

    I would make them for my little girl and her friends – each year I try to handcraft a little something for their "party bags" which we give out at her birthday!

  7. Caroline Jens says:

    I will make bows for my daughter. I’ve tried and tried and they are never very cute. Could definitely use some help!!

  8. Kelly Tuttle says:

    I have 3 daughters, who would LOVE if I made some of these for them! 🙂

  9. Mary Snyder says:

    I know a few young ladies from church who would absolutely love these bows.

  10. Merrianne Heckel Douglas says:

    Hello, I would love to own this book! I have three grand daughters all under 4 years of age and they love bows and ribbons in their hair! Good luck to everyone!

  11. My daughter, age 6, is always being invited to birthday parties and these bows would make awesome gifts!

  12. Phyllis Arleen Schell Moynihan says:

    I would make these beautiful bows for my Granddaughter.

  13. Donna Lee says:

    My twin granddaughters.

  14. Erla Gauti says:

    The bows are beautiful. Would make some for my granddaughters and great granddaughters.

  15. Judith Martinez says:

    I would make bows for my two youngest daughters.

  16. Jessica Drager says:

    Beautiful! My little one is turning two soon and would look extra adorable with some new hair bows.

  17. Gwyn Lynch says:

    I would LOVE to make these for my nieces!

  18. Maggie Chan says:

    I am making some for my daughter but 50 different rosettes would be inspiring.

  19. Maggie Chan says:

    I am making some for my daughter but 50 different rosettes would be inspiring.

  20. Peggy Phillips says:

    It looks like a beautiful book. I’ll love to try all 50!

  21. Kelly Sasman says:

    After two wonderful grandsons, our granddaughter was born in October. I already have been making hair bows but I am not very good at it. Would love to have this book as I have lots to learn!

  22. Mara Capron says:

    My daughter! Would LOVE these. and all of the cousins, etc…

  23. Corissa Johns says:

    These are SO cute!

  24. Michelle Bowe says:

    My girls always have bows in their hair, I would love to learn how to make them myself!

  25. I seriously have this on my "maybe I could earn money with this idea" list…! I also have twin girls who would LOVE these!

  26. Bonnie Sands says:

    I would make bows for my two nieces 🙂

  27. L Woodemad says:

    I would make these bows for my granddaughter. She loves wearing them, the fancier the better.

  28. Joyce Carter says:

    For my daughter and my nieces. Thank you for the giveaway.

  29. Bonnijean Marley says:

    I have several friends with little girls who would enjoy wearing the bows.

  30. Kim Elliott says:

    I would make them for my 3 daughters.

  31. Giselle R. says:

    I would make them for my nieces and friends 🙂

  32. Giselle R. says:

    I would make them for my nieces and friends 🙂

  33. Nicole Sender says:

    I have nieces who would love new hair bows!

  34. Kathy Erickson says:

    I would be making adorable hair ribbons for my adorable niece!

  35. Veronika Pokorna says:

    🙂 I would be making cute hair ribbons for my nice daugther Laura

  36. Sarah Clark says:

    For my daughters, and for their friends’ birthdays.

  37. Sarah Clemons says:

    For my Daughter she is not very girly but loves bows.

  38. Pauline Ann Perry says:

    My two granddaughters would love these bows and the book!! Also have two 2 yr old little girls in my life that would love some too. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of this book.
    perry94022 at hotmail dot com

  39. Barb Dawson says:

    My great niece is adorable in her headbands w/ flowers & bows!

  40. Janet Rettig says:

    My Grand daughter

  41. TheGranChris says:

    My nieces would love these.

  42. Allison Babcock says:

    These are so fun! I could see myself making them WITH my daughter. She is 6 and would so love this. Thanks for the chance to win.

  43. Pat Hodges says:

    My granddaughter Lily, she would love them

  44. gayle hill says:

    Gorgeous, Gorgeous………

  45. Peggy Phillips says:

    I love these bows. Thank you for the share.

  46. Regina Earl Arlauckas says:

    My great niece

  47. Parthena Wollen says:

    I commented earlier but don’t think it had my name or email. Love the bows! Maybe the will inspire my daughter to actually keep them in her hair. LOL

  48. Natasha Tung says:

    I’d make them for my 3 year old and her little friends 🙂

  49. Diane Woodall says:

    Would love this so I could make LOTS of bows for my 3 year old granddaughter 🙂

  50. Lois Auger says:

    I have three great granddaughters that love fancy for their hair.

  51. Mary Michaud says:

    My three year old daughter, she would love them,

  52. Vanessa Behymer says:

    Id make these cuties for Totes and Bags I sew 🙂 Thank You!

  53. Sonja Loyd says:

    i would make the rosettes! They both are Gorgeous

  54. Maria Pujol says:

    I want to stay pretty with these cute bows! 🙂

  55. Sandrine Marques Gaboleiro says:

    things beautiful, thank you

  56. Sandrine Marques Gaboleiro says:

    i love this things

  57. Sandrine Marques Gaboleiro says:

    Thank you

  58. Alex Grande says:

    Thank you
    Alexandre Gomes

  59. Imagina E Fazes says:

    I would love to make some ribbon bows or rosettes for all of my purses and bags 😀

  60. Imagina E Fazes says:

    I would like make some ribbon bows or rosettes for my daughter and myself! I love bows and rosettes 😀

  61. Alex Grande says:

    love to make some ribbon bows or rosettes

    Lisa Gaboleiro

  62. Cheri the Quilting Nanny says:

    I have 3 little grand daughters that would love these bows…and I know a grandma that would love to make them with them…ME. Thanks for the giveaway!

  63. Leah Wolfe says:

    I have friends who have young daughters and granddaughters who would love new bows. Some of the youth group I work with are cheerleaders who wear bows.

  64. Jennifer Kaplan says:

    I’d make them for my nieces!

  65. Michelle Smith says:

    I would make these for my daughter!

  66. Ruth Stark says:

    Wow! I have 8 granddaughters and this book would be an great resource for making lovely things for them!

  67. Sara Belvin says:

    My three daughters! They love hair accessories made by Mommy!

  68. Wendy Hatton says:

    I have two grand daughters I’d love to make pretty bows for.

  69. Wendy Hatton says:

    I have two grand daughters I’d love to make pretty bows for.

  70. Cynthia Heng says:

    I hope to be the lucky person to win the book! Good luck to myself 🙂

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