My quilt block is in Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks… and I’m giving away a copy

I’m so excited that my easy little ‘Climbing Squares’ block was chosen for Quiltmakers 100 Blocks, Volume 9 (available on newsstands May 6th). It’s even on the front cover, can you guess which one?

This is it. I originally stitched it up in a couple of my favorite Heather Ross prints and some Riley Blake blue as an accent.

The larger squares in the block are perfect for fussy cutting.



After I was notified that my block would be in the magazine, I was offered the chance to make a quilt to be included also. I didn’t have much time, so I quickly put together four blocks with a bit of sashing to make this wall quilt in some bright Ellen Luckett Baker prints from Kokka (this collection is called Garden). My sister Beka has claimed this quilt, lol. I might as well write to Quiltmaker’s 100 and ask them not to return it to me, but send it straight to her!


When I was working on a quilt block to submit, my goal was to design a simple block that could make lots of different quilts. In the end I decided on this basic chevron pattern that when rotated could make lots of different patterns within the quilt. Here are only four, but I’m sure there are many more.

There are lots of beautiful blocks in this issue of Quiltmaker’s 100, but if you’re looking for mine, my block is on page 54 and my quilt is on page 14.

There’s a blog tour this week over at this week. Click the image above to see.

And if you want to win a copy, simply tell me in the comments below why you love to quilt. Make sure you enter your email address when you leave your comment so I can contact you if you win. I’ll close the comments and let pick the winner on Sunday night May 4th.

Good luck!

***Update***  Congrats to the winner Lee Ann L! Hurry and send me your address. 🙂

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  1. amy mayen says:

    I’d like to learn how to quilt. I haven’t quite started loving it yet because I’m still very intimidated. I’m reading g and studying for now- because I would love to use up my scraps and sleep under nice, warm quilts!!

  2. I love to quilt because it is like painting with fabric and thread.

  3. Quilting is my Psychiatrist. It solves all of life’s problems. Someone once wrote, "It makes me happy twice, once when I make it and once when I give it away." That describes my quilting life perfectly.

  4. A very nice and easy block. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love to quilt because it calms my soul to make lovely art with fabric. A day with quilting is a perfect day!

  6. Quilting is my favorite way to relax. I get so involved in cutting and sewing the pieces, that I forget all worries.

  7. I love to quilt because it allows me an artistic outlet through which I can express my love for my family and friends.

  8. Melissa-lynn says:

    Wow love the quilt no wonder your sister claimed it; i would too!! I love to quilt because i like making things by hand so it satisfies me creatively while also pleasing my practical side because who doesn’t like a nice quilt to cuddle?? Keeps me sane….

  9. I really love your block and all the layouts of it. I love to quilt because it is a way to relax for me. I love every part of it from the picking out the fabric and pattern, to the cutting it out, sewing it together and then giving it to a family member or friend. Thank you for the chance to win.

  10. very pretty block, I like how you can use many different ways, I enjoy quilting to relax and create something that is one of a kind, it is my way of taking the time for me, most of the quilt are made as gifts for family and friends, some also get sold, that you for the chance to win , happy sewing to all

  11. Thanks for a great block design with LOTS of creative opportunities! I love quilting because I can try out new ideas any time, or fall back on old favorite designs…and also because most people love to see quilted projects, small or large. They make great conversation starters, and quilters make great friends!

  12. Congrats on your publish! Your sister has great taste. It’ll be fun to experiment and find new combinations for the block. It will look different with different fabrics, too. I love to quilt because all except one of my quilts have been given away. It’s a great way for me to feed my need for creativity and bless others.

  13. Mary Frakes says:

    Quilting is a way for me to relax. I love picking out the fabric, putting it all together and seeing the end result.

  14. Jan Golden says:

    I absolutely love how many different designs can be achieved from this one block. Thanks!

  15. Quilting is my therapy! I love it because it distracts me from the stresses of life.

  16. I guessed correctly! Love the colors and the different layouts — a lot of variety for a one block quilt! Thanks for the opportunity!

  17. Karen Shively says:

    Love your block! So versatile. I love to quilt because it gives my creative self an outlet to express! Karen Shively.

  18. I love quilting because I find it very relaxing. It’s my therapy.

  19. Betty Woodlee says:

    I quilt for the joy of making something!

  20. I enjoy quilting, it gives me the following 1- A sense of accomplishment. 2- Unique gifts to give. 3- Satisfaction when I can help others. This list could go on but I think you get the idea.

    Twisting and turning your blocks for different designs is great, sort of like variations of a log cabin, great ideas from a single block.

  21. I claim I make quilts to keep me out of fabric stores-trying to use up my scraps so I can start cutting up my yardage and make more scraps!

  22. In this stressful life we live in, quilting is sew therapeutic! My husband asked me last night if I got tired of it. I was handsewing a binding on while watching TV! I love all aspects of quilting except the machine quilting part! Send it to a longarmer I say!

  23. I love to quilt b/c it keeps me sane. I love just about everything to do with making a quilt.

  24. Carol Kussart says:

    I enjoy the focus that is necessary for piecing and quilting. It is a sort of meditation for me. Then there is the satisfaction of seeing something come together and the joy of giving it away. Thanks for sharing your block. It has amazing design possibilities for a quilt!

  25. I love the various possibilities with your block! They are beautiful! I think that’s what I enjoy most about quilting…seeing what can happen when you combine blocks in different ways.

  26. Janet Frank says:

    I quilt because it’s a part of what I do for me. I have been making quilts for over 30 yrs now & just can’t see myself ever stopping!

  27. Tonja Wheeler says:

    Congratulations on your block being entered into contest and winning. I’ve loved to sew since I was a little girl, but got my real sewing machine in 2009. Quilting, though challenging and can be stressful, has relieved my stress and it makes me happy to make something that people love to receive. Tonja Wheeler –

  28. I love doing handwork and french embroidery for little girls – but I have all grandsons and they are not willing to wear my handi work once they were old enough to talk. I have started making them quilts and they have been thrilled. I can always find ways to embellish the quilts with embroidery or appligue to feed my need for hand work. My youngest Grandson wanted to know if I could make him a Leggo quilt. Next project

  29. I love to quilt because it seems to be a part of my family history and it is something I can share with others. I feel like I’m part of a big community.

  30. I like quilting because the creative possibilities are endless. I love fabric and meeting some wonderful women who love fabric and the process of quilting as much as I do.

  31. Debbie Rhodes says:

    I love the peace that quilting gives me. I love that it is the one thing I do in a day that stays done unlike cleaning and cooking

  32. I love making quilted pillows more than I do regular size quilts. They are faster and give me more satisfaction to see the look on families faces when they receive them as gifts. Love this magazine!

  33. Quilting is my therapy. Love to just sew and relax.

  34. Lisa Marie says:

    I love to quilt because the possibilities are limitless! I can make project after project and each one can be different. No rules, right ?! I also love quilts in general, love to have them to use and to decorate my home and especially to give as gifts to others.

  35. Joyce Mitchell says:

    Quilting is my creative outlet – I love to make baby quilts & donation quilts. Thanks.

  36. Lorrie Bennett says:

    I like to quilt because it is relaxing and at the same time exciting as all the pieces come together.

  37. Sherry V. says:

    I love blocks that help you create different designs with the same block.

  38. Quilting is my therapy –

  39. Judy Trott says:

    I like the block that you created for the magazine

  40. Love your block! I like to quilt as it relaxes me most of the time and I love to give away the quilts to family and project linus. Thanks for a chance to win.

  41. Color, color and more color is why I love to quilt.
    Love your block and the many ways it can be arranged in a quilt.

  42. I was furloughed last October and wanted to try something new. I made one quilt block and saw how beautiful it was and I haven’t looked back. I find quilting relaxing and creative…just perfect to get rid of the frustrations of the day.

  43. I have an addiction "Quilting". Is there a 12 step program for this? I sure could use one lately I’ve been doing NOTHING but quilting. I really need help. 🙂

  44. says:

    I love to quilt because it gives me a chance to give something as a gift that will last a lifetime. I have made many quilts but I have only one that I kept. Quilting also gave me a chance to teach my 9-year old neighbor to quilt. She did a wonderful job and is so proud of herself.

  45. Shawn Dowdy says:

    I love everything about quilting – choosing fabric, cutting, mixing colors together, sewing the blocks and I’m trying to learn to free motion quilt. Lots of practice is looming on my horizon! Thanks for the opportunity and I love the versatility of your block!

  46. I love to quilt for many reasons. One that I enjoy the process and the outcome… I loving giving my quilts away to various local charities, like cruiser quilts, advocacy quilts and David’s House (which is a medical facility for very sick kids). It gives me a chance to teach and spread the craft and joy of quilting. Quilting is a HUGE part of life and I treasure every moment of it. It has also connected me with so many women who have now become my lifelong friends.

  47. I can’t help but love quilting – it’s in my genes. Both my mother quilts and her mother used to quilt. I grew up with one of Grandma’s quilts on my bed. I find it so much fun to pick a pattern, then pick out fabric and see the result. I love your block. Blocks that twist and turn and have sooooo many layouts just add to quilting fun.

  48. I first became addicted to quilting (addiction is the right term!) about 15 years ago when I relocated with my husband for a job opportunity. New area, needed new friends and a stop at my local quilt shop lead me down the path. Haven’t looked back and am so very thankful. Love piecing quilts and watching the blocks being formed and then pattern evolving from those blocks. Such a sense of accomplishment.

  49. Cindy Wienstroer says:

    I guess my very favorite part of quilting is the dreaming – deciding what pattern, color of fabric and the hunt for the perfect choices. I do like piecing and am learning to like the quilting as I get better. Thanks for the fun block, Cindy at

  50. Quilting is very relaxing, it is something that makes me proud when I complete each piece.

  51. Doris Rice says:

    Quilting is my therapy. Don’t know that it’s any cheaper than therapy but it sure gives me pleasure and as a result I create lovely quilts.

  52. Anne Oelke says:

    I love to quilt because it’s a creative outlet for this poor soul who can not draw, can not sing, can not dance. It’s such a great community of quilters to which I belong. Inspiration from all of them–from the one’s next door, in my guild, and across the world from blogs like this one.

  53. Quilting is my therapy. And I really need to keep my sanity in a house full of teenage boys.

  54. Becky (central oregon) says:

    Its the 3 c’s thing for me.
    Concept to creation to complete …The whole process makes me warm and tingly and then the quilt keeps someone else warm and tingly

  55. its so relaxing for me – spending a day or a hour working on something, turning small scraps of fabric into something beautiful

    bab5313 (at) psu (dot) edu

  56. Cynthia Knapp says:

    I love to quilt because of the feeling I get when I finish and see the final "one of a kind" work of art, even in a simple quilt. I love to sew and it therapy for me.
    Cynthia Knapp

  57. I love to quilt because it is so relaxing and I become totally absorbed in the process. Thanks!

  58. I love to quilt because it is so relaxing and I become totally absorbed in the process. Thanks!

    dbelliott at outlook dot com

  59. I love to quilt because it’s my form of therapy. I also love to cut up the pieces and put them back together. Just like a big puzzle. Thanks for sharing a copy of 100 Blocks.

  60. Lauren aka Giddy99 says:

    I love quilting because I love to make useful and practical things, especially with color! And I love cutting fabric – not sure why, but I just love it. 🙂

  61. Valerie J says:

    Yummy fabrics, something useful to do, magical blocks that create secondary designs, warm, loving, peaceful feelings when you’re wrapped up in the finished quilts–I love everything about quilting.

  62. For me, quilting is my time to be creative and expressive rather than just doing what has to be done. It is an escape from all the pressures and stresses of life.

  63. To put it very simply, I love to create beautiful things; and quilts are calorie free! Congrats on your block in the new edition.

  64. Lori Smanski says:

    Congrats, your block is so versatile. Very pretty. Thanks for a chance to win a great magazine. I love giving to others something I have made. It makes me feel good that I can share my talents in this way knowing the quilts/garments will be loved.
    quilting (dash) lady (at) comcast (dot) net

  65. Kelly Wilson says:

    You’re right – your block would be great for fussy cutting. The wall quilt design and colors are very nice! I like to quilt to give myself creative expression (that doesn’t involve all the tools in my dad’s woodworking shop). Plus, all the fabric and in-process projects make for great cat beds according to our brood.
    Thanks for the opportunity! notwendy gmail

  66. Paula Dalby says:

    I love to quilt because it is so relaxing for me. It’s a lovely creative outlet and you end up with something useful in the end. I especially love machine quilting because I can just sit and sew, enjoy the view out my sewing room window and listen to music. I can’t think of a better way to relax. Congrats on getting your block and quilt into the publication. Thank you for hosting the giveaway.

  67. Quilting relaxes me. Don’t know if it is the hum of the machine or the colors of the fabric or the right brain escape but I need to sew everyday-even if it is handwork while watching TV.

  68. I love to quilt because I can! I love to see colours come together, and how changing just one colour or substituting a pattern can change the whole feel of a quilt. I’ve sewn since I was in 4th grade (made my grade 8 graduation dress which cost me a total of $5.00) but find quilting so much more relaxing. I could go on and on as to why I love to quilt but I think that states my highest ranking reasons.

  69. Barbara Dawson says:

    I do like several of the blocks that your block can make. I enjoy quilting because I can be by myself and have quiet time while making the squares. I do have a friend who will come by every so often and irons for me. We have a great time talking and quilting. She is 83 yrs young.

  70. Quilting gives me the satisfaction of a lasting effort made exclusively for 1 person. Each stitch
    has accumulated years of love and talent(from the maker). I believe a quilt also gives a tangible love between the maker and receiver even if they are unknown to each other.

  71. Deborah DeBerry says:

    Deborah—-I love the feeling of being constructive with my sewing. Being able to put pieces together to form blocks(even if following a pattern) and having it even resemble the pattern gives me a great sense of accomplishment. I love thinking of quilting, planning a quilt, fondling the fabric, everything but cutting(not so much). Thanks for your talent and sharing it with us all. poladydwd at yahoo dot com

  72. Nice block. Congrats and thanks for the chance to win

  73. Nancy Kozak says:

    I would love to see your block as a chevron across a quilt like a large zig zag.
    nancy kozak

  74. Valerie Sandusky says:

    Your block is very versatile. I like the simplicity of it so that the fabrics can sing.

    My addiction to quilt making goes back 30 years. Being a mostly left brained person, I need to be creative to balance out and quilting fulfills that for me.

  75. Eunice Washington says:

    I love your steps quilt. I will be making a few of these in primary colors. I make kids quilts and donate them. I used to sew only clothes. Nobody in my family was a quilter. I started quilting about 2 years ago and I love it.

  76. This would be a great pattern for project Linnaeus quits!

  77. This is a great pattern for project Linnaeus wilts!

  78. Debbie St Germain says:

    That is a wonderful block and great ways to change it up, love blocks that are so versatile.
    I love to quilt because I love to create and I find it relaxing and not only can i decorate my home with quilts, I can make gifts for others.


  79. Rosalind Gutierrez says:

    Quilting provides a great way to express my creative side and is a fun way to socialize with other quilters.

  80. Rosalind Gutierrez says:

    Quilting provides a great way to express my creative side and is a fun way to socialize with other quilters.

  81. What a cute block! I think it would be great to use as a stash buster quilt block, too!!

  82. carrie p. says:

    Great looking blocks which makes some really neat patterns for a quilt. I love quilting because I love working with color and the different fabrics.

  83. Joyce Kay says:

    I have been quilting for almost 15 years and just like to sew. I belong to a small sewing group which meets every Thursday. We have lunch and just a great 5-6 hours, sometimes we get sewing done.

  84. Jacqueline says:

    I love all the pretty fabrics!! So many designs and colours. I can take a piece of each of my favorites and put them together in one gorgeous quilt where I can enjoy them always. I piece work not just quilts, but home decor items and clothes.

  85. I love to quilt because it is my gift of love to others and it is a comfort to myself as I express my creativity. Thank you for a chance to win. Janita

  86. Lisa McGriff says:

    I love to quilt because it is an outlet for my creativity!

  87. Linda Lee C says:

    Like playing with the colors!

  88. I love making beautiful things, and gifting quilts is so rewarding. Sharing the love!

  89. Quilting is just so enjoyable for me, better then watching TV.

  90. Catherine Silling says:

    I love to quilt because I love to sew, make things, and get my hands on lovely beautiful fabrics. I always admired quilts from afar and took my first class at almost age 50. wish I had started years before but glad I got started! l love to quilt.
    your quilt block is fabulous Caroline! congrats on magazine starring role!!

  91. Michele Timms says:

    Wow! You made it on the cover too! Love this block 😉
    I love to make quilted gifts for family and friends and it is also a creative escape… something that I need to do or I’d be very, very frustrated!! Quilting is my passion!

  92. Lana Bell says:

    I love to quilt, it’s a great way to de-stress after a long day; and it has been a tradition I inherited from my grandmother and mother!

  93. Congratulations on a great block and being in the book! I love to quilt because I love cuddling under quilts! And, of course, the designing, sewing, quilty fun, fun. Thanks for the giveaway.

  94. Sylvia Anderson says:

    There are many reasons I love to quilt, but the main one is because my family of 4 children, 10 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren appreciate everything I make for them, be it quilts, clothing, table runners, or home decor. There is such satisfaction knowing that what I create out of love, is loved by them in return and will remain with them, long after I am gone.

  95. I love the versatility of this quilt! I can see in bright colors and also a very nice subdued pastel. Thanks for the chance to win!

  96. Love your block! Great Job. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of this fab magazine

  97. Deena Shepard says:

    Therapy is expensive and not immediate results. Quilting is immediate relief and you can "loose" yourself into the moments and let the problems rest while you create away.

  98. I love quilting because it gives me the freedom to be creative.

  99. Colette Davidson says:

    To be honest, through all the struggles in my life the one constant pleasure has been sewing. Quilts can bring a sense of love, courage and understanding and when I can give those to someone in the form of a quilt I feel truly blessed.

  100. Denise Lewis says:

    Congrats on getting selected to be on the cover of the 100 Quilt blocks magazine.

  101. Susan Kick says:

    Congrats on having your block chosen. I am sure it is very exciting for you. I am a beginner quilter. I love it because I am fascinated by what can be created with some very basic items. It is very relaxing and peaceful whenever I am working on quilt. I learn something new every time I go to class. The advancements with technology/tools and what they allow us to create just fascinates me 🙂

  102. I love being creative, and quilting is the perfect medium for doing so. Congrats on your block being on the cover of the magazine!

  103. Congratulations on your block being selected! Love this magazine!

  104. Quilting relaxes me. I can be focused on the project at hand and forget everything else that is going around me. Then of course, the final result is icing on the cake!

  105. Quilting for me is an outlet to express myself and who I am. I’m 77 and have only been quilting for the past 7 yrs. I had always wanted to quilt and have been sewing garments, critters, dolls, etc., since I was a little girl. Thought quilting would be too difficult to learn but started with simple patterns and have gone up from there. I LOVE this "craft!" I’ve done everything over the years … knitting, crocheting, painting, etc. …. I do almost nothing now but quilt, quilt, and more quilting. I lover quilters. A special breed of people!

  106. Sharon Galli says:

    I love to see something come together from little bits. To me it is like planting seeds or even watching babies grow.

    Only quilting or piecing is sooo much faster

  107. I’m sew enjoying the blog tour and glad to have found you. What fun to have been chosen for the tour. I like the versatility of your block

  108. I quilt because I like being creative and am also following in my grandmother’s and mother’s quilt steps.

  109. Great block! I love to quilt because it makes me happy and I love to play with fabrics!

  110. Susie Sherman Bradley says:

    Quilting is my therapy. Truly! It’s what keeps me sane in this crazy world. I find a great deal of comfort in the process of choosing the fabric, finding the pattern (sometimes interchangeable), and putting it all together.

  111. What a fun block, with so many possibilities!

  112. I love how versatile your block is. I love quilting because it is very peaceful for me to sit at my machine and sew.

  113. What a clever and versatile block. I can’t wait to try it.

  114. I love quilting because I love playing with fabric and it’s easier than dressmaking.

  115. What an interesting block! I like the way it looks in different settings. I love to quilt because it is very creative and relaxing. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  116. I love to quilt, because I can use up all of my fabric scraps, and give them as gifts.

  117. Sheryl Andrews says:

    There’s a creative spark inside each of us that demands to be recognized. Quilting ignites mine with its mixture of pattern, color, and rhythmic discipline.

  118. Quilting is my "me" time when I can do whatever I want to and don’t have to answer to anyone but myself. Great block you have and congrats on it being selected in the magazine.

  119. I love working with the colors, textures and patterns as I try out a new block. Once it is done I can admire it for a long time. Great block!

  120. Susan B
    I love to quilt. Can’t get enough of it!

  121. I love to quilt. Can’t get enough of it!

  122. Melba Clark says:

    I love to quilt since I started making baby quilts for overseas mission hospitals which our International Church of the Nazarene operates. About eight or nine years ago, a friend taught me to quilt so that we could make these quilts which are needed on the fields. We currently have over 90 quilts in seven different countries. Most of these quilts have been made with scraps or remnants, mostly donated.

  123. I love the magical way patterns start appearing as I put the blocks together! Congrats on being published – I love your block and all the different patterns I can get from it. Thanks so much for the chance to win. Debby E 🙂
    samtaylorcjsmimi at yahoo dot com

  124. Dorothy Holt says:

    I like to quilt.. sewing has been in the family for a long time.. I just started with retirement.

  125. How exciting. Great block and very versatile.

  126. I love the creating part of it. I’ve been away from it for a long time and I’m amazed at the wonderful new ways to just "quilt"! would love a copy of this year’s, I have a number of the early Quiltmakers. Jeannine (

  127. Sharon Bramwell says:

    I love the endless possibilities of quilting whether it be a quilt of any size or pillow or jacket or purse…..

  128. Vicki Boschman says:

    Wonderful block and so versatile. Love it!

  129. Loris Mills says:

    Lovely block…but when it is put into the quilt you made…well, WOW! I love it 🙂
    Quilting to me is such a wonderful past time, a way to express feelings to ones I gift quilts to and quite frankly, something that keeps me sane 🙂
    Congrats on being a cover girl!

  130. COLOR is why I love to quilt. I like the design aspect of it–putting color in various hues and amounts with others. If I could paint, I would. But I can’t, so I play with fabric.

  131. Robin Johnson says:

    I love quilting because it relaxes me

  132. Quilting is so additive for me. I love the many creative aspects of this beautiful craft, I love the truly giving nature of those in the quilting community and I love the fact that each thing created is so special and filled with thoughtfulness and love.

  133. Pat Evans says:

    I love quilting because it lets me be creative, I get to play with colors, and I’ve made some of the best friends a person could ever have.

  134. I love the way the colors play against each other! It’s surprising how some combinations that look like they clash can make a stunning quilt.

  135. Great block – so versatile!
    I love any textile related activity!!

  136. Anonymous says:

    I love to quilt because I am constantly learning new things and striving to improve my skills. I also love the colours and textures of the quilting fabric.

  137. Kathie Mayer says:

    I love to quilt because it’s my creative outlet and way to relax. I work with computers all day long and quilting gives me a chance to create something three dimensional instead of code in a machine!

  138. carol craven says:

    I only can wish for the magazine. Hope whoeverwins it has great fun.
    thanks for the chance: aka

  139. Phyllis Baas says:

    I love to quilt because it gives a reason toplay with colors

  140. Phyllis Baas says:

    I love to quilt because it gives a reason toplay with colors

  141. I love to see what happens when I put all of the fabrics together. It has really become a wonderful outlet.

  142. I love to quilt because I like to make something from nothing (scraps). I also feel that quilts have a purpose such as gifts and warmth. Thanks for the chance to win!

  143. Barb Johnson says:

    How can you describe WHY you love something? Maybe it’s the rhythm of the needle or the hum of the machine. Or the sense of accomplishment when you actually finish a block, or better yet – a quilt! I can’t tell you exactly why I love quilting. I just do!

  144. I am a new quilter and enjoying it so much. I love the beautiful fabrics available — and the unlimited possibilities putting them together !!

  145. I love putting the pieces together to make the different patterns. I like your block, it will be really fun to do.

  146. Margaret Andrews says:

    I really like you block and the samples of ways to use it. That is why quilting is so much fun. You can make a simple block and then turn it around with the same block and something magic happens…you can see it another way. What fun that becomes!

  147. Marie Chat says:

    I enjoy quilting as I’ve always loved sewing and this keeps me close to fabric (which is so yummy to feel the texture) and designing in my own way. I’m not that artistic but I can create something really beautiful for the bed, wall, or furniture. Your block is so versatile!

  148. Barbara Corbitt says:

    i love quilting for several reasons. i hand piece and hand quilt and donate. i love to pay it forward, to let strangers that are having some sort of life crisis will know that someone cares enough about them to send them a "love" quilt. i also love quilting because it is very calming to me and keeps my hands busy. i am a new follower via bloglovin. thank you for joining the hop.

  149. I love your block, so many different ways to use it. I love to quilt because of the creative, gifts from heart for love ones and just the peace and relaxation it gives me.

  150. I love the "art" in quilting. I can’t draw or paint so I quilt.

  151. Wow, considering your time was limited, I’m really surprised & impressed that you had time to offer the alternate ways of putting it together! Congratulations on great job welldone!
    Whether I win or not, I will want a copy. It has to be exciting to get that phone-call. I’ve never experienced anything equal to the.
    At least we’ll be able to get the magazine to so every word won’t be whirring through the printer.
    I have too many favorite, promise to be favorite- too many ‘e’ options & yearn for something that arrives already printed.
    I’m going to the poor house just keeping me in printer ink! However, I wouldn’t change a thing- each pattern is one I pondered over, have plans to make so, it’s exciting while being a bit overwhelming.
    I’m in position of needing to setup my sewing, crochet room. Each part is exciting because this is part of my ‘rehab my life’ program! Fibromyalgia & recent diagnosis of Lyme’s added to it- well, I haven’t been accomplishing much. I’m committed & these projects will provide my trail to health. At this time, setup of room is very delayed but I haven’t lost hope- just a bitndelayed. Beauty of online- I can do it when it suits me. BTW, Hi!
    Sincerely, Sandra.
    Congrats on the block! I can hardly wait to see it!

  152. Marjorie Nath says:

    I love to quilt because it just makes me feel happy.
    thelady at

  153. Quilting is very satisfying and allows me to use my talents and love for fabric in a useful way. Sweet block.

  154. Dana Gaffney says:

    There’s something very peaceful for me in quilting, lots of time to think, working with fabric and wonderful colors, it keeps me sane 🙂

  155. Katie Young says:

    I fell in love with quilts when I was a girl and found a sunbonnet sue quilt in the closet that my grandmother had made for my mother. I love that I can continue that tradition by making quilts for my family, and hopefully my daughter will follow in my footsteps as well

  156. I love to quilt because it is a chance to be creative, but also create something utilitarian.

  157. Wow, look at the possibilities we have with your quilt block. Sometimes we have a lovely fabric to fussy cut and here is the pattern to use. Sewing is a tradition that runs in the family, so many quilts to sew. Thanks for the magazine giveaway.

  158. First of all, congratulations, Caroline. How fun to see your work published again. I love to quilt because it brings order from the chaos of different prints – and then provides warmth to those who receive the quilt. It’s a satisfying, therapeutic challenge…and I have the app that does the math for me!!!

  159. Regina Earl Arlauckas says:

    Quilting is art that is practical – two for one!

  160. Chelle Chapman says:

    I love to quilt because my Gran taught me & it makes me feel closer to her when I do. As well as just the feeling of making something so personal for someone!!

  161. Kris Bolick says:

    I love to quilt because it makes my brain happy!

  162. Jenelle Boxberger says:

    This is a fun blog tour, thanks for putting my name in the drawing. What a neat block and I like the idea you can make so many layouts with it. I like to quilt because I can get into my own little world and forget about all the troubles in the world.

  163. I Luke tot quilt after a dat hard working. Its kept my brains clear

  164. Billie Bee says:

    Just enjoy the process of making blocks maybe getting it to the flimsy stage, but it’s hard to make myself try to put backing together.

  165. I love to quilt because I can give them to all of my loved ones and then they always have a little piece of me.

  166. Congrats on your block being chosen. I look forward to making at least the 4 different quilts with this block as gifts cuz the speed piecing looks like it might be fast. My grandma taught me to sew many years ago. I would sit by her side and cut out squares and triangles from cardboard templates hand them to her and she would get that old singer treadle machine going at top speed, wow she was fast. Now many years later I’m near retirement and have a 2 year old granddaughter whom I hope will catch the quilting bug. I’m so ready to teach her the "new fangled" way to quilt. Keep those designs coming we need them. Diana………

  167. Inspired by the layout options – I never would have come up with those great ideas, all on my own. LOL. Love making quilts as gifts for family and friends – birthday, wedding, baby, xmas, graduation – give me an event and I’ll make a quilt to celebrate!

  168. I love to quilt because I like to make useful and pretty things. It’s fun to play with fabric. I like small quilts best and have tried needle turn applique, fusible applique, machine applique, piecing, picture piecing and regular paper piecing, hexagons etc.- both modern and traditional. Your block looks like it would be fun to make.

  169. I love to quilt because I like to make useful and pretty things. It’s fun to play with fabric. I like small quilts best and have tried needle turn applique, fusible applique, machine applique, piecing, picture piecing and regular paper piecing, hexagons etc.- both modern and traditional. Your block looks like it would be fun to make.

  170. Angelia L. says:

    Congratulations! I love to quilt because it makes me happy and I can escape into my own little world and be creative! 🙂

  171. Beth Brown says:

    I love to quilt because I can just disappear. I love being able to create beautiful useful things!

  172. Barb Woods says:

    I love to quilt as it is fun,relaxing and a great way to make something useful for those I love!

  173. monica Sisk says:

    I can’t put my finger on why I love it, I only know that I do. It is the way I spend my down time, what I do to relax. I love making something and enjoy watching the pattern and quilt develop.

  174. Carla Bynum says:

    Hi!!!! Beautiful block!!! I love quilting because I love to create!!!!! Also I love to learn so quilting has endless possibilities!!!!! Thanks for the fun give away!!!!

  175. Kathleen D says:

    Quilting enables me to create beautiful and functional things and to express my love to the people to whom I give my quilted items.
    Thanks for your giveaway opportunity. I would be thrilled to win a copy of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks. Congratulations on being published in that cool reference book!
    Kathleen ~ Kwilter at

  176. Because it gives me a break from the world. When I sit down to quilt that is all I think about. End result is something lovely for myself or a loved one.

  177. I started quilting as a teenager I had been hit on my bike and was told I may not walk again so the church ladies decided I needed to be kept busy as I recovered loved learning to pick out colors and letting the material talk to me. ;It really does if you listen and the best part of quilting is making something from you and your heart to share as gifts They tease me that it was the drive to get to a fabric store that got me thru the therapy and back on my feet. I drool over each of these volumes and wish I had half of the talent like the quilters in each one I think you should be proud that your block is in them Pat yourself on the the back for me Thank you for your inspiration

  178. Quilting gives me a creative outlet and keeps me out of trouble! 😀

  179. P>S I was looking for something exactly like this pattern and having no luck and here it is the perfect one for my needs THANK YOU AGAIN

  180. Jill Hicks says:

    So pretty!

  181. Barbara Colvin says:

    Quilting is an excuse to play with fabric. I can make beautiful and practical items while indulging in my addiction 🙂

  182. Kathleen O'Grady says:

    Congrats on getting in Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks! I love your block! So many possibilites with it. I love to quilt for many reasons, I have always loved to sew and craft but for me it is very relaxing (unless I am ripping out stitches) and satisfying to create something new. It is always fun to make gifts and special things for people you love. Thanks for the giveaway!

  183. I love to quilt and love the entire process from pattern design and/or selection, buying beautiful fabric, embroidering and piecing blocks to my favorite the FMQ on my home machine.

  184. Dorothy Reitsma says:

    I love quilting as it gives me a chance to be creative. Also I love the look on peoples faces when they receive something made especially for them.

  185. I quilt because it relaxes me after a long stressful day. Something about being forced to concentrate on something else entirely is oddly calming!

  186. Susan Paxton says:

    Quilting to me is my sanity saver. I am a single grandma working part time, but like to keep busy in my spare time. This year I am making quilts for my 4 sisters that live far away from me. I want every family member to have a quilt. Then I will start on charity quilts.

  187. Quilting makes me happy! I love nearly every aspect of quilting (I say nearly since ripping out stitches is NOT a favorite past time), and knowing that someone I love is going to be curled up under my quilt, safe and warm, makes me smile!

  188. Toni Stone says:

    I love quilting because I feel I can be creative with fabric and I love giving handmade gifts to others.

  189. Carole Williams says:

    I love this block since you can make so many different designs with it.

  190. Sue in Scottsdale, AZ says:

    I love the simplicity of the block yet there are so many different layout possibilities.

  191. Quilting is relaxing and always gives me a good feeling when I finish a project. At times it’s hard to believe I made it… feeling:-)

  192. Regena Fickes says:

    Quilting gives me a feeling of continuity. I have quilts made by my Mother, Grandmothers, Great-Aunts and some tops which need quilting from my Mom. This is true important history. I show my grands and tell them about these women. And it keeps me off the streets at night!

  193. debbie landry says:

    Congratulations of having your block in Quiltmaker’s 100 Block! After coming home from work, just sitting down at the machine I can feel all the stress of the day just melt away.

  194. Penny Sutton says:

    There is something so fulfilling in creating anything with my hands, but I love to quilt because it fills a need in my home as well as creating beauty within it. It has become a beloved hobby I share with my sister as well. Our mother was a quilter, and while neither of us wanted to encroach on my mother’s hobby, my mother passed away a couple of years ago. The two of us seem to have stepped into her shoes rather easily. It makes me feel closer to my mom.

  195. Linda Christianson says:

    I love to quilt because It is like putting together puzzles along with being able to pick out my own color, fabric, and pattern. When I am done, it is useful object that can be used.

  196. Brenda E. says:

    It is my stress reliever-creating a gift that will last for many years!

  197. Gunda B.-S. says:

    Can’t wait to do your cute block

  198. I find quilting very relaxing. Thanks for the chance to win.

  199. I like quilting because even though I’m new & not very good, I always end up making something beautiful. I love that feeling of accomplishment!

  200. Carla Siu says:

    Quilting is such a rewarding creative outlet. And I just started learning to paper piece…I’m on a roll now! I love your sweet block. Can’t wait to use it in a quilt. Email me at pal732 at gmail dot com. Thank you!

  201. I love to quilt because it is calming yet rewarding.

  202. Carolyn Turner Getsie says:

    My sister and I started quilting when very young under my grandmother’s and great aunt’s supervision. It was fun to see scraps from our clothes in the quilt. We made a whole top in one day and still have the quilt. I love the feel of the quilted layers and the comfort it brings.

  203. Beth Sebastian says:

    I love to quilt because I can make something beautiful that is all my own creation!

  204. A Rose in Texas says:

    I love the feel of the fabric in my hands and the ability to create beauty from tiny pieces of fabric

  205. Oh, do I love to quilt! I guess I do because I find it rewarding on many levels. I love figuring out the right quilt and the right colors to make quilts for my grandsons and family members. I have only been quilting about a year, but it has been an exciting journey for me!! I really do like your block – it is simple (in a positive sense), but can create so many different designs.

  206. Nancy Roraback says:

    I grew up helping my grandma sort scraps and learned to sew rag quilts. Now I love making quilts and sharing them with my friends and family!

  207. I love to quilt because it is a wonderful stress reducer in my life and I love to give them away to people to watch their faces light up.

  208. I grew up sleeping under quilts my grandmother made. I love to quilt because it’s a connection to my heritage and because pretty fabric makes my heart happy!

  209. Diantha Howard says:

    I have sewed for a long time – I like using little pieces of fabric to make something.
    THanks for the chance at the giveaway.

  210. I love quilting because the end product is so beautiful and useful.

  211. Judy Rianprakaisang says:

    I love seeing your block made into all the different settings. I love to quilt because I find it to be so much fun. From picking the pattern and fabric to cutting, piecing and sewing there is not one part of it I don’t like. When I finally have a finished quilt no matter how long it takes me I get such a sense of accomplishment.

  212. I love quilting because it gives me time to be as creative as I can. I take essentially raw materials (fabric, thread) and my imagination and create something beautiful.

  213. How cool is that!? congratulations! I love to quilt because I love to play with colors and designs, and I like to give gifts to people that are handmade.

  214. I love to quilt because I find it relaxing, and I can make things that are both useful and decorative. Plus it keeps the cat hair off the couch! 🙂

  215. Louise Marie says:

    I am a new quilter and i love it. I love making a gift for someone who will know that i spent my time on it because i care about them i did not just go to the store to purchase an item, which would be easy. i took the time to create something that will last. I can take time to talk to God while i am quilting. My desire is to spend a lot of my time praying for the person for whom i am making the quilt.

  216. You have demonstrated so clearly what appeals to me most about quilting. When you are sewing and piecing the outcome changes with the turn of a square. I’m a beginner and really love it. Thank you for giving me something else to consider while I’m making a chevron quilt–which is my next project.

  217. Sheila palkowitsh says:

    Kudos on your quilt block being chosen to appear in a quilting magazine. Keep those wheels turning!

  218. Barbara Stewart says:

    My team colors are black, red, and white and the mascot is a wolf…I can just see some fussy cutting and a team quilt coming out of this. Thanks for the great ideas!

  219. Diane Bowron says:

    I love to quilt because when it is done, there is something that people can use.

  220. Jennifer Mitts White says:

    I am still a beginner quilter – I haven’t made anything too large yet, other than a rag quilt. I am always glad to see quilting continuing as a craft – a bit of a link to our past. (Although I’m sure glad I have my sewing machine!)

  221. Quilting is my favorite pastime, I love the creativity and the joy of giving quilts to friends, family and charities!

  222. Lynn Wilson says:

    So like the simplicity of this block and the great results you could get with the different layouts. Nice for you to include them for the newere and older quilters alike.

  223. Kathleen Kingsbury says:

    I must admit I love to piece. As far as the rest goes, I’ve done nothing more than stitch in the ditch. Still haven’t taken that FMQ step! One of these days though. Piecing gives me quite a feeling of accomplishment, especially when all the seams line up and the points aren’t cut off! 🙂

  224. I love to quilt because it allows me to be creative and to make gifts for others. Thanks for the giveaway.

  225. I love being able to work with gorgeous fabrics and create something that is usable and beautiful too.

  226. Heather Whicker Norris says:

    I love to quilt because I am a creative person and it is very relaxing.

  227. Karyn Ashley-Smith says:

    I love watching how the patterns and colors come together and make something totally unique and beautiful!

  228. Lynn Miller says:

    For me the best thing about quilting is that I get to create a useful, functional item that is also gorgeous. I can make the quilt any design, any size, any style and color, and know that someone will love it and use it and appreciate it. Most of my quilts are donated, but I had the pleasure of making each one before sharing it with someone else.

  229. Linda Webster says:

    I love to quilt because I’m able to express my artistic side, I’ve found great friends to quilt with, and it’s just plain fun!! Plus I love the fabrics – the designs and colours.

  230. Elizabeth McDonald says:

    I love working with color and pattern! And, there is always something new to learn!

  231. Karen Evans says:

    Quilting is such a stress reliever.

  232. Lynda-Lou says:

    I’m new to quilting, but since I do so much other needlework (knit, crochet, needlepoint, cross-stitch, embroidery, crewel…), I wanted to incorporate quilting into my passion and enjoy all the beautiful fabrics I see. Don’t own a sewing machine, so everything I do is handcrafted. Takes longer, but oh so worth it in the end.

  233. Hazel Dickinson says:

    the block is great, it can look intricate but is easy to sew. lots of variety

  234. Jacklynn G says:

    I love to quilt because it is my one creative outlet. I don’t do any other crafts anymore but quilting. Thanks for the give away!

  235. I love to quilt because it is soothing after a hectic work day. It’s better than therapy and quilting friends are always the nicest people around.

  236. Anne Cowan says:

    I love to quilt because it is calming, brings happiness to me and the person I give the quilt to, and it is my favorite pastime! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  237. I love to quilt because of the colors! Love it to see the fabric and choose the colors! Thanks for the chance!

  238. Quilting allows me to be creative, try new techniques and play with color and fabric. Thanks for the chance to win.

  239. I am a new quilter and have discovered I really like it. I usually do just x-stich and embroidery (the old fashioned way Needle and thread) I like working and creating with bright colors and with both it is kind of like painting with-out the mess. I really like trying new patterns.Thank You for a chance to win

  240. Susan the Farm Quilter says:

    Quilting allows me to be creative and play with colors while creating quilts that people will enjoy for years. Love your block!! I really like blocks that can be used in different ways to make radically different-looking quilts!! Congratulations on your great blocks being selected!!

  241. Why do I love to quilt? Because it gives me such a "high"…playing with different colors, different patterns, learning new ways to make HSTs, etc. And when I saw your block & all the possibilities, it reminds me of one other reason–because it makes my heart sing! Love your block; congrats on being in this issue of 100 Blocks!

  242. My reason for quilting is simple – no matter what is happening in my world or in the real world, I can quilt and everything is right in the world – at least for a little while.

  243. Gee Hubbard says:

    When my world is chaotic and out of my control, quilting soothes and relaxes me! Also, I’m in control of this one single area of my life – I choose the colors, pattern, fabrics….

  244. Barb Dawson says:

    I love playing with colors & design–and quilters are some of the friendliest people I’ve met!

  245. I like to do things with my hand…quilting gives me more : be creative, colors and when done one have something to show …quilt and quilting creates a lot of discussions and people interaction…thank you….marta…

  246. I have always loved to sew. Just recently I discovered quilting. I love the process and watching the project take shape. It sure is therapeutic. My favorite styles all kinds of applique.

  247. I love the feeling that I’ve made something with my own hands. And quilting is so relaxing and a good creative process.

  248. Sheryll Seidel says:

    Quilting is like having a dog. Nothing but unconditional love right from picking out the fabrics to putting in the last stitch.

  249. I love making keepsake quilts for my family & friends! Love your blog! Carmen

  250. I love creating and quilting provides a marvelous outlet for my fabric addiction! Your block is so doable! Can’t wait to get my hands on this. Thanks for the giveaway.

  251. Judy Princ says:

    I enjoy making quilts to share with family and friends. It is also relaxing.

  252. I don’t like to quilt, I LOVE it! It never gets old to pick out a pattern, choose the fabrics, and create something totally unique! I love looking at other people’s quilts nearly as much, it’s just in my blood!

  253. I love to quilt because it keeps my mind going. Plus I love to share with others. I love to help others complete their projects. sharshawns2(at)gmail(dot)com

  254. Peggy Savage says:

    I love to quilt because it relaxes me.

  255. Quilting is my escape from work, my creative outlet, and a source of fun for my free time. Quilting has provided me endless hours of enjoyment, and many quilts for gifts and for charity.

  256. Anonymous says:

    I love to quilt because I can work with my hands and produce a usable product. I also love fabric so it’s a no- brainer.

  257. Jenell Lamb says:

    I quilt for therapy! I’m raising twin granddaughters, 8 and a 16 year old grandson. Quilting relaxes me, soothes my spirit with all the colors and textures! I love creating! And I love to give quilts to charity

  258. I love quilting!!! From beginning to end – choosing a a block, fabric, quilt design. It just makes me happy.

  259. Thunder Kaplan says:

    Quilting is my creative outlet. Quilting brings me peace. Quilting keeps me sane. It is my escape, from the crazy fast paced world. Quilting brings me peace. Yes I said that already, it is worthy of repeating.

  260. Sherrie Naquin says:

    I am just beginning my quilting adventure! So far I have only helped in making a baby quilt for my grandson. Since then I have been cutting fabric for my next quilt. I have got the fabric bug though! Love to look and touch all kinds of fabric!

  261. I quilt because it relaxes me. I would be a screaming, raving, lunatic if I didn’t !! lol

  262. I love to do the piece work!!! Picking colors is always fun, and sometimes taxing with a more difficult pattern!! I learned to sew and later quilt by my grandmother when I was young. She is gone now but pieceing makes me think of her and remember our time together. Wish she could see what I’d been doing! Challanged myself to do 10 quilts for my families for Christmas! Hope I make it and this book would help me out alot! Thanks!

  263. I love to do the piece work!!! Picking colors is always fun, and sometimes taxing with a more difficult pattern!! I learned to sew and later quilt by my grandmother when I was young. She is gone now but pieceing makes me think of her and remember our time together. Wish she could see what I’d been doing! Challanged myself to do 10 quilts for my families for Christmas! Hope I make it and this book would help me out alot! Thanks!

  264. Cathy Remus says:

    I love to quilt because I get a thrill at the color combinations and visual texture that are created by, as my son says, "taking perfectly good fabric and cutting it up into small pieces just to sew it back together". It doesn’t get any better!

  265. I enjoy creating quilts for special people and quilting is very relaxing and calming, especially hand quilting. I like your block and the fact that you can create so many different designs with it. Congratulations on being included in the magazine.

  266. Laura McFall says:

    I love to quilt because I love to create! I can use my skills to lovingly create things that bring others joy and comfort. Your block is awesome, and practical! I love the diversity of layouts and I am sure I will be making at least one quilt with this block. Thank you!!

  267. I love quilting to relax and create! thanks!

  268. Brenda Travis says:

    I love quilting as it allows me to use my favorite medium (fabric) to create something for others as an expression of love and friendship.

  269. I love to quilt because it is "me time" and it also helps make the winter here in New England much easier to handle. Wish I felt comfortable machine quilting so I would get my tops sandwiched and finished. How nice that your block offers many different ways to put a quilt together and congratulations on making the cover.

  270. It’s very satisfying to create a lovely object that is useful and unique to yourself, fitting in with your own decor–and it’s fun and creative.

  271. I love to quilt because it’s so relaxing and it gets me out of my perfectionist ways! I love your block, so simple and so versatile.

  272. Quilting is my creative outlet, so many choices–fabrics, patterns, etc. and so many ways to make a work of beauty.

  273. My mother always made quilts and she taught me how to sew and make quilts. Now that she has passed away it’s a way that I still feel connected to her. I hope that she is proud of what I do.

  274. I like the creative outlet and making them to be enjoyed.

  275. Cindy Dahlgren says:

    I like making quilts because it’s a challenge, and I love the way patterns and solids play together. I’m also fascinated by the many, many options a person can make with the same block or pattern.

  276. Karen Dumont says:

    Quilting gets me to my happy place, soooo I play every day!!!

    Karen in Maine

  277. I love playing with fabrics, threads and all the sewing gadgets that go with sewing!

  278. I love all the great colors and watching a quilt come together. Wonderful block, so versatile. Congrats on being published.

  279. Linda Walker says:

    Quilting allows me to have fun sewing with other creative women!

  280. Ann Flower says:

    It makes me feel good when I make something for someone to use and enjoy!

  281. Becky Coyle says:

    I love to quilt because I love to make gifts for my family and friends. I also LOVE fabric of all kind. Rcoyle at olemiss dot edu

  282. I’m fascinated with the process of cutting my nice big pieces of yard goods into little bitty pieces and rearranging them into another big piece of fabric art … this pleasant occupation is an ongoing learning adventure that gives me endless hours of enjoyment, satisfaction and bragging rights.

  283. I love to quilt because the people that I give quilts as gifts to always love them and are thrilled. And that thrills me. debgirotti at gmail dot com

  284. I love to quilt because it fills a lot of those retirement hours and I LOVE IT.

  285. Love the block! Lots of choices to put a quilt together.

  286. Janine Marie says:

    I love to quilt because it’s a creative outlet, meditative and gives me such a good feeling to share my quilts with others.

  287. Sandy Allen says:

    I love to quilt because it lets me be creative and keeps me sane! 🙂 I can’t draw, but I can sew a straight line! And using different fabrics and color combinations makes the quilt "mine" even if I didn’t design it.

    I love the versatility of your block, too!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    Sandy A

  288. Andresa Strahm says:

    Love blocks that are simple to put together and can make different designs. I love to quilt for the creative outlet it provides.

    AndiRaeS @ gmail . com

  289. I love to quilt because it combines my love of fabric and color, need to be surrounded by beauty, itch to be creative, need for stress reduction, and something interesting I can do with small children around! Thanks for the giveaway.

  290. Quilting helps me relax, and keep my brain young, even when figuring out problems, I think it helps me problem-solve in other life situations. Or at least that’s what I’m rationalizing it to be 🙂 Love your block….like 4+ blocks in one. Congrats on your cover girl status too!!!

  291. Stephanie Loupee says:

    I love the possibilities of quilting. Color combinations, shape combinations, all the different squares & patterns. And almost impossible to fail. Believe me, I’ve seen stuff that other people called ‘fail’ and thought they were great! Between being able to rework things, and finding the right person for a quilt, I really don’t think it is possible to fail.

  292. Kathy Erickson says:

    I love to quilt because it relaxes me and takes me away from all the stresses in life. It’s like putting blinders on and I can only focus on my project in front of me. I also love the creative side of choosing fabrics and patterns that lets me make something totally unique.

  293. Anonymous says:

    I love to quilt because it relaxes me and I can make community service quilts while relaxing. And giving back to my community is a plus too!

  294. I love everything about quilting! It’s such a creative outlet. It’ fascinating to me how a group of people can all take the same pattern and each make something totally different… let’s face it, I’m addicted!

  295. i love to quilt because it reminds me of watching my grandma quilt and that mmory always makes me smile.
    thank you for the chance. i am huge fan of chevrons

  296. Lovely block.

    Why I love to quilt? I love the creative process, the colors, the results, the smiles and comfort that quilts bring when given to others. And, I love the community!


  297. Why do I love quilting? It lets me be creative.. it relieves stress and relaxes me… and through quilting i have made so many wonderful friends. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of Vol.9.

    Linda H at

  298. I like to quilt because I can play with shapes and colors to make something useful.
    Liz at

  299. Sherry Creech says:

    Quilting brings wonderful people together to make warm snugly quilts.

  300. linda dixon says:

    I love to quilt because it gives me the chance to personalize the gifts i give. Out of all the quilts i have made to date; I have yet to make one for my home! I pick a person; study their color scheme for the room the quilt will go in and the personality of the person.

  301. Vicky Huey says:

    Just one of the many reasons I love to quilt is that it brings me closer to my grand children. It is like giving a hug even when you aren’t there. I get to think up all kinds of designs and patterns and it is a way to relax. I love your block and the versatility of it. I love the colors you used in the make ups. Now I have to have those colors. Thanks so very much.

  302. Karen Parks says:

    I love the process of selecting fabrics and putting them together to create something comforting and interesting.

  303. Great block! It’s clean, simple and so versatile with layout! I love to quilt simply to watch the beautiful patterns emerge and know I can make a unique gift for someone. Prayer quilts are my favorite thing to make, so far.

  304. Cindy Dahlgren says:

    I love to quilt because I like the challenge of creating something complex from little pieces of beautiful fabrics. Plus I have fun!

  305. I like to make a pattern uniquely mine via my fabric choices or quilt design.

  306. Karrie Smith says:

    I just find it really fun and relaxing. Congrats on your block 🙂

  307. Linda Michelle Wierenga says:

    I love to quilt… Do I havta pick just one… The color… The peace… Ohhhhhh the fabric… Yea… Yes… Its the fabric!!!

  308. I love the creativity in quilting: design, fabric, quilting; and all the great friends I’ve made.

  309. Doris Worthen says:

    I love to quilt because of all the beautiful fabrics. The large number of patterns that I now have on my bucket list (I will have to live well past 100 to get them all done) but most of all I love to quilt because of all the other quilters. I have made a large number of life-long friends through quilting. It is simply a way for me to express my creative side.

    Doris Worthen

  310. Diane Steele says:

    Everyone needs a creative outlet–for mental health! Mine is all about color, the tactile pleasure of fabric, and making something useful that people always love. Win, win and WIN!

  311. I just bought a learn to quilt book. I love learning to do something I couldn’t do before.

  312. I love the endless possibilities of quilting. The colors, the patterns, the mixing and changing…..all so beautiful!

  313. Debbie Doerrlamm says:

    I love to quilt because it allows me to disappear into a little cloud like world.. the TV, don’t hear it, weather? doesn’t bother me, kids, and other day to day problems.. they just cease to exist.. then add the absolute plus of watching those pieces of cloth grow into a creation – its just so fulfilling and rewarding

  314. I love to make pretty, useful items.

  315. Pamela Reim says:

    What;s not to love about fondling loads of lovely fabrics, following or creating patterns in so many ways then quilting them!

  316. I like to quilt because I like the variety of colors involved and the chance to create something.

  317. Clare Moore says:

    Quilting is my expression of creativity, it’s my stress release activity – playing with the fabric, and who can resist such an amazing way to make a quilt to give to someone you love.

  318. Gwendolyn Clark says:

    Cutting the fabric, sewing together the pieces, it’s very calming and relaxing.

  319. Kim Arsenault says:

    I love to quilt because, amidst all the chaos of life, it gives me a chance to just do something for ME – it’s so relaxing and wonderful to just sit and create and breathe!! I take very minute I can spare to sit down at my beautiful sewing machine and begin the creative process!

  320. Lisa Rogers says:

    I love to quilt. It lets me create and I enjoy working with fabric.

  321. Gloria S. says:

    I just love the creative part of quilting – changing a pattern around or just coming up with my own design. It gives me such a feeling of accomplishment when I’ve completed yet another quilted project!

  322. Barbara Young says:

    I love to sew. I’ve made clothes, costumes, home dec items. Quilting lets me sew, but it also lets me become a huge part of the design process. Through my choices in fabric, patterns and block manipulation, I can create something that is uniquely my one. Besides, I have got to use up my fabric somehow don’t I?

  323. Very pretty. I don’t blame Beka for claiming that one. Congratulations on being in this next 100 blocks issue

    vburr at charter dot net

  324. Tia Hegstad says:

    I love combining colours and patterns, and I’ve made a lot of friends through the hobby.

  325. It keeps me sane. I get to hide out in my sewing room, hoard fabric and patterns and make whatever i want 🙂 .

  326. Patty Swatzell says:

    I love to quilt as it keeps my mind busy and I am in my own world.

  327. Tami McDaniel says:

    I love to quilt because it is relaxing. I always love the finished product and I meet great people from my guild and classes. (

  328. Susan Material Girl says:

    Love to quilt as it takes me away from all the stressful things in life. I love to create beautiful things, not just quilts but small useful things that we use everyday. It is wonderful to give a gift that is truly one of a kind.

  329. shirley Tener says:

    Because I love seeing my grown kids, and my grandchildren wrapped in them, I feel by making quilts, I am offering comfort and a piece of me behind if I am ever to go to the big House. The other day I was ill laying in my Great Great grandma’s quilt. What comfort I felt. I hope my family will feel the same.

  330. Linda Smith says:

    I love quilting because it is the perfect way for me to express my creative longings. I can make something as fancy or as plain as I feel like at the time and still end up with something pretty and useful. There are so many options and styles to try. Oh and it gives me an excuse to collect mountains of fabric to play with.

  331. That’s a great block. I love the relaxation that quilting provides.

  332. Ritz Sagritalo-Young says:

    I love to quilt because it provides the stress relief I need in my chaotic life with 4 kids

  333. I love to quilt because I make lots of things for the house, myself and friends. A fun way to spend my time.

  334. Donna Phelps says:

    I love to sew and have done so since I was 12 years old. My children are grown and I do not do much garment making any longer but I do love to quilt. I find it to be the best way to use the pretty fabrics I have acquired over the years. I get to use my skills and imagination as well as keeping busy.

  335. I love to quilt because I am a creative person and I consider it art.

  336. Nona Stone says:

    Nona Stone
    Just started quilting. Love to make different kinds of blocks and try to put them in the quilts I have been making.

  337. Donna Widerquist says:

    I love the versatility of the block. So many combinations can be made.

  338. Kathy Leake says:

    Nice block! I suppose I love to quilt because of the pleasure it gives me to make such beautiful things.

  339. I just love to create things.
    thanks for the giveaway

  340. Love the magazine and love the the tutorials that you feature, plan trying a few when I go on vacation’.

  341. I just love to make things. Always have and hope to continue for years to come

  342. Pat Vetterlein says:

    Quilting is both mentally stimulating and relaxing for me. I just love taking bits of fabric and making beautiful designs! Yesterday someone called me an artist — I’ve never thought of myself that way before, but I suppose it is true.

  343. I love quilting b/c it speaks to all the parts of me-the math geek, the colorful wild child, and the pretty pretty princess. LOL

  344. Lindsay Braud says:

    I love to quilt because it is relaxing. It is a great way to use up fabric scraps and create something beautiful for someone. My next quilt is going to feature scraps from all the clothes I’ve made my kids over the years.

  345. I love to quilt because I love to be creative. Quilting allows me to use my creativity on something that is useful and hopefully will be well loved for many years to come. lindapochodzay @

  346. I love to quilt because I like to make pictures with fabric. It also relaxes me. Love the colors you choose for all your blocks.

  347. Shannon Wilson says:

    I love to quilt because it is a link to my ancestors. Also, It keeps my hands and imagination busy. And it is so rewarding to give it to someone when complete.

  348. I enjoy the satisfaction of creating beautiful designs from pieces of fabric using color and texture.

  349. Anonymous says:

    I began sewing when I was eight. Quilting is in my genes and in my heritage. I have many quilts that have been passed down to me. And lastly, I get to play with beautiful fabrics and designs.

  350. Anonymous says:

    It looks like I left off the contact info. I am the one who started sewing when she was eight. Nancy:

  351. I love all things craftsy and to make something for those I love they get a little piece of me always.I love your site I have learned a few things here thank you.

  352. Jackie Reynolds says:


    I love your block! I love to quilt because of so many things. I get to create, I can sit there in my room and focus on my project and the world goes away. I love the time on the computer seeing all the new projects and different ways to accomplish my projects. I have to focus to finish one before I start the next. My UFOs are winning right now. (I just started my first batik project. 🙂 )

    Thank you for your blog. I love all the projects you feature.

  353. Rita Detwiler says:

    Quilting is something I am just learning and this book would have sooo many ideas.. ( Rita Detwiler)

  354. dquilterguy says:

    What an amazing block.. and I love the idea about doing "fussy cut" squares. The quilt you created is wonderful. Can see it made into a baby quilt.

  355. Inge Lise says:

    Elsker at sy, især på maskine og så kan jeg lide at finde forskelige blogge for at få ny inspiration følger også din og tak for det. Desværre er jeg ikke god til engelsk men oversætter så ved hjælp af internettet. Undskyld jeg skriver på mit eget sprog. Mange hilsner Inge Lise.

  356. I love your block and the layouts! I find quilting relaxing and enjoy the creativity. I love reading blogs and learning techniques, tips and being inspired by others.

  357. Debbie Hallamek says:

    I love to quilt to express my creativity and to make something useful and beautiful!

  358. Such a cool versatile block. I love to quilt for the peace it provides me. Very meditative.

  359. jeanie mavec says:

    I love to quilt makes me think of my mom…about 5 yrs ago I put together over 100 sunbonet girl blocks to make 4 quilts and finished 2 other quilts for her….her brother was diagnosed with lung cancer and died about a year after he got his quilt…each one of her kids have a quilt to remember her by…

  360. I am totally addicted to quilting because there are an infinite number of designs to try and so many beautiful beautiful fabrics to use! I am really hoping to live to a very ripe old age so I can enjoy making lots and lots of quilts! Thank you for the chance to win. (

  361. Lori Michel says:

    Hello Caroline, I love to quilt. I have been sewing for many years now. I love the way that I can take a piece of fabric and doing a little cutting here and some stitching there and before long you have made something someone will be warm and cuddley under in no time….

  362. I love to quilt…being able to create lovely things for my home, friends and family is the best.

  363. Connie Rodriguez says:

    I made my first quilt for my daughter’s graduation, that was my present from me to her, and when you make something handmade and sew it with love and give it to a loved one, it is really rewarding. That’s why I quilt and make things for family and friends.

  364. Thank you for the opportunity to win! I love quilting because it’s cheaper than therapy! I also want to ensure that I am remembered when I’m gone and the more quilts I make, the more likely that will happen. 🙂

  365. Cute quilt. I love fussy cutting novelty fabrics.

  366. I love to quilt because I like to show my creativity and also it calms me down 😉

  367. Geni Pickens says:

    I think it’s very relaxing!!

  368. Debra Kay Neiman says:

    I love your block with the floral fabric. Great looking block. I always loved puzzles so quilting seems to just evolved from there. Congratulations crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  369. Rachel Kincaid says:

    As a freshman in college, I am the only one of my age that I know who has found their love of quilting. Although I am new, I love playing with patterns and different fabrics to create beautiful works of art that also serve a useful purpose and last for years. The sentimental value of the finished product is my favorite part of quilting.

  370. Quilting is so much fun!! For me, it is a way to be creative and relax at the same time 🙂

  371. Shannon Olson says:

    I love playing with fabric–all of the colors and patterns just make me so happy! And that feeling of accomplishment after I’ve sewn a difficult block.

  372. barbara smith says:

    Barbara Smith

    The color and feel of the fabric are a simple and wonderful joy.

  373. I love to quilt because they don’t have to fit me.
    sewmommy at windstream dot net

  374. Bonnie Meadows says:

    I decided to learn to quilt in my late fifties. Since that time, I have taken classes and finished three quilts. I am slowly learning the right way to do things (not always the quickest way) makes a big difference.

  375. Linda Satkowski says:

    I quilt because it is a creative outlet, relaxing, produces a feeling of accomplishment. And I get to shop in wonderful quilt shops and look and feel all the beautiful fabrics, patterns, quilts, accessories, books. Love decorating with the finished quilts, love giving quilts away, most of all, love making them.

  376. I really enjoy looking through Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks each issue. The imaginative blocks provide fodder for fantasizing about hundreds of different quilt variations. Your stairstep looks like it offers many variations, and I can picture it in drastically different colorways that would cause people to experience a double-take when they realized the quilts were the same block just portrayed differently.

  377. Andrea Smith says:

    I love to quilt because….my Gramma took me with her to her quilting circle when I was 5 and I learned to piece my first doll quilt there. I’ve had a love affair with fabric ever since; over 60 years 🙂

  378. Kris Bolick says:

    Its exciting to to piece a quilt from so many designs to choose from and so many color combinations. Each quilt I make is designed around the person receiving it and it is so rewarding!

  379. I enjoy quilting because it is something I can do to relax after work and when I am done, it makes a great gift.

  380. I enjoy quilting because it is something I can do to relax after work and when I am done, it makes a great gift.

    pbl4him at aol dot com

  381. I quilt because I love the fabrics. But the look on someone’s face when you give them something you made with Love, is priceless.

  382. I quilt because I love shopping for fabric’s. Putting them together to make a quilt for loved ones or for charity makes me happy.

  383. I love this book. I just love to take my time and read through it, it sits on my end table right by my chair. Of course I do love to quilt, and it is so exciting to see a design in a book come to life. I would love to win this book to give to my friend, who is on a limited income and loves to quilt, so she can read, use and love this very special book.

  384. Jamie Williams says:

    I love quilting because I can use many fabrics in one creation that will last a lifetime. I love your quilt block and definitely would love to make a quilt with this style. Great job!

  385. I enjoy quilting because it’s full of challenges. Quilts are for giving and I enjoy the pleasure of giving something I’ve made.

  386. PigglyWiggly says:

    Why I love to quilt…time alone, peace, pondering, music, my own tv, happiness, service, love…and time with my Savior.

  387. TaniaMitro says:

    It takes the stress away!

  388. Nicole Sender says:

    I enjoy quilting. My family treasures the quilts. It is a form of art!

  389. Nicole Sender says:

    I enjoy quilting. My family treasures the quilts. It is a form of art!

  390. Josie chapman says:

    I love quilting because it’s something I can do as and when I want to, if I have a free moment I do a bit more and I lose myself in my projects, I have 2 caravan blankets on the go in blue and cream.

  391. Quilting is very relaxing and you can have projects to go. Thanks for the tutorials. Thank you for the giveaway.

  392. I love fabric, quilting, and especially giving a hand sewn quilt to show my love!

  393. I’ve sewn pretty much all of my life following in the footsteps of my mom, grandmothers, etc. Quilting and sewing is therapeutic for me. It occupies my mind so I can let the stress fade away!

  394. HELLO, I want to see these winning blocks for quilty inspiration!

  395. madeline wallace says:

    I quilt to relieve stress, and to feel useful as I get older.

  396. Jamie Todhunter says:

    I find it calming to quilt, especially when I get a chance to hand stitch. Thank you for a chance to win.

  397. Such a satisfying hobby! Choosing the pattern, selecting the fabrics, cutting, piecing and seeing a beautiful quilt emerge is great fun. In fact, I’m sure quilting is why they invented retirement! Life is good!

  398. Quilting is relaxing, especially doing it by hand. I enjoy making things for people with no regard for anything in return. It is a good thing to do something for someone when they least expect it.

  399. Andrea Franklin says:

    Oh my I love your block! I love chevrons and modernly classic blocks. So many possibilities for putting your personal touch on this design. Andreahfranklin @

  400. Your block was the first one that caught my eye on the cover and really like the quilt that came out of it. Great job under pressure!

  401. I think this book is one of the yearly offerings I like to keep near my sewing machines. for inspiration and actual making. Please enter me in the drawing.


  402. I love the friends I’ve made along with the quilts I made. Love your blocks can’t wait to try them.

  403. Sandhya Karandikar says:

    So many possibilities. Would love to try every block from this issue.

  404. Quilting is a fun, relaxing, creative outlet!

  405. Lori Genovario says:

    I just do!

  406. I love fabrics and love to use them in quilts!

  407. Kathy Wilkey says:

    When I was growing up my grandmother made quilts and I "helped" her. Making quilts brings back pleasant memories of my childhood.

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