5 things to Sew with Swivel Snap Clips!

Swivel snap clips like these are easy to find now and so much fun to sew into little projects that you can keep for yourself of give as a gift! To be honest, my sewing life changed when I found that I could buy my own sewing hardware. You can find all kinds of swivel snap clips for sale in quilt shops, big craft stores, and on Amazon.

Check out my 2 sided zipper pouch above. It’s just the right size for a phone and a few cards.

My wrist strap keychains make the perfect teacher gift. I’ve given them so many times that now my kids expect cute fabric keychains with swivel clips on the ends.

My pretty lanyards are like a longer version of the keychain fob. The swivel snap clip on the end is perfect for your keys, work ID, or a small wallet.

The free patterns for my Snappy Coin Pouch and Pleated Snappy Coin Pouch use this little piece of hardware too. The free tutorials for all of them are linked to the pictures.

Happy sewing!

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