You won’t believe this Duct Tape Sewing Hack!

Yes, you won’t believe what I’m showing off today because I can hardly believe it either. Duct tape! (pretty white duct tape because that’s the color I bought)

Okay, let me go back and tell the story. So I had several quilts to sandwich and baste, and Thursday was my scheduled Basting Day (I love Basting Day). I cleared off my sewing table, pressed and starched the fronts and backs of the quilts, and then went looking for masking tape. I usually use making tape to tape the quilt back down in my quilt sandwich. But regular masking tape is a huge source of frustration. It doesn’t stick well to my table or the fabric and I have to use lots of it and constantly press it back down. [Note: I have since learned to use wider masking tape and pin basting is a breeze.]

Well, on that day I couldn’t find the masking tape but I did find this big roll of white duct tape (that I used to build my quilt design wall). Hallelujah! My basting days have been changed forever!


Here’s a little picture of the first quilt I basted using duct tape to secure the bottom layer. I didn’t even think I was taking a picture of the tape. I meant to show you this picture later, when the quilt was done. (This is from the new Origami Oasis line by Tamara Kate, by the way. Isn’t it delightful?)

And here’s a picture of the second quilt I basted using duct tape. Get this: it’s the SAME duct tape. Really, the exact same pieces. I used them again and they stuck just as well to the new fabric and the table again.

I really wanted to baste my third quilt using the same pieces of duct tape but I had run out of basting pins. Darnvit!!! I’m not sure when I’ll have a basting day with three quilts ready to go again so I can do the experiment. But when I do, I’ll have so many pins those quilts won’t know what hit them.

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Happy Sewing!

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