Quilted Party Pennant – Free Sewing Tutorial!


Learn how to sew a party pennant using fabric scraps, leftover batting pieces, and some bias tape. This fun sewing project will make any room festive and gives you a chance to empty out your scrap bin. Plus you can use leftover jelly roll strips!

It’s especially perfect for holding a sewing soiree with your friends, but it will also help you decorate for birthdays, holidays, and anytime at all!

A friend of mine had a birthday last week and this is what I made her…

Along with a matching 2 Sided Zip to carry her iPhone in. Make your own Quilted Party Pennant using my free sewing tutorial that follows. The finished pennant is approximately 130″ long, with 11 flags that are 6 1/2” tall. In both the pennant and the zipper pouch I used fabrics from the new Flower Shop Collection by Josepine Kimberling for Blend. The hand drawn flowers in this collection are so gorgeous… I love it!

To make the Quilted Party Pennant, you will need:

  • 3 different strips, 2 1/2” x 44” (extra jelly roll strips are perfect)

  • 1 wide strip, 6 1/2” x 44” for the back

  • 1 strip of HeatnBond fusible fleece 6 1/2” x 44” (I used two pieces 6 1/2” x 22” to conserve fusible fleece)

  • 4 yards of extra wide bias tape (if you make your own, use 2” strips – they don’t have to be cut on the bias)

You may also find handy:

Sew the three 2 1/2” strips together. Press the seams open or to the side, as is your preference.

Fuse the fusible fleece to the 6 1/2” fabric strip. As you can see I fused my two 6 1/2” x 22” pieces with the edges very close together and it’s as if I used one strip.

Spray baste or pin the sewn strips to the opposite side of the fusible fleece.

Sew lines of quilting along the seams using your presser foot edge as a guide. I switched to my walking foot for this step and the rest of the project – it’s great for sewing on multiple layers.If you don’t have one, you will be fine if you have used plenty of pins or basting spray.

Use the 60 degree angle lines on your ruler to cut triangles from the quilted strip. You can use a pinking blade on your rotary cutter, or a regular blade and then trim the edges with pinking shears. This will help prevent fraying.

You should have two ‘types’ of flags – I have one type with black fabric on top and one type with pink fabric on top.

Sew along the pinked edges of the triangle flags, again using your presser foot edge as a guide.

Make a mark 24” from one end of the bias tape. Sew the bias tape closed starting at the end closest to the mark. 

When you come to the mark, insert one of the flags  into the bias tape.

Continue sewing over the flag. Make sure that the flags are centered in the bias tape so that your stitching catches both sides of the tape.

Add the next flag about 1” from the first. Alternate the different ‘types’ of flags until they are all sewn to the bias tape.

Then measure 24” from the last flag and cut the extra bias tape off. Sew the bias tape closed to the end. Tie knots at either end of the bias trim.

And you’re done! Use this pennant to celebrate birthdays throughout the new year. It would be cute in holiday fabrics too. Try my Speedy Patchwork Totes for another fun gift idea.

Happy Sewing,

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