How to Sew Annie’s Handy Piecekeeper!


I love this clever Piecekeeper pouch for you to store and carry all your project pieces or supplies! I think it would be great for kids and arts or craft items too. The handy zippered bag with attached handle is a free sewing pattern from Annie of ByAnnie designs.

This bag is a fabulous solution to the challenge of keeping track of all the important little pieces of your latest WIP…get the free sewing pattern on Annie’s blog today!

I think you’ll also love all these free sewing patterns to make you more organized!



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  1. Linda Clark says:

    Linda here from Arkansas. I love the idea of the zipper bag. However – I had a MAJOR water explosion in my bathroom. Had to call the fire dept to help me turn the water off. I couldn’t turn the handles under the sink. Wet t-shirt contest!!!!! No – wet nightgown at 130am. All 4 of us were trying not to look and laugh. I assured the men it was a story to tell to the guys on the next shift and thank goodness no pictures nor names were taken!!! I’m in a 2 br manuf home and water ran everywhere. The water restoration company came the next day and began clean-up. Asked me to trust them and they packed my whole amt of goods in boxes and put everything in the storage bldg. I had sewing stuff in all kinds of zipper bags. When unloading – there were several zbs with projects in various states of progress, By the time my home was remodeled (and beautiful – new floor and paint floor to ceiling). I was ready to return to the sewing projects. I cried. Several of my favorite projects including a lap quilt for me (that matched my new bedspread) were molded, totally ruined and ended up in the garbage Be completely careful that zipper sandwich, freezer bags, etc are totally zipped. I even had 2 real zipper bags and water leaked through. The smallest pin hole is a magnet for leaks, Before a zipper bag is used, take time to check the "zipper seal".

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