Product Review & Giveaway: The Wish Table from Sew Steady


Sometimes I feel so lucky I could scream. Like the day I got this beautiful package from my friendly neighborhood UPS man…

{by the way, there’s a giveaway with this post! Make sure you scroll to the bottom. 🙂 }

But I digress. This story starts with me being very unlucky. Some may say just I was just plain stupid.

Look how I ruined the extension table that came with my Juki TL-2010Q. It’s my favorite sewing machine, by the way. And one day I wanted to use a tape-on quilting guide. And I couldn’t find any masking tape and I was in a hurry so I used packing tape. It was all fine until I took the guide off and that packing tape left lots of residue. I couldn’t deal with that, so I grabbed a bottle of fingernail polish remover to get the residue off and unfortunately it was acetone. The acetone worked great on the metal bed of the machine, but when I tried to get the sticky residue off the plastic extension table it smeared the ruler and numbers. It was so ugly and I was so mad. Plus there was still sticky residue! I covered the residue with more clear tape and tried my best to tell myself that it was no big deal and the table still functions, right? And I tried my best to use creative camera angles to never let you see my ugly table. Well that ugly table is no more!!!

The wonderful people at Sew Steady gave me a Wish Table custom made to fit my sewing machine! And they are letting me give a Wish Table Package away to one of my readers too! The Wish Table is a wonderful 22 1/2” deep and 25 1/2” wide.

It comes with the one thing I missed when I bought the Juki – accessory storage! The Juki TL-2010Q has no accessory storage, but my Wish Table includes a beautiful lucite drawer.  I can easily see everything in there too, even the color of thread on my bobbins! I still love my Juki, but he’s gotta share that love with the Sew Steady now. Should I name my table? Hmmmm….

I haven’t had the chance to play with it yet, but the Wish Table came with this fun circle sewing tool – no special foot required! All you do is place one pin on the tool through the center of your fabric (that’s the one covered by the pinmoor in the pictures above) and place the other pin in one of the little holes on the table. The holes are so tiny you can hardly see them, but they control how big or small the circle you sew will be. Like I said, I haven’t tried it yet (or the pattern that came too), but I did watch this cool video about it

The table also came with a removable grid that sticks by itself (no tape) to the underside of the table so your fabric won’t catch on it. Pretty funny, huh? Since a grid is what led to me ruining my first table.

Can you see that ‘You Sew Girl!’ butterfly that they etched into the table? I don’t know how or why, but I’m feelin’ the love from Sew Steady.

Anyway, I don’t know what else to say in this review except that I love, love, LOVE my Sew Steady Wish Table back! It’s so huge but still fits perfectly on my sewing desk. It truly is steady (with all those legs how could it not be?). And it has so many extras I think I got more presents than Christmas last year. 

Here I am working on that Rope Handled Tote I blogged about last Saturday. Look how it lays so nicely on the big table. Yes, I am so very spoiled.

And to tell you the truth, this table is actually an amazing deal. All the Sew Steady tables are custom made to fit your sewing machine. Just sayin’. I found my same package on Amazon here, but no matter where you get one it’s a great value. 

So who wants to win the same Wish Table package that I got??? The giveaway widget is below and this giveaway will run for two weeks. Good luck!!!

Sew Steady

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