Why I Sew {3 reasons}

I spent more time this week working on my girls’ Easter dresses this week, yay! I picked a fairly time consuming pattern this year, but I am truly enjoying every minute of it. This project is not one of my ‘have to do’ tasks, so I fit in a couple hours a week working on it, and it brings me so much joy: seeing the pieces come together, knowing that no one else will have the same dress (although it’s not impossible now since I shared my pattern and fabric choices with the whole world, lol) the anticipation of seeing Cadie and Chloe wearing the dresses for the first time and letting them wear them to church… I love it all!

So while I am thinking about it I thought I’d share my reasons for sewing. Then I hope you will jot down (or type in) your reasons too at the comments for post. Let’s all share!

1. I love it. I love sewing. I enjoy the process. I love fabric. I love cutting it into pieces and seeing those pieces become something else, something beautiful and (hopefully) useful. It’s my sanity (read why).

My friends call what I do a talent and say they never could sew like I do, but I see them play instruments, garden, or even play sports (ugh!)… things I never hope to do very well because I have no intention of putting in the same amount of time that I do sewing!

2. You can sew cooler stuff than you can buy. Really. And it’s not ‘made in China.’

I have my kids convinced of this too and I love to hear them say ‘handmade is better than store bought.’ I’ll do my best to ensure they never stop believing it. 🙂

3. I save money by sewing. Really. I think.

I must admit that to save money by sewing you have to think about it differently than ‘I could have paid $10 for this at Walmart.’ Be fair to your unique, high quality, hand sewn items and compare them to other high quality products. Those are worth more, just like your work.

And I have a huge fabric, pattern, and notion stash. Plus I subscribe to 2 pattern magazines that I love to read. So when I decide to make something I rarely have to go out for very much besides an odd supply or a new color of thread. Should I count the cost of ‘stash’ items? Probably. But I’m an addict and I buy fabric instead of buying myself new shoes or other (more dangerous) substances. So I’m counting the cost of those Easter dresses at about $20 so far. And that Tinker Tote above? It was practically free… made with scraps!

What do you think… am I right or wrong? Why do you love to sew? Weigh in below.


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  1. Leslie Rutland says:

    I think we are so alike it’s scary. No wonder we became friends so fast!

  2. Peggy Merk says:

    I love to sew as well. I’m a knitter too, which I also love. Sewing is faster than knitting, however. I don’t love cutting the items out. I love to see them become something. It’s my therapy. I am a teacher. I work way too many hours so sewing is my retreat. Thanks for your ideas and tutorials!

  3. katsscrapping says:

    I love sewing too! Cutting out fabric to make something special for family and friends is like giving them love in a quilt, or hugs with something you have made with your own hands.

  4. Suzanne L says:

    I love creating! I think there is something addicting about it. I have gone through many types of creative outlets over my lifetime. Sewing has been a utility at times (hemming, fixing things) and a passion for making special projects for loved ones, and finally a way to fit things to my not-so-normal sized body (recently). I also knit and taught myself to crochet last Christmas and made several cowls for winter weather for my friends in the Northeast. I love painting rooms and changing the whole look of the room as well as remodeling (though with my 4 kids growing up that has been a fruitless effort). I currently work too hard and don’t have a lot of time for any creative pursuit but I hope that by modeling it, my kids will see that you can make time for things you love; that your work can be satisfying; that your family is all important.

  5. Lori Michel says:

    I enjoy sewing…I started out making simple clothes for my girls when they were little….Shorts and of course shirts from bandanas…I took home ec in jr. high and made lots of jean skirts, now I have been making them for my granddaughter and girls at her school,,,also adults too….I like the idea of taking a piece of fabric and making something totally different from the flat piece to something 3D….Bags, quilts, rugs, skirts, tops, toys the list is endless for sewing……

  6. Nita Dances says:

    I love it for all the same reasons 🙂 I feel powerful when I create something with my own two hands. Here’s a question…did you use a pintucking foot to make the bodice on that sweet little dress in the photo? I’m contemplating purchasing one.

  7. Sarah Tate says:

    I’ve sewn off and on for 15 years, but found a heightened passion for it about 6 months ago when I started sewing clothes for my tall slender little girl. I love seeing my kids wear something I made for them. They are so proud of their mommy and I get pretty proud of myself too. With 3 young children, sewing has become an escape from the day in and day out life as a stay at home mommy. Doing something that brings me such joy just for me has become something I’m so grateful for.

  8. Chez Vies says:

    I must say I have more or less the same reason as you. I think sewing is my destiny. my new motto "Why buy it if you can make it". nowadays even my sons will ask me to make gift for their friends or teacher.

  9. Joan Koren says:

    I love, love, love the Tinker Tote. Any change for a tutorial on that?

    Joan Koren

    1. Hi Joan. Thanks so much! The Tinker Tote is not my pattern. I learned to make it following a Craftsy class. There is a link on the picture. Thanks for asking!


  10. Joan Koren says:

    Oops……Any chance ….not any change….sorry!

  11. Wagonwife Designs says:

    I agree with your comments. I had a family member that was ill. It gave me an outlet to create and to control something positive when so much was out of my control. I feel blessed God gave me an outlet that was not only beneficial to me but to the whole family and our friends.

  12. carol mccoy says:

    Is there a pattern for the purse that is in the pic above? If so where can it be purchased? Thank you….

  13. Alison J Prata O'Grady says:

    I sew because it invigorates me. It lets me transform something, fabric, into something totally one of a kind. It fits ME. It causes people to ask where I bought it! Sewing just makes me happy. It is my daily "reward". ♥ ♥ ♥

  14. I think you are so cool! So glad I found your blog. Thanks for everything!

  15. It’s raining today, my Mom sewed on rainy days. I sew on rainy days. Sewing allows you to be in control of making something that no one else will have. Special. My mom made me a blue skirt with a pocket. On the pocket was an apple she appliqued. That skirt was so comfortable and fit me perfectly. Making something original. That is why I sew.

  16. My mum always sewed, she made rag dolls and sold them at craft fairs – so there was never any doubt that I would sew too – however I took it a bit further and must have a go at lots of crafty things – as a consequence my house is full of wool, fabric, thread, paper, glue etc I even have a patchwork I have been working on for over 20 years – once an addict always an addict I suppose! My only regret is that I never found a way to turn it into something more than just a hobby!

  17. I love the delight on my grand daughters faces(I have 6 of them) when they say" You made this for ME??" I think taking time to make things shows a special love to our friends and family

  18. You’re right, handsewn is better than store bought.you do get to the point where everything in the affordable level ends up looking the same. And the more you see, the more you tell yourself, "it so simple, it won’t cost me nearly as much to do it myself." I like to refashion my kids items too. A few items that cost $8-$24 a piece if sold will get about $2 ea. if I refashion, I saved way more instead of spending on all new stuff.
    I sew because it distresses me. I love projects and accomplishing them makes me feel good inside.

  19. Jean Chambard says:

    I love sewing because 1. it’s the connection to my Grandma. 2. It has a calming effect for me and 3. I love making my own identity ! It our creative outlet!

  20. I love to sew and for the longest time I had no idea why. I was drawn to sewing. knitting, crocheting and all things crafty since I was very young. I helped my mom crochet a blanket once. And I knew my grandma was a seamstress. What I learned as I got older was that most of the matriarcs in my family had a history of sewing. Recently I vacationed in my great-grandmother’s home town and met a distant cousin who ASLO sews. I am guessing, all things considered, that sewing is in my blood. I just wish I’d started earlier in life.

  21. Donna Taylor says:

    I understand this; I love sewing too… Seeing and feeling fabrics, cutting, all the many processes involved in ‘the making’
    But above all I love the idea of putting something into the world that wasn’t there before… this knowledge somehow thrills me.
    I love giving things I’ve made to my friends … especially the children in my life.😍

  22. Toni Gibbs says:

    My Mum can’t understand why I make quilts. She was forever asking me, why do you need so many blankets, she just couldn’t comprehend that urge to create. In the end I said to Mum, I don’t know why I quilt, it’s like asking a bird why it sings, it’s not because I need another quilt it just something I have to do. I think that finally I’ve been able to answer her question.

  23. Sewing is a way to wear my feelings on my outside and to completely inject my personality into my wardrobe in a way that is different than trying on clothes in stores for ‘fit and flatter.’ I don’t want to wear someone else’s name on my body; I want the world to know that I am me and I am projecting myself from inside out through my sewing and needlework.

  24. From the time I was in High School, I have always loved sewing and quilting. Especially gifting the finished products. I am almost 62 now and was diagnosed with terminal cancer almost 3 years ago. This meant early retirement, but it has also meant having the opportunity to work on quilting projects. it is somethingI can do in little chunks of time when I have the energy, and rest when I need to. What a blessing that I had my stash of fabric I have purchased over the years. I am using it now, and get great joy from giving the finished products away. I did have to let go of the need to complete every step on my own, I have a long arm quilter doing that step for me now, and I can focus on the parts that are easier for me. I had a perfect example of how much it means when I gifted a quilt to a dear friend from church last week. She is single like me, we are kindred spirits, even though her mental capabilities are that of a 13 or 14 year old we have a special relationship. When she realized I was giving her the quilt she said, "this is for me?" she just hugged me and cried. Bringing that joy to others is what keeps me going. This is why I sew, to share the happiness.

  25. Melinda Irick says:

    I started sewing at 11 years old…slacked during teen years🙄 my mother made anything i asked fir..bikinis, lined jackets! When I first got married we had no money and I repaired everything. Then I started making my husbands shirts because no store could fit hus unique body (long torso). I recently stared sewing for me. Discovered how comfy custom fit is🥰! My sister quilts… I try. She is MUCH better at it! We make alot if your bag patterns to sell. Christmas was a HUGE hit with the car ditty bag!!! Everyone loved it. Keep those great ideas coming!!!

  26. Tina Sheppard says:

    I sew for health, both for my own and for my husband. I can also tell when I have not been sewing enough. My cat (Gg, which stands for God’s gift) will bring me fabric or even a pin cushion and either drop in on my head or tuck it in with me while I sleep. Yes, the pin cushion woke me up.

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