I finally finished my First Modern Log Cabin Quilt

Finally this past week I got the itch to quilt (after all the practical sewing I’ve been doing lately). Not to piece anything or select fabrics for a new quilt (although I do love those parts). No, I just wanted to quilt.

So I threw this little quilt top together with some batting and backing and quilted it.

This is the Log Cabin quilt that I sewed during our second sewalong way back in January 2014, lol!

I loved it, I hated it, I picked it apart, I sewed it back together again, and then I stuck it in my pile O’ quilt tops.

Now that its done I only wish it were bigger. It’s about 41” square. It will make a cute wall hanging somewhere. I love the colors so much that I wish it were a king size bedspread. But 4” log cabin blocks take forever!


So, what have you been sewing up this week? Did you make something with one of my free sewing tutorials or patterns? I would love to see! Tag me on Instagram @sewcanshe.

Happy Sewing!

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  1. Your log cabin quilt is beautiful. The orange, purple and pink really work together very well. You are right that 4" blocks will take a long (very long for a bed quilt) time. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous finish!!!

  2. sarah dunlop says:

    Your log cabin quilt is so pretty! I can see why you’re wishing you made it bigger! 🙂

  3. I love your log cabin quilt and can see why you’d like it bigger now that it is finished! She is a beauty. I oopsed and entered my pattern on your link-up before reading not to link up items for sale. Please delete the link as I can’t do that.

    1. Hi Myra! I’m going to leave your link in since your quilt is so beautiful and you’re not selling it, just the pattern.

      Thanks for inspiring us with your beautiful quilt!


  4. Oh my – 4" log cabin squares! They are beautiful – I love anything in smaller sizes. The colors are so soft, yet pop together. Gorgeous quilt!

  5. It’s a great size for a baby quilt or someone in a wheelchair to use as a lap quilt, or for a nursing home resident to use while sitting in a chair!

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