Can you sew love into a quilt?

Meadow by Alfred Sisley [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Meadow by Alfred Sisley [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

A couple years ago I had an interesting conversation with my one of my friends’ husbands who is a fine artist. He paints. He told me that in the art world some people believe that there is an increase in the energy and feeling we experience when we view original art (such as an actual painting) versus reproductions (such as a poster or print).

It comes from feelings and emotion transferred from the artist. Maybe it’s just a sales pitch  or maybe not. Can the feeling and energy that an artist pours into his work be transferred to the viewer?

If it’s true, what does that mean for people who sew? I put so much love into the quilts I make and the clothes that I sew for my kids.

Can they feel my love as they sleep warm and snuggled up under a quilt handmade by me?

Does wearing handmade clothes make happier kids because they feel our love stitched into every seam?

If it is true, I guess we should try to never sew angry, right? What do you think… can you sew love into a quilt or is it just wishful thinking?


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