How to Sew a Doll Skirt {easy sewing tutorial}


One of the first things I ever learned to sew was doll clothes. I think I was about 8. My family never had a lot of money (9 kids!), so I had to make my own. I cut up clothing that was destined for goodwill and made clothes for my stuffed dolls, stuffed animals, and even my younger siblings, lol!

A simple doll skirt like this one can be made for any doll (even Barbies). It’s a great way to teach kids to sew and use up scraps. Sew the doll in the picture too using my free fabric doll pattern.

You will need:

  • a bit of cotton, linen, satin, or rayon fabric (really anything light to medium weight)

  • enough 1/4” elastic to go around the doll’s waist

So first measure around the doll’s waist – wherever you want to skirt to fit.

Then measure from the waist down toward the knees or feet. Take note of how long you want the skirt to be.

Cut a rectangle of fabric that is as tall as you want the skirt to be plus 1 1/4”. Double the width of the doll’s waist to get the width of the rectangle.

Cut a piece of elastic the same size as the doll’s waist.

For my doll above, I decided to make the skirt 4 3/4” long, and the doll’s waist is about 12” around. So I cut my fabric rectangle 6” tall by 24” wide.


Press the bottom edge of the skirt to the wrong side 1/4’’, and then 1/4’’ again to make a narrow hem.

Press the long top edge of the skirt to the wrong side 1/4’’, and then 1/2’’ to make the elastic casing.

Open the pressed folds so you can pin and sew the short ends of the skirt right sides together with a 1/2” seam allowance. Finish the seam allowance with a serger or zig-zag stitch, if desired.

Re-fold the casing and bottom hem. Sew the hem close to the folded edge.

Sew the casing close to the folded edge, leaving a 1’’ opening for inserting the elastic.

Use a bodkin or safety pin to insert one end of the elastic through the casing.

Sew the ends of the elastic together.

Push the elastic into the casing and sew the opening closed.

And you are done… Put the skirt you just sewed on the doll! Sometimes I like to make the body of a doll a contrasting color or fabric from the skin, and then make a skirt out of the same fabric so it looks like a dress. In this case I let the skirt be a different fabric so it looks like she is wearing a separate top and skirt.

Sew the doll in the picture too.

Happy sewing!

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