Gift Guide for Quilters: The Best Gifts to Give your Sewing Friends


Are you looking for gift ideas for your sewing and quilting friends? My Gift Guide for Quilters is full of presents that are guaranteed to be a hit!

I’ve been sewing and quilting a long time and I’ve received lots of wonderful birthday and Christmas gifts. I’ve also received a lot of crummy ones (cheap sewing kits, anyone?). To prevent awkward situations like that, I’m sharing a gift guide with you full of ideas for your quilting friends. Or maybe you’ll want to share this list with others so they know what to get you, wink wink!

And there should be something here for any budget. Let’s start at number 10…



#10  A professional seam ripper. Don’t be afraid of it… just gift it! This inexpensive little tool makes me a better sewer because I don’t hesitate to rip out my mistakes – it takes almost no time at all!

#9 Inspiration all year through a magazine subscription. Some of my favorites are Love Patchwork & Quilting (for modern quilters), Ottobre Design (for apparel), and Mollie Makes (for all kinds of crafts).



#8 A Quilter’s subscription box – another gift that keeps on giving for as many months as you choose. I love the Sew Sampler box from Fat Quarter Shop.


#7 The Scrappy Project Planner by Lori Holt. I love mine and use it every day!



#6 A high quality iron. I’ve tried lots of different ones, and the Velocity 200IR from Reliable is my favorite.

Screen Shot 2016-11-27 at 12.09.22 AM.png


#5 A sweet new ruler. Newsflash to the non-sewist: these things wear out. Treat your favorite sewing friend with a beautiful new ruler. The Olfa frosted variety is my favorite. Any size is a welcome gift, especially 6”x12” or 6”x24”.


#4 Rotary blades! These babies are like gold. Hint: find out what size rotary cutter your friend uses most, and get her or him a multi-pack of refills. Olfa brand is my favorite here as well.


#3 The Accuquilt Go Cutter. If your sewing bestie is a quilter, this is an indulgence that many only dream of. So make her dreams come true! I love mine.


#2 Something clever and handmade by you! No one appreciates a handmade gift like another maker. How about whipping up a #10 Caddy or the ever-popular Sew-Together Bag? Or anything else you’ve sewn, carved, crocheted, painted or built. Makers love handmade!

#1 More time to sew! The best gifts are often free so if you don’t have a lot to spend, volunteer your time instead.  Offer to take her kids on a Saturday morning or assume one of her other tasks so she can spend time sewing. Do you sew? Ask her for her pile of mending and do it for her – that’s a true best friend!

By the way, if you want to give your favorite quilter or sewist a new sewing machine, don’t miss my review post of the 7 Best Sewing Machines to Buy on Amazon

Now… which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comments… If you think I need to add something to my Gift Guide for Quilters, let me know what you think are the best gifts to give a sewist!

Happy gifting!


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  1. My favorite hint is the new ruler. It reminds me that my well loved and well used gear wears out, and that I should replace my gear to make the best things possible.

  2. Ruth-Anne says:

    Would love the subscription to the quilter’s box. Most of these gifts would be right on. As a quilter I use them all! I do have Lori’s planner already. Can’t wait to get started in the new year! ♡

  3. I would add some thread to that list…Perhaps a brand they have never used before, but really wanted to try out and see what all the woo hoo was about….and my fave iron, is a dry iron,,,no steam, no steam holes, great for piecing…..

  4. Cindy Hamilton says:

    I think I like the time (which is most precious and hard to find) and also the rulers. Lori’s idea of thread is great as well.

  5. carlalissa says:

    Definitely my favorite is #1…more time to sew!

  6. Laurie Scheck says:

    For years I used a small table top ironing board and last November my cousin gave me a standard size ironing board for my birthday. I never expected such a beautiful gift.

  7. I love all of these ideas. My favorite seam ripper has a silicone bulb on the end so that you can get rid of the cut threads easier. Love this, given to me by my quilting/sewing daughter in law. I would put on my list a sewing/quilting class at a local shop. Or a presentation by a quilter/sewist… such fun

  8. Since your tutorial with the little zip bag, I’ve made a few – a slightly larger one for my friend (she made a quilted storage box for me) and she was absolutely thrilled. Handmade really is the best – made with love! I’m going to make her your big storage bag for next year, after I’ve made one for myself first so any mistakes can be ironed out before I get to the gifting stage! Thank you xxx

  9. A gift certificate to their favorite quilt shop or JoAnn’s or wherever they buy their sewing/quilting supplies is always nice.

  10. Several of your above links are not working. However, what I have seen so far are all great ideas, can’t wait to get started! Always looking for great ideas.
    Thank you

  11. A little more expensive, but the Kamsnap tool is a game changer for those of us that sew. Easily attach bag straps with snaps or rivets. Use snaps on jackets instead of buttons. Create dog collars and leashes using rivets instead of sewing thru all those layers, and then fancy them up a bit with crystal rivets that are securely attached. I’m a big fan.

  12. Great recommendations, Caroline! My mother gave me an Accuquilt cutter and it’s wonderful! She has the electric one, which I recommend for anyone shopping for a loved one with hand and shoulder issues. I’m lucky to be able to enjoy the hand crank model—it’s been particularly helpful with all of the mask making.

  13. Nobody even mentioned FABRIC! Gotta have that. When thinking of rulers, don’t forget a new cutting mat, and maybe a new rotary cutter to go with those blades. For the really special person in your life, maybe a dedicated table just the right height and size for the sewing machine and work. (I want that for each of my machines!)
    What NOT to get is a list of stuff you want them to sew for you- RIGHT NOW!

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