How to Sew Cute Mitten Handwarmers – free sewing pattern!


Let me show you how to make adorable mitten handwarmers. These cute rice-filled hand warmers are actually in the shape of mittens! Warm one up and slip it in a pocket or in an actual mitten to keep hands warm.


This free sewing pattern was designed for SewCanShe by Crafty Staci. Learn more about her at the end of this post. For more fun projects like this, check out all my free sewing patterns.

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This quick and easy sewing project makes the perfect gift for little hands or big hands alike. Make sure you whip up a couple for yourself too!

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In fact, you will probably want to sew up a whole bunch. It’s a great way to use up all your holiday fabric scraps!

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How to Sew Cute Mitten Handwarmers


To make one mitten hand warmer you will need:

  • small pieces of two cotton or flannel fabrics (Use only natural fibers such as cotton, wool, or linen that will be safe in the microwave.)

  • rice or buckwheat

1. Cut one mitten from the flannel. Flip the pattern over and cut the second, so the two are opposites. Cut one cuff for each mitten.

3. Pin cuff to mitten.JPG

2. Lay one mitten out, right side up. Place one cuff on top, right side down with the edges even at the bottom.

Stitch through both layers, ¼” from the bottom edge of the mitten.

Repeat with the second mitten and cuff.

Press the seam toward the cuff on one and toward the mitten on the other. This will help the two seams nest together in the next step.

5. Press bottom edge under.JPG

3. Fold the bottom edge of each cuff under ¼” and press.

6. Pin mittens together.JPG

4. Lay out one mitten, right side up. Top with the second mitten, right side down. Match up edges, seams, and folds. Pin.

7. Leave bottom edge open.JPG

5. Stitch around ¼” from the edge, leaving the folded edges at the bottom open and unsewn.

8. Clip into seam.JPG

6. Clip into the seam at the point above the thumb. Be careful not to clip the stitching or get too close.

Trim just under 1/8” from the seam around the curves.

Turn right side out.

11. Fill with rice or buckwheat.JPG

7. Using a funnel, fill with ½ cup of rice or buckwheat.

12. Pin bottom closed.JPG

8. Pin the folded edges together at the bottom.

9. Stitch across to close, about 1/8” from the folded edges.

Flannel Mitten Hand Warmers by Crafty Staci for SewCanShe 5.JPG

To use, pop into the microwave for 20 – 30 seconds to heat.

And then sew some more!


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