$100 Quilt Shop Challenge Video – at Gotham Quilts in NYC!


This is the quilters kind of challenge video – a quilt shop challenge!

Last weekend I had a fabulous time in New York City with my friend Alicia (who blogs at Travels with the Crew).

While we were there, I invited her to a $100 Quilt Shop Challenge at the famous Gotham Quilts in midtown Manhattan!

Make sure you watch the video below and tell us who you think won.


Alicia is my favorite expert in all things NYC. We stayed at a fabulous hotel (at a great price), ate delicious food (she introduced me to Jacob’s Pickles), and went to the iconic broadway show Hamilton!

If you want to have as much fun as us, check out her blog post The Ultimate Guide To NYC For First Timers or The Ultimate Guide To New York City At Christmas.

But I know you want to see our Quilt Shop Challenge Video…


The rules of our quilt shop challenge were simple – see who could shop for the best project for $100 or less. This was my first visit to Gotham Quilts, so you can imagine how much fun this was.

Our super suspenseful (just kidding) and exciting Quilt Shop Challenge at Gotham Quilts in NYC should play automatically in the video player on this page. If the video won’t play here on my blog, you can see it on my YouTube channel too.

Plus the bundle that I picked out (it’s practically a quilt kit) is the SewCanShe giveaway this week! Make sure you click over to enter because these fabrics and pattern are worth over $100 (I went over by $5, oops!). If you are a little late to this week’s giveaway, no worries – I have a new one each week.

And now you get to decide who won the quilt shop challenge.

Was it me with my modern take on the Vintage Lace Quilt Pattern


Or Alicia with her idea for a Christmas themed Lloyd and Llola Quilt?

Update: I sewed that quilt top for Alicia when I was on vacation at the beach… see it here.

Tell us in the comments… we both want to be the winner!



Disclosure: some of my posts contain affiliate links. If you purchase something through one of those links I may receive a small commission, so thank you for supporting SewCanShe when you shop! All of the opinions are my own and I only suggest products that I actually use. 🙂

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  1. Looks like you had a great trip and too much fun shopping. You definitely win, love the llama’s but the fabric, colors, and pattern you chose are wonderful.

  2. Jacob’s Pickles?!?! I loved eating there! I live in a tiny mountain town in Idaho so visiting my daughter in NYC is certainly a change of pace. Glad you had a good time!

  3. My favorite is the Vintage Lace pattern and those wonderful colors you picked for it.

  4. Both of you have picked some luscious fabrics, but the lace quilt is more my style. Nice choices, ladies!

  5. I enjoyed the video after the fabrics were chosen. The quick movement of the camera is quite annoying, doesn’t even give you a chance to see what’s happening.

  6. Lori Smanski says:

    Fun video. Both patterns and fabrics are wonderful. I really love the llama one. But I can see the other one as a lovely quilt in our bed room. Thanks for sharing your fun with us.

  7. I love Alicia’s idea of a Christmas Lloyd and Llola! And that Alicia said Caroline could make it for her. So cute!

  8. I’m sorry Alicia, the llamas are cute, but I love the vintage lace pattern and fabrics Caroline chose.

  9. I love the pattern and material you picked out. Guess I’m a traditionalist.

  10. Lori Morton says:

    What a fun & exciting time you had!! You are both Winners!! 🙂 But I looove the Vintage Lace bundle best…

  11. Wendy Zick says:

    I think you are both winners! However I am going to pick Caroline only because I am not a fan of llamas. Not after they spit chewed up potato chips on my face, hair, and glasses. It ruined a day at the zoo because I had to go back home and get cleaned up. How can something so cute be so rude? Love the fabrics to though. 😊

  12. I enjoyed the video immensely. Both have unique color combinations and the patterns are great. I see both as possibilities but the Vintage Lace wins my vote. Thanks for posting.

  13. For me your selection won the challenge. Beautiful colorful fabrics! Merry Christmas!

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