Sewing jeans for the first time!


I spent a whole afternoon this week hammering and sanding… sounds like I was building something, right? I really felt cool working with different tools than usual… and I was sewing jeans! 

After years of thinking that someday I’d like to try it, I finally picked a pattern, traced and cut it out, and got started.

The pattern I’m using is Angela Wolf’s Angel Bootcut Jeans. I have read several blog reviews about them… and then I met Angela a few weeks ago and she is amazingly sweet and incredibly smart. So here goes!

I love how the instructions are printed up in a spiral bound book and the pattern pieces are on thick high-quality paper (hence the tracing so I can use them again and again).

Disclosure: I ordered the pattern from Angela’s website after meeting her, but then she recognized my name and refunded me (I told you she is sweet!). So maybe I don’t need a disclosure because I did pay for the pattern initially. These rules are so confusing! But I thought you should know.

I decided to watch Angela’s Craftsy class Sewing Designer Jeans before I got started and I’m so glad I did! The written instructions that came with the pattern are awesome, but nothing compares to seeing the designer do it herself.

{P.S. Don’t forget that I have a Craftsy class too! 🙂 }

And in the video class she shows how she distresses every piece all along the way (that’s not included in the paper pattern). Before I saw the class I thought I might skip the distressing on my first pair of jeans, but now I’m so glad I’m doing it. The distressing is so much fun (see my sander tool in the top picture?).


So… I got the bum finished with my topstitched pockets and flaps.

And I got the fly sewn in too. It was actually really easy, probably because I was reading the instructions and watching Angela as I did each step. 🙂

I’m super excited to have real designer jeans… made by me! They aren’t done yet, but I’ll be posting about them when I finish – hopefully soon!

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