Sampling paint colors for my new sewing studio!

My sewing stuff is all crammed in a small room right now, so while I wait for my bamboo flooring to arrive, I decided to test out some paint colors for my big upstairs studio. These are two very pale shades of blue-gray.

You can all guess that I would MUCH rather sew than decorate or remodel, but do love a good episode of Fixer-Upper. And I love that paint color that Joanna uses on almost all of her interior walls, so that’s the look I’m trying for.

The yellow paint that is in the room right now simply has to go. I’m planning white baseboards and trim with dark wood bamboo floors.

So which cool pale blue-gray do you like better? The lighter shade or the darker?

My 11 year old daughter helped me paint big samples of each color on every wall to aid in choosing. I’m leaning towards the darker one, I think.

UPDATE: My huge sewing studio is done! See it here.

So, what have you been sewing up this week? Did you make something with one of my free sewing tutorials or patterns? I would love to see! Tag me on Instagram @sewcanshe.

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  1. Your studio is going to be great. I like the pale blue/grey best. Good luck with the painting. Looking forward to seeing it finished.

  2. Wow, what an awesome studio! The more light the better for me, so for that reason, I would go with the lighter color. Thanks for hosting the party!

  3. You may be able to move around your decor easier with the lighter shade of paint, but ultimately you should paint whichever color makes you HAPPY. You can always repaint later.

  4. Sherri Wiley says:

    For that huge space and to keep it light, airy and happy, I guess I’d pick the lighter color.

  5. I like the lighter, especially with a dark floor. White trim is perfect!
    What a beautiful big space, keep it light and a happy place to go!😃😃

  6. I tend to like the lighter shade. I think you will get the look you want with on that big space. That looks like a big room! Good for you!!!

  7. I would aways go with a lighter hue. I do like the gray for some reason ;). Thanks for the show-off party!

  8. If you want the same look as on Fixer Upper, you might be able to google and find the paint color.

  9. You have a great size room!! WOW Personally I like the lighter shade. Whatever you do will showcase better. Also in dark and dreary weather it will be lighter and the lighter color will absorb less of the lighting esp with the dark floor.

  10. I like the darker one. A little more contrast with the white woodwork, but still light. What a wonderful space!

  11. Kathy Reilly says:

    Holy cow, what a studio! I tend to go for the lighter shades myself. Can’t wait to see the finished room!

  12. Janis Patten says:

    I like the lighter gray. I love the size of your studio. A girl can dream. My hubby and I have considered extending my little bedroom size sewing room (which is lovely, with built in storage on two walls) out, over our 22 x 18 living room, but I think it’s just a dream.

  13. Always go with the shade that reflects the most light (that’s the lighter one). Once you get fabric, and carpet, and shelves, and everything else, light will be absorbed. Gray is a perfect color, and your white shelves that were in the old studio will contrast beautifully with either gray. Even though you have a lot of windows, there will be cloudy days and nighttime sewing, and you don’t want dark walls absorbing the light. You want the walls reflecting the light. (I speak as someone who has a lovely studio in the basement, and got rid of the darker colors.)

  14. I think with the darker floors the lighter gray would look better and wouldn’t absorb all of the beauitful light in the room.

  15. Lesley Gilbert says:

    What a big new studio room you have – looking forward to seeing lots of photo’s of your progress 🙂

  16. It seems that the lights have it, but I like the darker better because the white baseboards will be more contrast-y. However, I frequently make decorating blunders so you should trust the others. I’m not to be trusted. Please share what paint colors they are. Thanks!

  17. I like the lighter one. It is more gray-blue. The other has a brown tone.

  18. Rochelle Summers says:

    I really like the lighter gray but whichever color you choose it will be an improvement over the yellow. You are moving right along on this project and I can tell you are eager to have it completed. Good luck!!

  19. I like the darker I think. Actually I like both. We just painted our kitchen with the darker gray on the bottom and a lighter gray on top. I love it! You room is sooo spacious I don’t think the dark one would be too dark. Either one would work wonderfully!

  20. Vivian Davis says:

    The darker one will contrast better with the white trim, but the lighter one is more neutral and will bounce light better in the room. I just painted my new sewing room a very pale grey a litter lighter than your lightest one so I’m a little biased! 😉

  21. Aida Rizzo says:

    Your sewing room is huge…..please, please post pictures all along……and where is this room located at?

    Aida Rizzo

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