A peek in my fat quarter cupboard!

Warning: this is a shameless display of fabric. I’m not going to make any excuses, they would be meaningless.

But after hours and hours of folding, I finally got my fat quarters (and half-yards) under control. 

Some will understand how show-off worthy that is.

My upstairs sewing room has this odd little area behind the stairs. Not that I have a downstairs sewing room too. That would be a bit overboard, don’t you think? I was just letting you know that my sewing room is upstairs. Of course, if you have an upstairs and a downstairs sewing room, please let me know. I might have to come visit.

Anyway, if this room was a man-cave, one would probably put a refrigerator here. But I put my sweet little fabric hutch there. And hung some thread.

Back to my folding story, I folded most of my fat quarters and all of my half-yard pieces. It literally took me hours.

I wonder how long it will stay this way.

The fat quarters (and some loose pre-cuts) are above…

while the half yard pieces are below. With some more fat quarters and pre-cuts. Sheesh. Can’t they just stay on their assigned shelves?

It seemed a shame to hide away my Cotton + Steel fat quarters where I couldn’t look at them all day long, so they are currently perched on the stairwell ledge. Children are not allowed in that area. Clumsy husbands are warned to stand back. 

And…. I know you are waiting to see my whole sewing studio after the big makeover. The problem is that it is a huge mess. I need fabric fairies to come put away the rest of the fabrics, trims, patterns, and such before I take pictures. And fold my scraps with their tiny hands. Because there are bins of scraps that I can’t part with.

Update: here’s my sewing studio tour!

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