Designing Modern Quilts with EQ7 – a QuiltCon Workshop with Christa Watson


Get ready for me to design lots of modern quilts for you!!! Okay, mostly mini quilts probably because I hardly ever finish my big quilts (UFO’s much?), lol!

When I was at QuiltCon 2017 I had the pleasure of attending Christa Watson’s workshop Designing Modern Quilts with EQ7. EQ7 (otherwise known as Electric Quilt 7) is the quilt design software that most contemporary quilt designers use to write quilt patterns. I’ve had the software on my computer for a couple years, but haven’t had the time to really learn to use it.

Lucky for me, this adorable quilter was teaching at QuiltCon! The class was packed and from the questions, I could tell that my classmates were interested in designing quilts for themselves, their blogs (I wasn’t the only blogger) and for submission to books and magazines. Maybe one of those ladies will someday release quilt patterns!


First we went through the process of designing our own block and putting it in a traditional setting. Then she taught us how to make our traditional quilt more modern. When I put my quilt block in this setting, it reminded me of pieces of wrapped candy. So I’m naming my modern quilt on the right above ‘Just One More Piece.’ Will I actually sew it up? Hmmmmm…. good question.

But I had tons of fun learning how to design it!

Christa called this a mostly-intermediate level class, but she was thorough enough to cover a lot of basic EQ7 buttons and tools so those who had just bought the software could be on the same page. In addition, there was an expert from the Electric Quilt Company in the room to help answer questions too.

Besides designing our own quilt blocks and setting the blocks in traditional block layouts and using custom non-grid layouts, Christa also showed us how to upload images of the actual fabric we want to use so we can see how our quilts will look finished.  Suddenly beautiful modern quilts aren’t so mysterious, I think I can design some too! You’ll just have to wait and see. 🙂

If you are interested in designing modern quilts, make sure you catch this class if you ever have the chance. In the meantime, Christa has written a couple books and taught a Craftsy class about her quliting process too. Have fun!


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