This is what I want you to remember me for…

Every year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, our family goes Christmas tree shopping. It doesn’t really matter where we buy our tree – the fun is in going out together to find the right one. Scholars say that a winter tradition of bringing trees into the home existed even before the birth of Christ. But Christians bring evergreen trees inside as a symbol of life –  to remind us of the everlasting life that only He can offer us. 

I love celebrating Christmas. And I love decorating for Christmas too. It is my chance to place reminders everywhere that a Savior was born who loves us and we love Him too. All together, we decorate our home’s exterior with lights and thrill every time we come home at night and see them. We have a special creche (one that was given to me as a child) that I arrange in a special spot where my family can look at it often.

I must admit that starting this blog has given me the chance to do some pretty awesome things. I’ve written a couple books, shared over a hundred free sewing projects, and been blessed with a lot of fabric :). But a couple years ago I was excited beyond words to put my name on a collaboration that is the most dear to my heart – a Christmas Tree Skirt pattern and video class with Craftsy. Sure, when the class was released, Craftsy left out the word ‘Christmas’ and called it a ‘Quilted Tree Skirt.’ That’s fine because, really, who’s going to confuse it with any other holiday? It is truly a project to sew for Christmas and now my name is on one of the few Craftsy classes for Christmas. 

Every November, I can’t wait to adorn the tree that He created with something that I created – a handmade tree skirt.  

I hope you love my Holiday Mini video class (and the rest of my Christmas patterns and tutorials) as much as I have loved sharing them with you.

Because sewing for Christmas is the one thing I want you to remember me for.

UPDATE: The Quilted Tree Skirt is now available! Grab it for less than $10 now! Be sure to let me know what you think. ❤️❤️❤️


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