How to Store Your Sewing Machine Bobbins! (Free DIY Tips)



Do you need some fresh new ideas for sewing machine bobbin storage? Check out these clever DIY ideas to store your bobbins for free that will work for almost any sewing machine.

I’m a bobbin hoarder. I admit it. These are the bobbins from my lovely vintage Bernina 1530. When the Bernina broke and I bought my Janome Memory Craft 14000, I thought I’d have to find something to do with them (modern sewing art?). Then in a stroke of luck and pure genius, I put one of them in the new Janome and guess what??? It fit!

So now I have a TON of bobbins. When I need one in a new color, I can usually find it, but not without 30 minutes of searching through them all. I know, I know, by that time I might as well have filled an empty one with the color that I needed.


But the other day I was sorting out a sewing room cabinet and I found this empty box from a multi-thread collection that someone gave me for Christmas a couple years ago. You know the thread collection, it goes on sale every year during black friday. But I like to keep all my thread in the same place, so out of the box and up on the rack they quickly went.


I was about to throw away the empty box when I thought of a brilliant use for it – bobbin storage! I can stack up to three bobbins high along the sides where I can see the color of thread through the sides of the box. Then I put empty bobbins in the middle.


I’ve only got a tiny portion of by bobbin hoard in here. Maybe I should get a few more thread boxes on black friday. ๐Ÿ™‚

How do you store your sewing machine’s bobbins? Tell us in the comments!

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