Oliso Pro Iron Review – Pros and Cons

oliso pro smart iron review

This blog review has been sponsored by Oliso Corporation in exchange for my honest opinion on the Oliso Pro TG1600.

Here’s my unbiased review of the Oliso Pro Smart iron. It’s so smart it stands up. I think it’s the only iron that does gets my quilt pieces flat, removes wrinkles from clothes, and stands up too!

It’s funny how we think about ironing, don’t you think?

Give me a man’s shirt, a wrinkly blouse, or a cotton dress, and ironing is the worst chore ever. Ask me to iron for you and I might take a year to get to it.

But give me freshly sewn seams (especially on a quilt) and I love it!

Of course, that’s not ironing, that’s pressing. 🙂


I must admit that my reasons for sharing an awesome new ironing board cover tutorial with you last week were not totally selfless.

I was given the chance to review this cute pink Oliso Pro iron and I was embarrassed to take pictures with it against my old gross ironing board cover!


I’ve been using the Oliso Pro TG1600 for just over a week now and I love it.

The feature on Oliso irons that everyone is crazy about is their feet. You don’t have to stand this iron up – you are supposed to set it down horizontally and then it stands up on it’s own three feet!

There is a sensor in the handle that makes the feet retract when you pick up the iron.

This is a particularly stable way to set down your iron. It doesn’t matter if a child, pet, or even you knock the ironing board – the iron can’t tip over. Well, unless the entire board tips over.

It took a bit to get accustomed to not standing up my iron, but not that I’m used to it, my work flow is much smoother because I don’t ever have to pick it up all the way.


Here are some more ‘Pro’s’ to the Oliso Pro Smart Iron:

  • It heats up super fast. I turn it on and usually it’s ready to go before I am.

  • The shut off timer on the TG1600 model that I reviewed is a whopping 30 minutes! My old iron used to turn itself off almost every time I sat down to sew. With a long 30 minutes in between pressing, sewing, and pressing some more – I haven’t noticed it getting cold on me yet.

  • It’s nice and hot for pressing quilt seams – about the same as other high-end irons that I’ve used. Hotter than a cordless iron (as one would expect).

  • There’s a really long cord on the TG1600 too – 12 feet.

  • The steam is amazing. Lots of it, and a big water tank that takes regular tap water.


I’ve been trying my best to think of some ‘cons’ so this review could be as fair as possible. Here’s what I came up with:

  • It’s heavy – heavier than most other irons I’ve used. I’m used to the weight by now and it doesn’t bother me (some people might even like it).

  • As I mentioned above, It did take me a few days to get used to the ‘smart’ feature. I can’t take my hand off the iron while I’m pressing seams because the iron thinks I’m done so it stands up. That will probably keep my new ironing board cover unscorched longer, but I was a little surprised at first that I couldn’t press dangerously. Sometimes I want to press dangerously! Well, this iron won’t let me.

  • On the website I saw this beautiful Orchid colored smart iron – but that color only comes on the TG1100 model, which has most of the same features except the long 30 minute shut off timer or 12 foot cord. Sigh. Life is hard. I really did think the pink color was the best until I saw the orchid.

Lots of thanks to Oliso for letting me have this iron for review. It’s been like Christmas!

Maybe this should go on your Christmas list too, wink wink.

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