5 Things to Remember when Handmade Holidays Make you Crazy




I’m in a bit over my head right now! Thanksgiving is almost here, ‘making days’ until Christmas are ticking down, and there are wayyyy more things that I wanted to DIY, sew, and quilt than I will actually be able to do.

When there is too much to think about, I have a tendency to avoid the problem.

30 minutes ago I was so tempted to snuggle back in my un-made bed and close my eyes for a good long while. I knew that wouldn’t help, so I made my bed instead and went upstairs to my sewing room.

The free pattern for this is coming soon!

The free pattern for this is coming soon!

Then I decided to sandwich and baste my Blueberry Pie quilt so I could gift it to a family member this year, but I couldn’t think of anyone who would appreciate it enough. LOL.


What a Grinch I have become!

And what a week I have chosen to kick my Diet Coke addiction. That was a really bad idea. I thought if I took the rest of the cans out of the fridge they wouldn’t tempt me.

But we have ice! Now instead of going back to bed all I want is to pour 3 cans of soda into a tall glass with ice!

So… I’m taking a deep breath, sipping on my soda, and remembering those things that get me through moments like this. My list is in no particular order, but these are my saving thoughts.

Hope they help you too:

Remember that everyone has different talents.

When I stop comparing my ______ (insert paper plates, messy home, sassy children, or busy husband) to the seemingly perfect holiday tables, homes, children and husbands that others might post to Instagram, I can value my own abilities and talents without that little green monster jealousy getting in the way.

And you can bet that underneath all the paper plates and plastic cups on our holiday table (which you won’t see on Instagram), there’s a cute table runner. We might even be using cloth napkins, because heck – my talent is fabric!


Remember that you love the people you are sewing for.

It’s the truth: the only person who can appreciate how much effort goes into making a quilt is another quilter.

But we give quilts anyway because we love our kids, our grandkids (I have 4 baby quilts stashed away already for future grand babies), and special people in our lives.

Most people will never fully appreciate the gift, but I’m sure that I have received gifts that I don’t fully appreciate yet either.

Remember you can do less and things will be okay.

By small and simple things are great things brought to pass. 🙂

And by giving little gifts you will learn who really appreciates a handmade item – so next year you can give them something even better!

Remember to watch Christmas movies.

They are the perfect background to your holiday making.

Which one’s your favorite? Tell us in the comments.


Remember the Reason we celebrate.

He is our Maker. Nothing can take away the joy of the season faster than forgetting Him who brings the love, joy, and peace we all crave.

Merry Christmas!



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