How my messy studio gives me sewing inspiration


After I wrote a recent post about my struggles with anxiety and depression, one reader emailed talking about how difficult it is to find the desire to be creative on those ‘down days’. Especially when those days drag on and on. Here’s how I get sewing inspiration on rough days.

I’ve been thinking about it, and consciously noting how I usually come out of an emotional and creative slump.

I’m not really surprised to tell you that being in my sewing space has a lot to do with it – even though 90% of the time, it’s a disaster, lol.


If my emotions are fried and I’m too anxious to concentrate on a project, I can always put away an old mess!

Somehow the mundane acts of putting tools back in their place or organizing threads by color can be so soothing.


When I’m in a creative tizzy, I rifle through books and magazines, tear apart fat quarter bundles, and get out all the notions!


But my low will hit after that. I don’t feel creative enough to sew, but after my kids go to school and I wash a few dishes (or put in a load of laundry), I drag myself up the stairs with the intent to just ‘be there.’

Before too long I start to put away things – because it gives me hope that another creative tizzy will come and when it does I’ll need room for all the making.

And it will be so much better if I know where my notions, tools, and fabrics are!


I’m not sure if it’s a good thing – but I rarely get the room completely clean or organized before a pile of beautiful scraps or a forgotten WIP begs me to create again – and I obey.

I must admit that about 50% of my projects never end up photographed or posted here on my blog. I’m not talking about big things. Just little experiments that may or may not turn into something. It’s my ‘therapy sewing’ and I accept it as part of my process.


I’ve learned to trust that those ‘down days’ and creative slumps do pass, even though at the time it doesn’t feel like they ever will.

Is your creative space a source of inspiration, solace, or both?

Can you work in a messy sewing room?

Please share in the comments. ❤️



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