Bit O’ Kindness Pouches {easy sewing tutorial}


Sew an easy tiny pouch with a snap that’s perfect for saying ‘thank you’ or paying it forward with a bit of kindness. This easy sewing project will make you not want to stop until you have 100!

This blog post has been converted to an optional PDF that’s optimized for printing. Find it here. The blog post below is totally free to read, print, and sew! Just hit CTRL +P on your computer to print. The PDF download for $2 is totally optional.


These are super easy to sew up, so even though you could probably figure it out with just a few instructions, I’m excited to provide free templates and some step by step photos too.

Oh, and did you notice that I had some fun with the decorative blanket stitch on my sewing machine? You can sew these with just a plain straight stitch and leave it like that – or take this chance to see what the other stitches on your sewing machine might look like! From the zig-zag to a honeycomb – I say try them all!


My only question is, what will you put in them?

  • a treat?

  • extra bus fare?

  • a computer jump drive?

  • washi tape?

  • a little toy?

  • Or something else?

I’d love to know what you will use yours for. Please let me know in the comments! 💕



  • fabric scraps

  • felt scraps (I like wool-blend felt the best)

  • a fabric pen (I used a Frixion pen because I can use the light touch of an iron to ‘erase’ the marks’)

  • a 2’’ scrap of ribbon for each pouch

  • plastic snaps (my snaps are all Kam Snaps – I lost my Kam snap setter and replaced it with the Dritz one – which is the same and works with all my snaps)

  • pretty thread – cotton, polyester, embroidery – whatever looks good!

  • Basting spray (such as 505 or SpraynBond) – optional but helpful

  • 3/4’’ split ring key rings – also optional



1. Download and print the free templates here. Print at 100% to make pouches the same size as mine – feel free to reduce or enlarge the pattern if you want to!

2. Optional: Cut out the paper templates and glue them to cardstock if you’d like to use them to make a lot of pouches.

2. Cut scraps of felt and fabric the same size.

The larger ones should be at least 1/2’’ bigger than the larger template on all sizes.

The smaller scraps should be at least 1/2’’ bigger than the smaller template on 3 sides, with a straight edge at the top. (Lay 2 pieces wrong sides together and cut off the top edge to make it straight.)

Optional: use basting spray to attach the felt pieces to the back of the fabric pieces.



1. Start with the smaller piece. Sew the top straight edge together, 1/8’’ from the edge.

This is enough to hold it together, but I like to add a decorative ‘blanket stitch’ on top of my plain stitches. Experiment with the different decorative stitches that your sewing machine can make – you might be surprised and find something adorable!



2. Place the straight edge of the smaller template against the straight edge that you just sewed together. Use the fabric pen to trace the rounded edges of the template against the fabric side of the scrap and felt.

3. Trace the larger template on the center of the felt side of the larger pieces of felt and fabric.


4. Place the smaller felt/fabric piece on top of the larger felt/fabric piece, with the felt sides together.

Check to make sure that the traced lines on the smaller piece are on top of the traced lines on the larger piece, as seen above.

Pin in the center to secure.



5. Fold the 2’’ scrap of ribbon in half and place it in between the felt layers as seen above. The raw edges should be 1/4’’ – 1/2’’ inside the traced line.

With the folded ribbon sandwiched in between the felt layers, place another pin on top to hold it there while you sew.


6. Use a straight stitch to sew all the way around the traced lines. Go slowly so the layers won’t shift.

As you can see, I’m using the open toe foot on my sewing machine so I can easily see the line.


7. Now trim all the way around your stitching, 1/8’’ away from the line.

Be very careful that you don’t cut off your ribbon loop! You’ll have to fold the ribbon to the back and trim those layers separately.


If you want, use a decorative stitch to sew one more time around the edges to make it pretty. 🙂


8. Mark a spot for the lower snap centered and about 5/8’’ below the straight edge.


9. Attach one side of the snap.


10. Close the pouch and use your finger to feel the best spot for the other side of the snap. Attach it.

Attach the 3/4’’ split ring key rings to the ribbon loops if desired.

I hope you had fun sewing little Bit O’ Kindness pouches with felt and fabric scraps! Make sure you let me know what you use them for

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