Pattern Review: my Rifle Paper Co. Dress from a Sewing Pattern in oottobre Design Magazine



You know that one dress that you looooove wearing? That if nobody noticed you’d wear it every day? That’s my Rifle Paper Co. dress. No, it was not made by Rifle Paper Co. It was made by me! The pattern is #7 from Ottobre Design issue 2/2014.


I sewed this dress nearly 2 years ago but since I can’t stand taking pictures of myself, I never blogged about it.


I learned a long time ago that my body shape works best with dresses that are fitted on top and loose on the bottom – so this design was right up my alley.

I bought a bunch of Les Fleurs Rayon Challis fabric because knew it would be perfect – so light and flowy. One thing that I must note is the fabric is only 44’’ wide, so you might need more than your pattern specifies. Most apparel fabrics are 54’’-60’’ wide.



Now I have a Rifle Paper Company dress, iPhone cover, Keds, and…


Wallet! That’s right. Yesterday I finished the wallet for our January U-Pick sewing tutorial and I cut into my stash of RPCo fat quarters for it.

I can’t wait to wear them all together, lol!

I was so excited that I made another Studio Chat to tell you about my matching dress and wallet.

Do you have a fabric designer that you are this crazy about? Tell me who!

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  1. Susan Weech says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! You have inspired me!! New to your blog, but so glad I found you! How/where can I obtain this PERFECT for my body pattern?? And the fabric??? Scrumptious!! Thanks for an awesome place for inspiration!

  2. Carolyn, I am so afraid the wallet is going to be too big. Maybe you could give size options. What I’m see is more like a clutch that you would carry as a purse rather than a wallet that would be put INTO a purse. I love your tutorial and am looking forward to making this wallet.
    Joann H

  3. Daphne Baum says:

    I loooove this dress! That style works well with my body type too. How can I find that pattern?

  4. Love this blog about your dress! I understand your shyness in front of the camera, but you waited too long to share this with all of us! I love garment sewing in addition to quilting and bag making, so this is a nice change of topic! Continue sharing!

  5. Loving your short Sew Chats! So cute to see you in action! As always, looking forward to all your tutorials including the new modified wallet. Thanks so much! PS — you look darling in the dress!

  6. That dress is soooo gorgeous!! Such cute styling with the jean jacket too! I hate photos of myself also, so I totally understand that, but I’m glad you showed us … it’s inspiring and makes me want to get sewing!

  7. Love the dress and you are so cute!! I know it’s an odd question, but may I ask the brand and color lipstick you’re wearing in the pics? It’s very pretty on you and I think it might work for me too. Thank you very much for all you do for your followers! We are blessed.

  8. This is in inspiring – I have some Rifle Paper Fabric (enough to make a dress!) and am going to make this the year for it!

  9. Shannon Mattingly says:

    Caroline, thank you for all you do for your subscribers … we are blessed. And you’re so cute! Do you mind if I ask what lipstick you’re wearing in these pictures? Very pretty and I think it would be a good color for me as well.

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