The day I stopped taking oxycodone

anxiety and depression.png

Warning sewing fans – this is a serious post. I’m sure tomorrow I’ll share more crafty love. But I feel compelled to talk about something else today.

On the day that I stopped taking OXY – all according to my well-laid plans – I was almost eaten alive by a monster of depression, rage, and anxiety.

I was not expecting that.

I learned (to a small degree) how badly that monster they call addiction wanted to swallow me whole.




This is me on the day after my gallbladder surgery – all sunshine, tulips, and Percocet. Percocet is the pretty name for that drug. The pain relief that I welcomed joyfully. Oxycodone is the ugly name for it – the one that brings to mind drug abuse and addiction.

Making plans to go home from the hospital, I also made plans to get back to my life: sewing, taking pictures, and my favorite role – being a mom.

So I planned that on Day 1 after my hospital stay I would take Percocet. Day 2 I would alternate Percocet and Advil, and from Day 3 going forward I would only take Advil as needed. Unless the pain was too severe, of course.

I think that plan saved my life. Because the pain did subside (thankfully). But my desire for the oxycodone – let’s call it by its ugly name now – did not subside.




On the morning of Day 3 (the day I would only take Advil) I woke up early in the morning filled with such rage for everyone who came to mind (it seems silly now to think of it), depression – I scrolled through images on my phone and cried for all the things my life was lacking, and anxiety – begging to see my doctor to adjust my other (mental health) medications.

Wow. I only wish I could go back a few days and tell my self what was going on at that moment. Because it was as if a huge monster wanted to eat me alive. I was actually experiencing dependency and withdrawals after only 4 days on oxycodone.




How I wish that monster did not exist! How I fear and sympathize for you if you know the monster I speak of. If you know it – please know also that you are not alone. That help is there.

It helped me to have a plan.

It helped me to share my plan with other people in advance so they could support me with it.

And it helped me to speak out when I felt that ugly monster trying to take me back.

I know that my monster could be small compared to the one that you fight. So please have hope. And talk to someone.



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