How to Organize Your Threads in Rainbow Color Order {video!}



Don’t those spools of thread organized in the colors of the rainbow make you happy? I think human eyes love to see rainbows, there is just something so joyful about them. Let me show you how to arrange your threads in ROYGBIV order!


Yesterday I had a day full of bad news. Nothing really terrible like someone died. Just things like Airbnb cancelled our vacation reservation, the lady at the nail salon said no more gel nail polish until my nails get stronger, and I can’t get a doctor’s appointment that I want for over a month.

It seemed like the bad news would not stop coming.

So I hid in my sewing room and made a rainbow. It helped!


Just a simple creative exercise.

With a beautiful result.

Do you need a rainbow in your sewing space? See how you can create one in my latest Studio Chat video. It should play automatically in the video player on this page. If it doesn’t, check it out on my YouTube channel.


In the video I was using the Ultimate 3-in-1 Color Tool to talk about the color wheel. It’s one of many color theory books and helps that are available.

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