20+ Free Sewing Tips for Fabulous Finishes

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I’d love to offer you some sewing tips and tricks to try, free advice to help you improve your sewing projects, and what to do to become a better and happier sewist. Hobbies like sewing and quilting need be fulfilling or we get too busy for them. Read on for better sewing techniques, and honest advice so you can get more out of your sewing.


If you find that you enjoy sewing less than you once did, or you’re wondering what you could change to enjoy sewing more, check out this post on 3 Sewing Mistakes and How I Avoid Them.


It’s hard to get good results in your sewing if you don’t maintain your machine(s). If you consistently follow a maintenance schedule, most machines will last a long time. Often very basic maintenance will keep your machine running smoothly for most of it’s life. If it’s not, start here before you head to the repair shop.


If your machine is still not functioning optimally after the basic maintenance above, try this Troubleshooting guide. Here you can read all the steps I take when one of my machines is doing something unexpected.


The right thread is essential to every sewing and quilting project. Read HERE to learn more about which thread types I use most often, and for what. These are some of my best tips.


Now that you know which thread will work best, let’s move on to tips for more accurate cutting. Rushing or eyeballing this step can ruin your fabric and project at the same time. Allowing yourself plenty of time and using quality tools will help you get better results.

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Depending on the project, being able to sew very straight seams can be a huge advantage. If you could use some help, here are 7 Ways To Sew Straighter.


Zippers can be intimidating, especially if they’re metal. Hopefully you won’t be afraid to try projects that use them after you read Tips For Sewing Metal Zippers.

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Is it just me, or can teaching your own kids sometimes be harder than teaching someone else’s kids? If you’re trying to share some of your knowledge and love of sewing with a young person, hopefully these 4 Tips For Helping Kids Learn To Sew will come in handy.


Everything I do is done on a budget. Sewing included. Please say you can relate to this. My roundup of sewing tips would never be complete without ways to Sew On A Budget. Here are 7 tips that I hope will help you stay in your sewing/hobby budget, and please let me know if one of my tips has helped you. Tag me on Instagram @sewcanshe.

Keep on Stitching!


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