Color By Number Quilt Along – Let’s get started!


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See all of the Color By Number Quiltalong Videos that we have so far here.

Join me and lots of online quilting friends sewing my Color By Number Quilt and then quilting 14 simple designs – it’s going to be so much fun!

The livestream video where I introduced this quilt along will play automatically in the video player on this page. If it doesn’t automatically play, you can see it on YouTube here.

There’s also a schedule of the video releases for our quilt along below.

Even a free motion newbie quilter can quilt along with us because…

  • The quilt is only 63” x 54” so it is easily quiltable with a regular home sewing machine

  • We’ll break the free-motion quilting into 14 sessions so each time we get to practice a simple design in a 4 1/2” square.

  • Sometimes I’ll use rulers and share ruler quilting tips, but I’ll show you how to quilt the designs without rulers too


The free Color By Number quilt pattern is perfect for a quilt along because there are 14 different fabrics in this quilt and each fabric is repeated exactly 12 times. That means we will be able to practice 14 simple quilting designs 12 times each.

How to Quilt Along With Us!

  1. Pick out 14 fat quarters for your quilt.

  2. Arrange the fat quarters in an order that you like.

  3. Print up the coloring sheet and tags found in the Color By Number tutorial to help organize your fabrics.

  4. From each fat quarter cut 3 strips 5’’ x 22’’ (or the width of your fat quarter).

And that’s all for now!

Keep reading for more information about fabrics and rulers plus our Sew Along Schedule.

Here are the fabrics that I’m going to use on my Color By Number quilt. I chose solids because they’ll make it easy for you to see what I’m doing when we are quilting.

I found this pretty Robert Kaufman fat quarter bundle on Amazon, but I still need to add 2 more fabrics because the bundle only has 12. I’m adding a light cream color fabric (Kona Snow) to the middle of the pile and then I’m adding a dark pink (Art Gallery Cherry LipGloss) to the bottom. But I am going to make the darkest pink fabrics #1 and the orange fabric you see on top in the picture will be my #14.

You totally don’t have to use the same fabrics as me! I just know that someone is going to ask what mine are, so that’s why I’m sharing specifics. 🙂

As I mentioned in the video, I’ll use quilting rulers for some of the designs on this quilt, but I’ll also show how to quilt the design without rulers too. You can use the same quilting rulers as I have, or others that you have already purchased or that you like, but please don’t use cutting rulers! They are too thin and can cause damage to your sewing machine.

For most of the rulerwork designs, all you will need is a straight edge ruler or an arc ruler. I shared this one from Sew Steady because it has both the arc and the straight edge in one, plus great marking lines. You can buy it separately or together with a rulerwork foot for your sewing machine.


I don’t want anyone to go out and buy a lot of rulers and then not have the ones that we’ll be using in this quiltalong, so I will limit our rulerwork designs to the rulers seen in the above photo. All of these rulers are found in Westalee Designs Template Set #1. They are great basic rulers to add to your collection (or start a ruler collection!) but if you already have similar rulers, you’ll probably be able to make yours work.

And don’t forget, I’ll show you how to quilt all of the designs without rulers too, for people who don’t like quilting with rulers.

I can’t wait to get started on another Color By Number quilt with you! Post pictures of the fabrics that you picked and tag me on Instagram @sewcanshe or #sewcanshe so I can see! Also use the tag #colorbynumberquiltalong so other people can find it too!

Happy quilting,


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