15 Free Basket Patterns You Can Use to Make Easter Baskets


Easter is one of my favorite holidays to sew for because it’s a a time for fresh starts. What better way to celebrate than by making special gifts for the people you care about? These 15 free basket patterns will help you create one-of-a-kind Easter baskets that your family and friends will love and keep forever. It doesn’t matter if you’re great at sewing or just starting out – these patterns are easy to follow. Make this Easter one to remember with homemade baskets sewn with love and filled with goodies and gifts.

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These felt Easter baskets are ridiculously easy. If you can sew a straight line you can make one of these baskets! No pattern pieces, ironing board, embroidery, fusible interfacing, or binding are necessary. Just FELT and a couple of buttons!

Easy Baskets With 10” Squares of Fabric

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This easy fabric basket pattern is perfect for beginners, or if you have under an hour to whip up a bunch of baskets, fill them with Easter grass and jelly beans, and hop to a friend’s house!

Square Basket With Handles

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This square basket with handles is also super easy to make, and guess what – it’s a perfect gift basket, too. It has a nice wide base so it can hold big gifts, or lots of jelly beans and marshmallow chicks!

Bunny Baskets

Photo credit: Heather Handmade

Learn how to make DIY bunny baskets that are perfect for spring decorating or gathering Easter eggs. Just add bunny details to a simple fabric basket!

Petit Four Baskets

Annie’s Petit Four Baskets are a winner any day, and I’ll share some tips for making them without a baggy lining. Then share these little baskets filled with little bunny gifts!

Fabric Basket and Eggs

Photo credit: Amy Smart / Diary of a Quilter

Make a charming basket to help with egg gathering or just holding Easter treats! Amy Smart has a darling fabric basket pattern that I’ve used and loved.

Classic Easter Basket Pattern

Photo credit: Melissa Mortenson / Polka Dot Chair

Here’s a sweet round Easter basket pattern that brings back simpler times. Make this delightful (and free) tutorial from Polka Dot Chair.

Easter Bunny Baskets with Floppy Ears

Photo credit: See Kate Sew

Fall in love with these big, adorable bunny baskets with floppy ears for handles. This easy sewing tutorial uses Kraft-Tex fabric on the outside and fluffy faux fur on the outside. You need to see!

Fold Up Baskets from Fat Quarters

Photo credit: SewCanShe.com

Why not make a basket that can be used as an organizing bin after Easter? My fat quarter-sized fold-up baskets are very cute, and I think the name explains everything. You need just a fat quarter of fabric for each side, and they fold up for easy storage when not in use. I also show you different stitches to use for finishing the edges.

Bunny Basket Pattern

Photo credit: The Sewing Loft

Here’s another free loveable bunny basket that you can sew for a kid (or kid at heart) that you adore. It has the classic Easter basket strap and floppy bunny ears on the front.

Easter Bucket Basket

Photo credit: Heather Handmade

Learn how to sew an easter basket with a free sewing pattern. This bucket-shaped basket is a great beginner sewing project for Spring!

Pixie Basket

Photo credit: Heidi Staples / Fabric Mutt

Heidi Staples’s Pixie Basket pattern is another one of my favorites. It would make the cutest little basket to fill with spring treats and share with friends or coworkers.

Round Bucket Bins

Photo credit: See Kate Sew

Here’s another sweet bin tutorial that would make a darling gift basket as well. They are lined so you can fold the top over for a cute scrunched up pop of color or leave them tall if you want more space for goodies.

Rope Basket Tutorial

A handle could easily be added to this scrappy rope bowl to make it look like an Easter basket, but that’s not required. It’s beautiful and functional already! Learn how to sew fabric-covered rope bowls and baskets of all sizes.

Wicker Basket Embellished with Felt Flowers

Photo credit: Alice & Lois

I love this idea! Purchase a wicker basket (check thrift stores, they always have lots) and embellish it with handmade felt flowers. Alice & Lois came up with this beautiful basket.

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